Saturday, August 21, 2021

Europe! We’ll Be Back!

MARK ALEXANDER – ESSAY: Britain’s destiny lies in Europe. One day, we’ll be back. That is if our European brothers and sisters will accept us back and forgive us for our stupidity. We Brits are Europeans, whether inside or outside of the European Union. It is a historical, geographical, and geological fact. Nobody can deny that because it is undeniable.

Unfortunately, the British electorate was erroneously given a referendum on our membership of the European Union. They shouldn’t have been given the choice to leave in a referendum. Why? Because the issue was extremely complicated, so most people didn’t understand the complexities involved. Very few politicians in Parliament truly understood what was involved in our membership of the Union or the impact of leaving would have on our economy or standing in the world. So, if our parliamentarians didn’t understand what was at stake by leaving, how could we possibly have expected the man in the street to understand what was at stake?

The fact of the matter is simple and clear: The British electorate has been cheated and lied to. They were and still are being lied to apropos of this very important issue concerning Britain’s future and destiny.

But it is very important that we understand why the electorate were lied to, and by whom. They were lied to so that the squillionaire class could make lots of dosh, even more squillions, from our exit from the EU. The fact that by doing this, they stole the average man’s European rights away from him is of no interest, consequence, or importance to them. All they cared about was self-aggrandizement, lining their own pockets, and furthering their own careers. Their perspective? The electorate be damned! And these people have the audacity to call themselves patriots. Go figure!

The people who have stolen the British people’s European rights away from them—rights such as the right to set up a business in Europe, buy properties and homes in Europe, love across frontiers in Europe, receive universal and reciprocal healthcare, and much else besides—is of no consequence or importance to these fools. In any case, most of these self-serving clowns have never done a proper job in their lives. Most of them have been born with a silver spoon, nay golden spoon, in their mouths. Do you think they care about hard-working businessmen and businesswomen losing their businesses because of Brexit? Do you think they care about goods becoming more expensive and scarcer in the shops? Not at all! I doubt that even one of them knows the price of a pint/litre of milk!

These people are just playing around. Politics is all a game to them. They are not serious politicians at all. In fact, do they truly understand national politics, still less understand international politics? I know what I think. I will leave that question with you for you to make up your own minds.

As for being tied to America’s apron strings, I have this to say… We Brits are not Americans; rather, we are Europeans. We share a common ancestry with our brothers and sisters in Europe. Even our royal families are all related; they all have DNA in common. Queen Victoria, for example, was known as the “grandmother of Europe”! We Europeans share so much common ancestry.

As for America and Americans, of course we should be close to America and its people. Americans are our close friends and allies. It is right that they are; and they always will be. However, we can be far, far more useful to America and Americans inside the European Union that we can ever be outside of it. Inside the EU, we can be America’s English-speaking gateway to the continent. Outside of it, Britain is in danger of becoming an irrelevance.

So, I don’t know how long it will take for this folly of Brexit to play out; but I am as sure as anyone can be that one day, hopefully in the not-too-distant future, we Brits will come to realise the folly of our decision to leave you all. I hope that when the time comes, you will again give us the welcome you gave us the first time around. I, for one, feel European with every fibre of my being. I dream of a united Europe. Free and whole – a Europe with a shared common heritage. Vive l’Europe ! Es lebe Europa! Long live Europe!

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