Thursday, December 31, 2015

High Alert: Belgium to Cancel Festivities, EU Tightens Security

Belgium is increasing its terror alert level for New Year's Eve. And the Belgian Crisis Center warns festivities could be cancelled altogether.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Why Have Anti-Semitic Attacks on French Jews Nearly Doubled in One Year?

Last month's terror attack at a Kosher supermarket in Paris called attention to rising anti-Semitism in France. This week, attackers slashed three soldiers guarding a Jewish community center in Nice. French authorities believe a small number of radicalized young men from North Africa are responsible for a disproportionate share of these anti-Semitic incidents in France. Special correspondent Martin Himel reports.

A New Anti-Semitism? Why Thousands of Jewish Citizens Are Leaving France

Some Jewish citizens in France say there is a rising tide of a new, more dangerous anti-Semitism in the country. In turn, thousands are leaving for Israel and other countries. In an effort to reassure Jewish people in France that they are safe, the government has taken strict measures against anti-Semitic demonstrations. Special correspondent Martin Seemungal reports.

Anti-Semitism Today in Europe

This past year, worldwide outrage followed the events at Charlie Hebdo and the kosher market in Paris. As #JeSuisCharlie flooded the twitter-sphere, the supermarket attack brought European anti-Semitism into sharp focus. It is a critical time to look at the challenges facing world Jewry. Is anti-Semitism on the rise? What can be done about it? And, perhaps most hauntingly, are the Jews of Europe still safe?

Monday, December 28, 2015

Why Thomas Aquinas Distrusted Islam

BREITBART.COM: The 13th-century scholar Thomas Aquinas, regarded as one of the most eminent medieval philosophers and theologians, offered a biting critique of Islam based in large part on the questionable character and methods of its founder, Mohammed.

According to Aquinas, Islam appealed to ignorant, brutish, carnal men and spread not by the power of its arguments or divine grace but by the power of the sword.

Aquinas, a keen observer of the human condition, was familiar with the chief works of the Muslim philosophers of his day–including Avicenna, Algazel, and Averroes–and engaged them in his writings. Since Islam was founded and spread in the seventh century, Aquinas—considered by Catholics as a saint and doctor of the Church—lived in a period closer to that of Mohammed than to our own day.

In one of his most significant works, the voluminous Summa contra gentiles, which Aquinas wrote between 1258 and 1264 AD, the scholar argued for the truth of Christianity against other belief systems, including Islam.

Aquinas contrasts the spread of Christianity with that of Islam, arguing that much of Christianity’s early success stemmed from widespread belief in the miracles of Jesus, whereas the spread of Islam was worked through the promise of sensual pleasures and the violence of the sword.

Mohammad, Aquinas wrote, “seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh goads us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure.”

Such an offer, Aquinas contended, appealed to a certain type of person of limited virtue and wisdom. » | Thomas D. Williams, PH.D | Sunday, December 227, 2015

Sunday, December 27, 2015

ISIS' Leader Resurfaces in New Audio Message

It's more than half a year since the world heard from Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the reclusive leader of ISIS. Jonathan Vigliotti reports on his latest message.

France: Anti-Arab Protesters Rally in Ajaccio Following Ban on Demonstrations

Hundreds of anti-Arab protesters rallied outside a local government building in the Corsican capital of Ajaccio, Sunday, following a ban on demonstrations imposed by the prefecture.

Far-Right on the Rise in Europe

Czech President: Migrants Should Be Fighting Isis, Not 'Invading' Europe

Milos Zeman's Christmas message was criticised
by the Czech prime minister
THE GUARDIAN: Milos Zeman says children, the old and sick deserve compassion but young single men fleeing Middle East should stay behind and take up arms

The Czech president, Milos Zeman, has called the movement of refugees into Europe “an organised invasion” and declared that young men from Syria and Iraq should stay in their countries to “take up arms” against Isis.

“I am profoundly convinced that we are facing an organised invasion and not a spontaneous movement of refugees,” said Zeman in his Christmas message to the Czech Republic.

Compassion was “possible” for refugees who were old or sick, and for children, he said but not for young men who should be back home fighting against jihadists.

“A large majority of the illegal migrants are young men in good health and single. I wonder why these men are not taking up arms to go fight for the freedom of their countries against the Islamic State,” said Zeman, who was elected Czech president in early 2013.

Fleeing their war-torn countries only served to strengthen Isis, he said. » | Agence France-Presse in Prague | Sunday, December 27, 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Pegida On Rise As Germany Divided Over Refugees

Refugee Dilemma: Germany warns of legal action against EU refugee resisters

Losing Faith: Americans Becoming Less Religious Especially Youngsters

If older Americans still seem to keep strong religious ties, the millennials neither believe in God nor affiliate themselves with any religion for whom X-mas is the time for sales and parties, rather than a religious date to celebrate. Non believers now make up nearly a quarter of the population.

Perhaps, this could be a troubling signal for a nation built on and controlled by Christian values.

Rise of ISIS Islamic State Documentary

The Islamic State, a hardline Sunni jihadist group that formerly had ties to al Qaeda, has conquered large swathes of Iraq and Syria. Previously known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the group has announced its intention to reestablish the caliphate and has declared its leader, the shadowy Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, as the caliph.

The lightning advances the Islamic State made across Syria and Iraq in June shocked the world. But it's not just the group's military victories that have garnered attention — it's also the pace with which its members have begun to carve out a viable state.

MAPPED: Shocking March of the Far-right across Europe as Migration Fears Reach Fever Pitch

EXPRESS: FAR-RIGHT parties are on the march across Europe as the unprecedented migrant crisis gripping the continent fuels a surge in support for nationalist movements.

This shocking map shows how anti-immigration campaigners have enjoyed huge gains in this year's elections, whilst thousands have taken to the streets to protest against the overwhelming influx of migrants and refugees.

From Greece to Germany and Switzerland to Sweden, far-right protestors and parties have stormed the mainstream of European politics as voters rebel against years of predominantly socialist rule.

In France Marine Le Pen's controversial Front National came within a whisker of winning control over swathes of the country, whilst the traditionally liberal societies of Scandinavia turned their backs on moderates amid unprecedented migratory pressure.

As 2015 draws to a close, has taken a look at the worrying shift towards the far-right and the inept responses of mainstream politicians which could see the continent once more gripped by fear and intolerance. (+ videos) » | Nick Gutteridge | Saturday, December 26, 2015

Islamic State Leader Baghdadi Goads West in Rare Audio Statement

THE TELEGRAPH: In what is believed to be his first public message in seven months, Isil chief warns Israel attacks are imminent

The leader of Islamic State has released an alternative Christmas message goading the West, saying [the] do not dare send troops to their territory.

In a rare audio statement - his first in seven months - Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi said Western countries have "learned from" previous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Crusaders and Jews don't dare to come on the ground because they were defeated in Iraq and Afghanistan," he said in his 23-minute statement.

The leader, who has rarely been pictured and has not been heard from since he was believed to have been injured in an airstrike by Iraqi forces in October, Russian or US-led airstrikes had failed to weaken the group, which was only "expanding and getting stronger".

"Be confident that God will grant victory to those who worship him, and hear the good news that our state is doing well. The more intense the war against it, the purer it becomes and the tougher it gets," he said.

He also called on Saudi citizens - the biggest contributor to Isil ranks - to "rise up" against their government as he dimissed the kingdom's newly formed Muslim coalition against the caliphate.

He also said Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) would soon be in Palestine to establish an Islamic state there. "Jews, soon you shall hear from us in Palestine which will become your grave," the voice, purporting to be Baghdadi, is heard saying. » | Josie Ensor | Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ex-Muslim to Obama: Islam Is the Disease, Terrorists Are Just Symptoms

Ex-Muslim to Obama: Islam is disease, terrorists are just symptoms, face the fact and speak the truth! A college educated Moroccan ex-Muslim under the pseudonym of "Brother Rasheed" confronts Mr. Hussein Obama's lies and delusion about Islam and ISIS with plenty of common sense and brutal facts, based on his education in "Religion Studies" for undergraduate and "Terrorism" for graduate programs, and his own personal experience as a Muslim (for more than 20 years, before converting to Christianity), and as a son of an imam dad.

"Brother Rasheed" says Islam is the root of problem, and terrorist organizations (ISIS, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab) are just the symptoms, and until one goes after the root of the problem and not the symptoms, the never-ending cycle will just continue. Yesterday it was Al-Qaeda, today it is ISIS, tomorrow will be some other terror group.

Quite a few rhetorical questions ... ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. How can ISIS not be Islamic? ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi got a PhD in Islamic Studies (from Baghdad University). How could he not know more about ISIS and Islam than Obama? ... If Islam is not the reason for the bloodshed, why don't we see non-Muslims commit terror or suicide bombings, even in Muslim countries, living in the same economic condition as (if not worse than) the Muslims? If Islam is not the reason for the bloodshed, why do we see Muslim converts suddenly commit terrorist acts? ...

One liner at the end ... "By the way, I do NOT give out my full (real) name, because Islam is the religion of peace."

Friday, December 25, 2015

Angry Libyans Lash Out at Obama’s Independence Congratulations

In a message to the Libyan people, the US President said the 2011 Libyan revolution liberated them from “42 years of dictatorship.” Now there are “profound challenges,” which the Libyan people “have demonstrated the commitment to resolve.”

Queen Elizabeth II: The Christmas Broadcast 2015

In this year’s broadcast, also known as ‘The Queen’s Speech’, Her Majesty reflects on the year’s events, and encourages us to be grateful ‘for all that brings light to our lives’.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël ! Fröhliche Weihnachten! Buon Natale! Felix Nativitas! Nadolig Llawen!

'We Three Kings', an original collage by James C. Christensen.
Courtesy of Google Images

Louis-Claude Daquin: Noël X

Hark the Herald Angels Sing

Hark the Herald Angel Sing - St.Paul's Cathedral - London (UK)

Gloria in excelsis Deo
Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis,
Laudamus te, benedicimus te,
adoramus te.
Glorificamus te. Gratias agimus tibi,
propter magnam gloriam tua.

Evolution of US Position on Assad's Rôle in Syria

The US stance on the fate of the Syrian President, Bashar Assad, has been changing throughout this year.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Obama Targets Trump, Says Candidate 'Exploiting' Blue-collar Fears

FOX NEWS: President Obama used a radio interview to accuse Donald Trump of “exploiting” economic woes to tap into voter “fear” and “frustration,” in some of his most direct criticism to date of the Republican primary front-runner seeking to replace him.

The president made the comments in a wide-ranging interview with NPR that aired Monday, as Obama began his holiday vacation in Hawaii.

In seeking to explain Trump’s appeal, he pointed to “economic stresses” – from the financial crisis, technology and globalization – and “flatlining” wages.

He said “particularly blue-collar men have had a lot of trouble in this new economy, where they are no longer getting the same bargain that they got when they were going to a factory and able to support their families on a single paycheck, you combine those things and it means that there is going to be potential anger, frustration, fear.

“Some of it justified but just misdirected,” Obama said. “I think somebody like Mr. Trump is taking advantage of that. That's what he's exploiting during the course of his campaign.” » | | Monday, December 21, 2015

My comment:

Apparently, the President of the US of A doesn't even know the word 'proselytise'. Listen to how he tries to pronounce the word. – © Mark

The Super-rich Ruler Who Stones Gays, Now Bans Christmas: Sultan of Brunei Threatens Muslims Who Celebrate It with Up to Five Years in Prison While Christians Must Keep Theirs Secret

Banned Christmas: Oil-rich Brunei has banned public
celebrations of Christmas for fear of Muslims being led astray.
MAIL ONLINE: Christmas trees, carols and even Santa hats are off in the Borneo nation / Muslims caught celebrating are threatened with up to five years in prison / The nation's non-Muslims are allowed to celebrate in their communities / But revealing their celebrations to Muslims would also lead to jail time

Lighting candles, putting up decorations and even wearing Santa hats will be off the cards in Brunei this Christmas – with offenders threatened with up to five years in jail.

The tiny oil-rich nation has banned the public celebrating of Christmas, following concern that it will affect the faith of its Muslims.

Any Muslims caught celebrating Christmas, and non-Muslims who are discovered organising celebrations, could face the lengthy prison sentence.

While non-Muslims are allowed to celebrate the holiday within their own communities, they must not disclose their plans to the nation’s Muslims – which make up 65 per cent of the 420,000-strong population.

The nation is also home to substantial Christian and Buddhist communities.

‘These enforcement measures are…intended to control the act of celebrating Christmas excessively and openly, which could damage the aqidah (beliefs) of the Muslim community,’ said the Ministry of Religious Affairs in a statement.

The small Borneo nation prohibits propagating religion other than Islam to a Muslim, and breaking this is a violation of the penal code.
Other banned activities include putting up Christmas trees, singing religious songs and sending Christmas greetings, reported the Borneo Bulletin. Read on and comment » | Imogen Calderwood for MailOnline | Monday, December 21, 2015

Germany Threatens EU Members with Legal Actions over Ignoring Refugee Quotas

Germany has threatened to launch legal action against those EU members who are refusing to take in refugees under mandatory quotas.

Dresden: PEGIDA Weihnachtsliedersingen – 21.12.2015

PEGIDA Weihnachtsliedersingen für Frieden und Meinungsfreiheit, für unsere Kultur und die Zukunft unserer Kinder, live vom Königsufer Dresden.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

USA: Trump Says Merkel Is "Destroying Germany"

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was welcomed by hundreds of supporters after landing his private Boeing 757 at Mesa Gateway Airport in Phoenix, Arizona, Wednesday.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

‪'Attempt to Create Police State System’: EU to Eye New Border Guard Agency‬

An EU summit in Brussels has come out in favor of creating a new border and coast guard agency to stem the refugee crisis, and also endorsed a system of direct migration from Turkey. Meanwhile, the Brexit issue was met with both “concerns” and “compromises.”

Starnes: Students Sing 'Allah Akbar' at Holiday Concert

Dec. 18, 2015 - 1:21 - Nothing says Merry Christmas like a Ramadan song. That was apparently the thinking at Blaine High School in Minnesota.

Can Anyone Save America?

Dec. 16, 2015 - 9:32 - 'The O'Reilly Factor': Bill O'Reilly's Talking Points 12/16

Friday, December 18, 2015

Italian Town Erects Signs Warning Only People Respecting Its Christian Culture Will Be Welcome

One of the new signs erected in Pontoglio
THE TELEGRAPH: Signs, erected outside the town in Lombardy, criticised as racist and discriminatory

An Italian town has been accused of racism after erecting signs warning that only people who respect its “Christian traditions” are welcome.

The signs were put up this week outside Pontoglio, near Brescia in the Lombardy region of northern Italy, by its centre-Right council.

They declared the town, known in local dialect as Pontoi, to be a beacon of “Western culture and deep Christian traditions” and warned: “Those who do not intend to respect local culture and traditions are invited to stay away.”

Some residents branded the signs “racist” and “medieval”, who called for them to be taken down immediately.

The panels delivered a particularly hostile message to the town’s large foreign population. Of its 7,000 inhabitants, 1,160 or 16 per cent are foreign-born and many of them are Muslim.

They include 238 Albanians, 203 Moroccans, 192 Romanians and 150 Indians, many of whom have lived in Pontoglio for years and have families and regular jobs. » | Nick Squires, Rome | Friday, December 18, 2015

Turkey Sends Tanks & Troops, ‘Raiding Civilian Houses’ in Kurdish Areas

The Turkish Army has reportedly sent military vehicles, including tanks, into civilian areas in its predominantly-Kurdish southeast. Local activists have posted frightening photos on social media.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Worlds Apart: Europe Needs to Limit Liberty for the Sake of Security - Ex Czech FM

The EU has been tackling crisis after crisis in recent years – from debt to terrorism, regional conflicts and migration. And while its leaders have tried to produce collective political responses, many members are struggling to reconcile their national interests with the bloc's policies. How has this turbulence challenged the idea of European values, and is it prudent to force Europe's diverse voices to sing as one chorus? Oksana is joined by Cyril Svoboda, the former Foreign Affairs Minister of the Czech Republic, to explore these issues.

Putin Says Trump Is ‘Absolute Leader’ in U.S. Presidential Race

THE WASHINGTON POST: MOSCOW — Russian President Vladi­mir Putin ranged from conflict zones to U.S. politics Thursday in a news conference in which he tried to close gaps with Washington over Syria, noted that Moscow remained engaged in Ukraine and gave a nod to Donald Trump as the “absolute leader” in the White House race.

Putin — over three hours of questions and some overtime remarks — also touched on Russia’s battered economy and tense relations with Turkey over the downing of a Russian warplane.

Many of Putin’s comments circled back to relations with the United States, including a bit of look-ahead musing on the White House race. Putin said Russia would work with “whomever the American voters choose,” but he singled out Trump.

“He’s a very lively man, talented without doubt,” Putin said according to the Interfax news service after the news conference. He added that Trump is the “absolute leader in the presidential race.” (+ video) » | Andrew Roth | Thursday, December 17, 2015

Family of Teenage Saudi Protester Sentenced to Death Appeal for His Life

Abdullah al-Zaher was tortured and forced to make a
confession, his family say.
THE GUARDIAN: Abdullah al-Zaher, who was arrested when he was 15, faces beheading and crucifixion for participating in protest rally

The family of a teenage protester who faces beheading in Saudi Arabia have come forward in public for the first time to plead for his life.

The father of Abdullah al-Zaher, 19, called on the world to help before it is too late and his son is executed in the kingdom along with a reported 51 other people.

“Please help me save my son from the imminent threat of death. He doesn’t deserve to die just because he participated in a protest rally,” Hassan al-Zaher told the Guardian.

Arrested in March 2012, just shy of his 16th birthday, after participating in protests in Saudi Arabia’s eastern Shia-dominated province, Zaher was charged with “harbouring” protesters, participating in demonstrations and chanting slogans, setting fire to a car and throwing Molotov cocktails.

His family and the death penalty campaign group Reprieve allege that Zaher was tortured, saying that after his arrest Saudi security forces beat him with wire iron rods, forced a confession from him and did not allow him to speak to his family or a lawyer. » | Shiv Malik | Thursday, December 17, 2015

'I Started the Arab Spring. Now Death Is Everywhere, and Extremism Blooming'

Tunisian municipal officer Faida Hamdy
THE TELEGRAPH: Faida Hamdy confiscated a vegetable stall in Tunisia five years ago today. Neither she nor the rest of the world could have imagined the consequences

It is hardly surprising that when Faida Hamdy wonders whether she is responsible for everything that happened after her moment of fame she is overwhelmed.

Mrs Hamdy was the council inspector who, five years ago today confiscated the vegetable stall of a street vendor in her dusty town in central Tunisia.

In despair, that young man set himself on fire in a protest outside the council offices. Within weeks, he was dead, dozens of young Arab men had copied him, riots had overthrown his president, and the Arab Spring was under way.

As the world marks the anniversary, Syria and Iraq are in flames, Libya has broken down, and the twin evils of militant terror and repression stalk the region.

“Sometimes I wish I’d never done it,” Mrs Hamdy told The Telegraph, in her only interview to mark the occasion. » | Radhouane Addala in Sidi Bouzeid and Richard Spencer, Middle East Editor | Thursday, December 17, 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Imam: I Was Forced to Resign after Supporting Muslim Ban

Dec. 11, 2015 - 7:40 - 'Hannity' panel weighs in on surveillance of mosques, stopping immigration of Muslims to U.S.

«Wie will Trump so eine Mehrheit schaffen?»

‘ISIS Far Smarter Than We Give Them Credit For’ – McAfee Predicts Cyber War

Islamic State has quote 'unprecented' support within the United States according to a report released by the George Washington University. This comes as cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee warns that world war 3 will be a cyberwar and that civilization has created a doomsday machine that terrorists can use against us. He thinks that the way cybersecurity is handled in America needs to be changed and improved.

Libya's Cultural Heritage 'Being Destroyed and Plundered by Isis'

The Temple of Zeus, part of the world heritage site at Cyrene, Libya.
THE GUARDIAN: Museums and UN say ancient artefacts and artwork are in danger of obliteration or being looted and sold illegally

Greek and Roman antiquities and prehistoric artwork are under threat from Islamic State extremists in Libya, leading world museums and the UN have warned.

The International Council of Museums released a list of cultural treasures in peril and appealed to Interpol, customs officers and art traders to watch out for looted Libyan goods.

Isis extremists have destroyed temples and ancient sites in Iraq and Syria, and experts believe they are also selling plundered antiquities on the illegal market. Isis has also made inroads across Libya, which is split between rival governments and plagued by weapons smuggling, people smuggling and extremism. Read on and comment » | Associated Press in Paris | Tuesday, December 25, 2015

Putin Shows Dave How It's Done: Russia Launches Huge Crackdown on Homegrown ISIS Jihadis

EXPRESS: VLADIMIR Putin today showed David Cameron how Russia deals with homegrown terrorists as he launched a huge crack down [sic] on Islamic State (ISIS) recruiters.

The iron-fisted president has called in his feared secret service to round up thousands of jihadis just hours after it emerged that British police are wilfully letting our extremists flee to safe havens abroad.

Moscow has identified more than 2,900 of its citizens suspected of joining ISIS and other radical Islamist groups, and is actively hunting them down both at home and abroad.

In Syria Mr Putin's warplanes and feared Spetsnaz special forces troops are tracking and killing Russian-born jihadis to prevent them from returning home and carrying out terrorist atrocities.

So far they have taken out 198 radicalised jihadis in a matter of months, whilst a further 214 have fled back to Russia where they have been "put under close control" of the security services. Read on and comment » | Nick Gutteridge | Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Donald Trump on Muslims: 'They're Not Coming to This Country If I'm President'

Rivals go on the attack over Muslim ban plan as they audition to be America's Commander-in-Chief - but Trump defends his policy in final Republican debate of year

Islamist Preacher in Germany Arrested over Terror Links

Islamist preacher Sven Lau delivers a speech during
a pro-Islam demonstration
THE TELEGRAPH: Convert Sven Lau suspected of recruiting volunteers and providing money and equipment a jihadist group with links to al-Qaeda

An Islamist preacher who set up his own “sharia police” in Germany has been arrested on suspicion of links to jihadists in Syria.

Sven Lau, a 35-year-old convert to Islam, is notorious in Germany for the “sharia police” incident, in which he and a group of vigilantes patrolled the streets of Wuppertal in high-visibility vests trying to stop people drinking and listening to music.

He escaped punishment over the episode last week when a court ruled the group had not broken any laws.

But Mr Lau, who is also known as Abu Adam, now faces much more serious charges of supporting a foreign terrorist organisation.

He is suspected of recruiting volunteers and providing money and equipment for Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar (JMA), a jihadist group with links to al-Qaeda. » | Justin Huggler in Berlin | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Verwandt »

EU-Beitritt: Flüchtlingskrise verschafft der Türkei Rückenwind

Die EU-Länder haben die Beitrittsverhandlungen
mit der Türkei ausgeweitet.
SRF: Die Türkei ist für die EU das Schlüsselland in der Bewältigung der Flüchtlingskrise. Als Gegenleistung kommt nun neuer Schwung in die eingeschlafenen Beitrittsverhandlungen: Die EU-Staaten gaben grünes Licht für die Ausweitung der Gespräche.

Angesichts der Flüchtlingskrise hat die Europäische Union trotz offener Menschenrechtsfragen ein neues Kapitel in den Verhandlungen über einen EU-Beitritt der Türkei eröffnet. Künftig wird die EU mit der Türkei Verhandlungen über Wirtschafts- und Währungsfragen führen.

«Die Türkei hat ein eminentes Interesse mit uns zusammenzuarbeiten, wir haben ein Interesse eine vernünftige solide Zusammenarbeit zu machen», erklärte Erweiterungskommissar Johannes Hahn zum Auftakt von Gesprächen über die wirtschaftliche Integration der Türkei in die EU. Die Situation sei zurzeit sehr günstig, um bei den Verhandlungen Fortschritte zu machen. » | SRF 4 News 21:30 Uhr; agenturen/hesa; blur | Montag, 14. Dezember 2019

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Merkel muß weg

Franklin Graham: Put a 'Halt on Immigration'

Evangelist Franklin Graham tells Carol Costello that all immigration to the U.S. should be halted until America's "broken" immigration system is fixed.

Rev. Franklin Graham: 'Our Nation Is In Trouble'

On 'Hannity,' reverend weighs in on 2016, refugee crisis

Pat Condell: We Want The Truth

US confidence in protection from attack lowest in over a decade

Kerry in Moscow: US Secretary of State to Meet Putin for Syria Talks

US Secretary of State John Kerry is in Russia at the request of the White House, with ending the Syrian conflict and countering terrorism dominating the agenda. The top US diplomat is also to hold a meeting with Vladimir Putin in the Kremlin.

Germany: Suspected Arson Attack Guts Turkish-Islamic Union Building Near Stuttgart

The building of the Turkish-Islamic Union, in Stuttgart-Feuerbach, was damaged in a suspected arson attack, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

Yemen: Peace Talks Start in Switzerland While ISIS Gains Foothold

In just a few hours a ceasefire should take effect in Yemen. If it holds, it will bring a respite to nine months of fighting between Houthi rebels and a Saudi-led coalition seeking to reinstall the ousted government.

Geert Wilders: Dutch Politician of the Year: Anti-Islamist, Anti-Immigration

Right-wing populist Geert Wilders has been named Dutch Politician of the Year for the third time. The anti-immigration and anti-Islam MP likens the Koran to Hitler's ‘Mein Kampf’ and wants to close national borders to stop an “Islamic invasion.”

Terrorverdacht gegen Salafistenprediger: Bundesanwaltschaft verhaftet Sven Lau

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Der Verdacht lautet auf Unterstützung einer terroristischen Vereinigung: Der Generalbundesanwalt hat am Morgen den Salafistenprediger Sven Lau verhaften lassen.

Staatsschützer der Polizei haben am Dienstagmorgen in Mönchengladbach den Salafistenprediger Sven Lau gefasst. Die Bundesanwaltschaft verdächtigt den Initiator der "Scharia-Polizei", die Terrororganisation Dschaisch al-Muhadschirin wal-Ansar (Jamwa) in Syrien unterstützt zu haben. So soll Lau, 35, in vier Fällen einem Flügel der Gruppe geholfen haben, der sich dem "Islamischen Staat" (IS) angedient hatte. » | Von Jörg Diehl und Fidelius Schmid | Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015


ISIS Jihadis' Death Threat to West - Civilians Told to Convert to Islam or Be DECAPITATED

EXPRESS: CRAZED Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis have sent letters to European civilians ordering them to convert to Islam within three days or face being DECAPITATED in their own homes.

Bloodthirsty Daesh Islamists posted notes through the doors of dozens of random neighbours in several cities across Sweden, including the capital Stockholm, threatening to murder "non-believers" in a terrifying campaign of violence.

Sweden is now on lockdown after the chilling letters pledged to behead innocent civilians and then "bomb your rotten corpses afterwards".

Intelligence officials confirmed they are investigating the horrifying threats - which were signed by "ISIS" - as a state of fear gripped the nation.

The notes, written in Swedish, order people to convert to Islam or pay a religious tax, known as the jizya, warning that the police "will not save you from being murdered". Read on and comment » | Nick Gutteridge | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Saudi Arabia Announces 34-country Islamic Coalition to Fight Terrorism

THE TELEGRAPH: US has frequently called on Gulf states to do more against Isil but it remains to be seen whether new coalition will attack targets in Syria and Iraq

Saudi Arabia on Tuesday announced the formation of a 34-state Islamic military coalition to combat terrorism, according to a joint statement published on state news agency SPA.

"The countries here mentioned have decided on the formation of a military alliance led by Saudi Arabia to fight terrorism, with a joint operations centre based in Riyadh to co-ordinate and support military operations," the statement said.

A long list of Arab countries such as Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, together with Islamic countries Turkey, Malaysia, Pakistan and Gulf Arab and African states were mentioned.

The announcement cited "a duty to protect the Islamic nation from the evils of all terrorist groups and organizations whatever their sect and name which wreak death and corruption on earth and aim to terrorize the innocent." » | Reuters | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

'Saudis Playing Dangerous Game As Oil Prices Plunge'

The Russian economy, which is heavily reliant on oil prices, is bearing the brunt of the low oil prices. For more on the falling oil and what it means for the Russian and Saudi economies – RT is joined by Michael Klare, an expert on natural resources, and author of 'Resource Wars, Blood and Oil'

Monday, December 14, 2015

Sophie&Co: ‘US Doesn’t Understand What It’s Doing in Syria’ – CIA Veteran

The skies above Syria are crowded with military planes from various nations. However, the non-stop bombardment of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) seems to be producing nothing in return. The group still maintains the ability to strike anytime, anywhere - even in the US. And while Western nations along with Russia are trying to destroy IS, some of America’s alleged "allies" in the region seem to be playing their own game. Can a war be won in such conditions? Can progress be made if only some are committed to end the fighting? We pose these questions, and many more, to an ex-CIA agent and counter-terrorism expert. Philip Giraldi is on Sophie&Co today.

Iran Deploys Ski Police at Country's Slopes, Enforces Segregation of Men and Women

THE TELEGRAPH: Immoral offences by the skiers will be prevented by the deployment of police officers to enforce segregation between women and men, says a police commander

Winter snow is bringing thousands of skiers to the slopes of the Elburz mountains outside Tehran – but their experience has a uniquely Iranian twist. Police have also been deployed to enforce the segregation of male and female skiers.

General Hossein Sajadinia, the commander of the Greater Tehran police force, promised that his officers would “prevent any immoral offences by the skiers”.

He told local media that a “ski police unit” had been equipped with new uniforms to “withstand the mountainous conditions and yet be flexible enough to arrest offenders while chasing them on the slopes”.

Young Iranians meet and mix on the mountains, where some women push back their veils while dining in ski slope restaurants and shisha cafes. » | Ahmed Vahdat | Monday, December 14, 2015

Obama's Message to ISIS Leaders: 'You Are Next'

Dec. 14, 2015 - 7:39 - President updates coalition campaign against the Islamic State

Irakischer Bischof: „Das Schicksal des Westens wird schlimmer als unseres sein“

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Amel Shamon Nona (Foto) war fünf Jahre lang Erzbischof von Mossul im Norden des Irak, dann kam der Islamische Staat (IS). Nona wurde zusammen mit den Christen vertrieben und lebte eine Zeitlang in Kurdistan, bis er von Papst Franziskus zum chaldäischen Erzbischof von Australien ernannt wurde. Er prophezeit dem Westen ein schlimmeres Schicksal als dem Irak und Syrien, wenn er nicht reagiere. Nona wirft den westlichen Regierungen vor, tatenlos zugesehen zu haben, als tausende junge Moslems nach Syrien gingen, um dort zu kämpfen und den IS aufzubauen. Sie hätten auch erlaubt, daß Staaten der Region den IS finanzieren und bewaffnen, weil es um politische und mehr noch um große wirtschaftliche Interessen gehe. Durch dieses Wegschauen müssten nun die Europäer einen hohen Preis bezahlen, indem der Terror ihre Städte aufsuche. Weiter lesen und einen Beitrag abgeben » | Von Michael Stürzenberger | Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

PEGIDA Abendspaziergang Dresden | 14.12.2015

PEGIDA Dresden Abendspaziergang live vom Theaterplatz

Refugee Policy U-turn: Merkel to Limit Asylum Seekers Inflow

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who had previously welcomed refugees, said on Sunday in an interview to the country's ARD channel that the flow of migrants needs to be limited.

Merkel zeigt sich kämpferisch | DW News

Die Flüchtlingspolitik steht im Fokus beim CDU-Parteitag. Merkel ist gegen Festlegung auf Obergrenze für die Aufnahme von Flüchtlingen. Sie schloss Tag davor einen Kompromiss mit ihren Kritikern: Die Flüchtlingszahl solle "spürbar" reduziert werden.

Merkel: "Es geht um verringern oder reduzieren" | 13.12.2015 | Bericht aus Berlin

"Wir wollen spürbar die Zahl der Menschen reduzieren, die zu uns kommen", sagt Bundeskanzlerin Merkel kurz vor Beginn des CDU-Parteitages. Das Wort "Obergrenze" taucht nicht im Leitantrag auf. Die Flüchtlingskrise nennt sie die "komplexeste Frage" ihrer Kanzlerschaft.

Paris Teacher Stabbed by ISIS Sympathizer, Manhunt Underway

Dec. 14, 2015 - 2:20 - Victim's injuries are not life threatening

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The Ruthless Civil Service behind the Islamic State

Financing Terror: A look at the sophisticated and well-established civil service that funds the Islamic State

Germany: Top Politicians Warn of Rise of Right-wing Populism at SPD Event

The Social Democratic Party of Germany's three-day congress finished on Saturday in Berlin with several high profile politicians from social democratic parties all across Europe taking part.

France: Teacher Stabbed in Paris School by Man Citing Islamic State

A 45-year-old teacher from a Paris suburb was stabbed as he prepared a nursery class on Monday. A masked assailant allegedly cited the so-called Islamic State (IS, ISIS, ISIL) during the attack.

Verwandt »

Front National Held Back In France – But Its Trajectory Is On The Up

THE GUARDIAN: Voters for Marine Le Pen’s far-right party can no longer be confined to a particular stereotype

The election night mood in France was one of grim introspection.

Even if the rising tide of the far right Front National (FN) had been held back – temporarily at least – by tactical voting and a leap in turnout, the lessons were clear to see. The nationalist, anti-immigration, anti-European party was here to stay.

There were no winners in an election that consisted of establishment parties running around at the last minute trying desperately to outwit what they warned was a racist, xenophobic, Islamophobic and overwhelmingly dangerous party.

There was no serious examination of the reasons why voters were turning away from the parties of government and flocking to the FN not just as a mere protest vote, but as a political alternative.

When the FN made a historic breakthrough and took nearly 28% of the vote in the first round of the regional elections, it was yet another moment in which the party was ranked as “the most popular in France” after successively topping a series of polls from the European elections onwards in a steady rise.

Even if the FN has failed to win overall control of a region – just as it had failed to win overall control of any smaller local départements earlier this year – its broad trajectory is on the up. » | Angelique Chrisafis in Paris | Sunday, December 13, 2015

How to Beat Islamic State

THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: To win against the jihadists, isolate them, undercut their appeal to Muslims and avoid a ‘clash of civilizations’

Islam is a religion, and like any other faith, it is internally diverse. Islamism, by contrast, is the desire to impose a single version of Islam on an entire society. Islamism is not Islam, but it is an offshoot of Islam. It is Muslim theocracy.

In much the same way, jihad is a traditional Muslim idea connoting struggle—sometimes a personal spiritual struggle, sometimes a struggle against an external enemy. Jihadism, however, is something else entirely: It is the doctrine of using force to spread Islamism.

President Barack Obama and many liberal-minded commentators have been hesitant to call this Islamist ideology by its proper name. They seem to fear that both Muslim communities and the religiously intolerant will hear the word “Islam” and simply assume that all Muslims are being held responsible for the excesses of the jihadist few.

I call this the Voldemort effect, after the villain in J.K. Rowling ’s Harry Potter books. Many well-meaning people in Ms. Rowling’s fictional world are so petrified of Voldemort’s evil that they do two things: They refuse to call Voldemort by name, instead referring to “He Who Must Not Be Named,” and they deny that he exists in the first place. Such dread only increases public hysteria, thus magnifying the appeal of Voldemort’s power.

The same hysteria about Islamism is unfolding before our eyes. But no strategy intended to defeat Islamism can succeed if Islamism itself and its violent expression in jihadism are not first named, isolated and understood. It is as disingenuous to argue that Islamic State is entirely divorced from Islam as it is to assert that it is synonymous with Islam. Islamic State does indeed have something to do with Islam—not nothing, not everything, but something. That something is the way in which all Islamists justify their arguments using Islamic scripture and seek to recruit from Muslims. Read on and comment » | Maajid Nawaz | Friday, December 11, 2015

How Islamic Extremists Are Exploiting Our Weaknesses

Dec. 13, 2015 - 6:15 - Author Maajid Nawaz explains how jihadists are slipping through the cracks of our politically correct culture on 'The Greg Gutfeld Show'

Obama's Anti-terror Visits This Week Include Pentagon Stop, But No Strategy Changes Expected

Paris: Mann attackiert Lehrer und beruft sich auf IS

SCHWEIZER RADIO UND FERNSEHEN: Ein maskierter Mann ist in der Region Paris auf einen Kindergartenlehrer losgegangen. Dabei soll er sich auf die Terrormiliz IS berufen haben.

Ein Mann griff am Montagmorgen einen Kindergartenlehrer an, als dieser im Klassenzimmer in der Pariser Vorstadt Aubervilliers seinen Unterricht vorbereitete. Das teilten die französische Staatsanwaltschaft und die Polizei mit. Den Behörden zufolge trug der Angreifer Malerkleidung und Militärstiefel, hatte Handschuhe an und war maskiert. Nach Angaben eines Polizisten war er vermutlich zunächst unbewaffnet, griff dann aber im Klassenzimmer nach einem Teppichmesser. » | sda/ala; bers | Montag, 14. Dezember 2015

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Einschätzungen von Frankreich-Korrespondent Charles Liebherr

Teacher Stabbed in Paris by Attacker Citing Islamic State

THE TELEGRAPH: Primary school teacher in a serious condition have being stabbed by a man wearing a balaclava and gloves in France

A hooded man claiming to be acting for the Islamic State group attacked a nursery school teacher with a knife as he prepared for classes in a school north of Paris.

The attack occurred at around 7am in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, when a primary school teacher was stabbed with a box cutter by a man wearing a balaclava and gloves, reported Le Parisien newspaper.

The attacker was dressed in painter's overalls and a balaclava and arrived without a weapon but grabbed what appeared to be a box cutter that was lying in the classroom.

According to local prosecutors the man shouted: "This is Daesh. This is a warning." Daesh is another name for IS. » | Agencies | Monday, December 14, 2015

Le groupe EI «pénètre vers l'intérieur» de la Libye

LE MATIN: CONFLIT — Selon Jean-Yves Le Drian, ministre français de la Défense, les djihadistes tentent de s'emparer de puits de pétrole.

Le groupe Etat islamique (EI), déjà ancré sur les côtes libyennes, commence à progresser «vers l'intérieur» du pays. Il vise l'accès à des puits de pétrole, a déclaré lundi le ministre français de la Défense, Jean-Yves Le Drian.

«Ils sont à Syrte, ils étendent leur territoire sur 250 kilomètres linéaires de côte, mais ils commencent à pénétrer vers l'intérieur et à avoir (une) tentation d'accès à des puits de pétrole et des réserves de pétrole», a-t-il dit à la radio RTL.

L'EI compte 2000 à 3000 combattants en Libye, dont 1500 à Syrte, la ville natale de Mouammar Kadhafi à 450 km à l'est de Tripoli. Parmi eux figurent des nationaux partis combattre en Syrie et de retour dans leur pays, mais aussi des étrangers venus notamment de Tunisie, du Soudan ou du Yemen, selon une estimation de l'ONU. » | ats/nxp | lundi 14 décembre 2015

Mark Zuckerberg-backed Immigration Bill Would Allow Unlimited Muslim Immigration

BREITBART.COM: In January of 2015, a handful of Senators quietly introduced new legislation in Congress that would allow for virtually unlimited Muslim immigration into the United States – lifting caps entirely on several categories of visas favored by immigrants from Muslim countries.

The Mark Zuckerberg-backed legislation, S.153, is called the Immigration Innovation Act (or I-Squared), and it has taken on new significance following the terrorist attacks in San Bernardino. Those attacks were only possible due to Muslim immigration: Syed Farook is reportedly the child of Pakistani immigrants, and his jihadi bride, Tashfeen Malik, was reportedly born in Pakistan.

The I-Squared bill is significant for a second reason. One of the Senators who introduced the bill is also running for President: Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL). And several of Rubio’s most prominent financial backers are among the bill’s boosters. » | Julia Hahn | Washington D.C. | Sunday, December 13, 2015

6.5 Million Votes and Counting, Front National Gets Zero Seats, But Record Support

BREITBART.COM: Amongst the celebrations by the mainstream media and political establishment, you would be forgiven for thinking that the Front National crashed horrendously during today’s second round of French regional elections. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While it will sting that Marine Le Pen’s party didn’t manage to pick up any regional seats, a lot of this is down to the political establishment’s games over the past few weeks, where they’ve formed unofficial coalitions, stood down candidates for each other, and rolled out religious and community figures to effectively threaten voters with a view of what a Front National France would look like. » | Raheem Kassam | Sunday, December 13, 2015

Chemical Agent Sarin Smuggled from Turkey to ISIS – Turkish MP

SIS terrorists in Syria received all necessary materials to produce deadly sarin gas via Turkey, a Turkish MP claimed, citing evidence from an abruptly closed criminal case. Speaking to RT, Eren Erdem said there is grounds to believe of a cover up.

USA: Paris Climate Deal a 'Turning Point for the World' Says Obama

US President Barack Obama praised climate change accord reached at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in Paris, calling it a "turning point for the world", speaking from the White House in Washington D.C, Saturday.

France: Marion Le Pen Fails to Secure Regional Vote

Front National's Marion Le Pen thanked her supporters in Marseille on Sunday, following the party's defeat in the second round of the French regional elections.

'Satanic Islam' Sermon Pastor McConnell Ready to Face Justice

A firebrand preacher who goes on trial today for branding Islam "Satanic" says he is ready to go to jail for his beliefs - but hopes the court will first let him spend Christmas with his family.

BELFAST TELEGRAPH: 'Jail doesn't scare me, but let me have Christmas at home,' says James McConnell

In a hard-hitting interview from his Greenisland home, Pastor James McConnell said he had no regrets about his controversial comments and, even if jailed, would repeat them on release.

He said "freedom of speech and freedom of conscience" were at stake in the landmark trial. Hundreds of Pastor McConnell's supporters are expected to protest outside Belfast Magistrates Court as the case opens today.

"This is about Christians fighting back," the pastor said. "There is an agenda at work to restrict our rights while allowing followers of other religions to say and act as they please. » | Suzanne Breen | Monday, December 14, 2015

Donald Trump Responds to His Critics

Dec. 13, 2015 - 14:07 - The Republican presidential frontrunner sounds off on the prospect of a brokered convention and his controversial call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

USA: Armed Protesters Stage Anti-Islam Rally in Texas

A group of armed protesters demonstrated against refugees entering the U.S. and 'the Islamisation of America', outside Richardson mosque in Dallas, Texas, Saturday.

National Front Loses in 2nd Round of French Regional Elections – Exit Polls

France’s far-right National Front party, headed by Marine Le Pen, has failed to win a single region in the second round of the country’s regional elections after a solid victory in the first round, several exit polls have shown.

Angela Merkel 'Dismisses US Request for More Military Help against Islamic State'

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Der Spiegel says US is asking for increased commitment from Germany after parliament voted to join military campaign in Syria

Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, on Sunday brushed off what a magazine said was a request from the United States to provide more military help in the fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

"I believe Germany is fulfilling its part and we don't need to talk about new issues related to this question at the moment," Mrs Merkel told the ZDF broadcaster when asked about the Der Spiegel magazine report of the US request.

Der Spiegel reported on Saturday that Ashton Carter, US Defence Secretary, had sent a letter asking for a bigger military contribution from Germany, a week after parliament approved a plan to join the campaign in Syria. » | Reuters | Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Libyen macht Italien Angst

In Rom wird an einer internationalen Konferenz nach einer politischen Lösung für Libyen gesucht. Dass Italien das Treffen organisiert, hat damit zu tun, dass die beiden Länder eng verbunden waren und sich geographisch nahe sind. Diese Nähe macht vielen in Italien Angst. Zu Recht?

Zweite Runde bei Frankreichs Regionalwahlen

SCHWEIZER RADIO UND FERNSEHEN: Front National scheitert in allen Regionen: In Frankreich konnte die rechtsextreme Partei keine der insgesamt 13 Regionen erobern. Nach der zweiten Runde der Regionalwahlen zeigen erste Nachwahlbefragungen: Die Partei von Marine Le Pen landet auf dem dritten Platz, hinter den Konservativen und den Sozialisten. » | sda/afp/reutes/kurn; | Sonntag, 13. Dezember 2015

French Far Right National Front 'Routed' in Key Vote

BBC: France's far-right National Front (FN) has failed to win a single region in the second round of elections, exit polls indicate.

Early results suggest the party has been beaten into third place, despite leading in six of 13 regions in the first round of votes a week ago.

The polls predict Nicolas Sarkozy's centre-right Republicans will win most seats ahead of the ruling Socialists.

Acknowledging defeat, FN leader Marine Le Pen pledged to keep fighting.

And she blamed the outcome on the mainstream parties which joined forces to keep the FN from power, telling her supporters they had been "disenfranchised in the most indecent of ways by a campaign of lies and disinformation". (+ video) » | Sunday, December 13, 2015

Worlds Apart: ‪Borders of Democracy? Featuring Ulrike Guerot, Director of the European Democracy Lab‬

The values of democracy, freedom, tolerance and human rights are at the core of the European project. But with populist parties making significant gains on the back of the Paris terrorist attacks, the migration influx and the European debt crisis, those core values are being left by the wayside. Can European democracy survive these challenges, and what role do nation-states have in both exacerbating and solving the problem? Oksana is joined by Ulrike Guerot, the director of the European Democracy Lab at the European School of Governance, to examine these issues.

Mark Steyn's Take: Trump's Proposed Muslim Ban

Media Go Nuclear Against Trump

Dec. 13, 2015 - 10:49 - Denouncing his Muslim travel ban

Margaret Thatcher Auction Prompts 'Family Feud'

THE SUNDAY TELEGRAPH: Sir Mark Thatcher is alleged by friends to have fallen out with twin sister Carol over her decision to sell items belonging to the former prime minister

Margaret Thatcher’s family are embroiled in a bitter family feud over an auction of the late prime minister’s personal possessions, it has been claimed.

Baroness Thatcher’s son Sir Mark Thatcher is said to have objected to his twin sister Carol’s decision to stage a sale of handbags, shoes and mementoes at Christie’s auction house this week.

The sale of more than 400 items is expected to raise upwards of £500,000.

According to friends the 62-year-old twins “cannot bear to be in the same room”. » | David Barrett, Home Affairs Correspondent | Sunday, December 13, 2015

Former Gitmo Detainee Returns to Battlefield

Dec. 12, 2015 - 9:49 - President's plan to close Guantanamo Bay in focus

Growing Turmoil for the Democratic Party

Dec. 11, 2015 - 4:48 - 'The O'Reilly Factor' analyzes the fallout of Donald Trump's campaign and Barack Obama's failing policies

Fear, Anger and Hatred: The Rise of Germany's New Right

SPIEGEL ONLINE INTERNATIONAL: For years, a sense of disillusionment has been growing on the right. Now, the refugee crisis has magnified that frustration. Increasingly, people from the very center of society are identifying with the movement -- even as political debate coarsens and violence increases. By SPIEGEL Staff

Martin Bahrmann, a local politician in the Saxon town of Meissen, was just preparing to speak in a council debate on refugee shelters when a ball-point pen ricoched off the back of his head. It was a cheap, plastic writing utensil -- blue with white writing.

As a member of the business friendly Free Democrats (FDP), Bahrmann's seat in the regional council is at the very back and the visitors' gallery is just behind him. The pen must have come from somebody in the audience. When Bahrmann turned around, he found himself looking at a sea of hostile faces. Although there were around 80 visitors in the gallery, nobody admitted to having seen who threw the pen. On the contrary: The FDP representative and his colleagues were later insulted as being "traitors to the German people."

Bahrmann, 28, does not draw a salary for his involvement in local politics. It is merely his contribution to a functioning democracy. He was born and grew up in the region he represents and he has known many of the people there for many years. But even he, Bahrmann says, now must be more careful about when and where he makes political appearances. Ever since the regional council discussed transforming the former Hotel Weinböhla into a refugee hostel, the established political parties have been confronted with the hate of many locals. One Left Party representative was spit on as he was walking down the street while another was threatened with violence. Meanwhile, representatives from the right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party and the neo-Nazi NPD were celebrated for having voted against the refugees in the regional council.

The pen thrown in Meissen may not have garnered much media attention, but it says a lot about the public mood in Germany, a country in which increasing numbers of people are united against the state, its institutions and its elected officials. It is a country in which antipathy towards democracy is gradually increasing while xenophobia is growing rapidly. And it is a country where incidents of right-wing violence are on the rise and refugee hostels are set on fire almost daily. Read on and comment » | Spiegel Staff | Friday, December 11, 2015

Germany: Police Attack Ruptly Producer as Clashes Break Out in Leipzig

Hundreds of antifa activists clashed with German riot police in Leipzig, Saturday, as a counter-protest decrying the three announced right-wing demonstrations taking place in the city got underway.

Krawalle in Leipzig »

Krawalle in Leipzig: Dutzende Polizisten bei Demos gegen rechts verletzt

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Die Polizei setzte Wasserwerfer und Tränengas ein, Gegendemonstranten warfen Steine: In Leipzig ist es nach einem Aufmarsch von Rechtsextremisten zu Ausschreitungen gekommen. 56 Polizisten wurden verletzt.

Bei gewaltsamen Ausschreitungen am Rande der Kundgebungen von Rechtsextremen und linken Gegendemonstranten sind in Leipzig nach Angaben der Polizei 56 Polizisten verletzt worden. Mindestens zwei von ihnen seien dienstunfähig, einer für mindestens vier Wochen, sagte die Polizeisprecherin. Außerdem seien 32 Dienstfahrzeuge der Polizei beschädigt worden. » | sto/dpa/AFP | Samstag, 12. Dezember 2015

Obama’s Weekly Address: Standing Strong in the Face of Terrorism

In this week's address, the President praised our country’s resilience in the face of terrorism, and discussed how we will keep America safe.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saudi Media Flaunt American Who Converted to Islam: ‘I Have Joined the Religion of Truth’

BREITBART.COM: The Saudi news media continue to spotlight the story of an America employee at Jeddah’s international airport whose conversion to Islam went viral in the Kingdom last week after video of the event was published.

Last week, Breitbart Jerusalem reported on the video, in which a group of Saudis surround the American employee while they exclaim the “Shahadatain,” an Islamic pillar of faith, meaning, “There is no God but Allah and Mohammad is the prophet of Allah.”

After the American employee himself declares the “Shahadatain,” his Saudi colleagues shout, “Allahu Akbar,” meaning Allah is great, and they are seen hugging and kissing theAmerican over his conversion to Islam. It was not immediately clear when the video was taken.

On Friday, the Saudi Sabq news website published an extensive interview with the American, for the first time revealing his name to be Rick Harrison.

Harrison claimed that in America he was subject to propaganda against Islam. “Yet all those claims fell apart when I saw how my colleagues at the Jeddah airport treated me.” » | Ali Waked | Saturday, December 12, 2015

Die fehlgeleitete Frau Merkel! Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel: Denn so Bibelfest sind die Deutschen auch nicht mehr, wie sie manchmal tun

Donald Trump Travel Ban Statements

Robert Spencer on ISIS' Intent to Conquer Rome and Behead the Pope

I sat down recently with Robert Spencer, author of The Complete Infidel's Guide to ISIS, to discuss the terror group's plan for Rome. While the idea of ISIS conquering Rome may sound ridiculous, Quranic Muslims––not just in ISIS-–believe the fall of Rome must take place before the final battle against the infidel armies at Dabiq, Syria and the return of the Mahdi, the Muslim "messiah."

ISIS Threat to POPE: Fears for Holy Father as Terror Nuts Plot 'FINAL MASSACRE' in Rome

Pope Francis, who it is feared may be
next on ISIS's terror hit list
EXPRESS: EVIL Islamic State are plotting to kill POPE FRANCIS, the Vatican fears, after multiple propaganda videos threatening Rome were released by Daesh militants.

The Vatican has admitted it is a target for crazed jihadis due to its religious links. Any attack would send shivers across the globe.

Cardinal Pietro Parolin said recently the Vatican was considering whether to ramp up security.

He said: "The Vatican could be a target because of its religious significance.

"We are capable of increasing the level of security in the Vatican and the surrounding area.

"But we will not let ourselves be paralysed by fear."

Rome has been the subject of a number of threatening terror films released by the extremists in recent weeks.

It is thought the focus on Rome, and specifically the Vatican City, may be in response to the Pope's recent condemnation of the deadly terror attacks in Paris, as well as its status of the capital of the Catholic world. » | Joey Millar | Saturday, December 12, 2015