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Steve Schmidt Sounds the Alarm!

May 22, 2022 • The former GOP Operative & Lincoln Project founder warns of coming fascism

Daniil Trifonov – Chopin: Fantaisie-Impromptu In C-Sharp Minor, Op. 66

Zu Tisch ... köstliche Toskana - in den Bergen | ARTE Reupload

May 22, 2022 • "Wie deine Mama zu kochen ist gut, wie deine Oma zu kochen ist besser", lautet eine toskanische Weisheit. Die Reihe begibt sich auf Entdeckungsreise und präsentiert Europas Sehnsuchtsregion in vier Folgen. Folge zwei zeigt die Bergregionen rund um Zeri, die Apuanischen Alpen und die Garfagnana.

In dieser Folge geht es zuerst nach Zeri. Die westlichste Gemeinde der Toskana ist die Heimat der Hirtin Patrizia Figaroli und ihrer 60 Zerasca-Schafe – einer vom Aussterben bedrohten Schafrasse. Statt auf Lammfleisch setzt Patrizia auf Milch, Käse und das Wohl ihrer Tiere. Nach getaner Arbeit im Stall bereitet sie ein kleines Picknick mit ihrem Sohn vor. Es gibt Ricotta aus eigener Herstellung mit hausgemachter Feigen- und Brombeermarmelade. In den Wäldern rund um Zeri ist zwischen September und November Hochsaison für Steinpilze und Pfifferlinge. Auch Tiziana Arena macht sich auf die Suche. Cristian Verrilli, ihr Freund und Koch aus der benachbarten Region La Spezia, verarbeitet die schönsten Steinpilze aus Tizianas Korb anschließend zu einem geschmacksvollen Ragú di Funghi mit Maispolenta. Ältere Pilze werden als Vorrat getrocknet. Inmitten der Apuanischen Alpen liegt das Dorf Colonnata. Hier arbeitet Alvise Lazzareschi seit seiner Jugend in einem Marmorsteinbruch, in dem der legendäre Carrara-Marmor abgebaut wird. Nach Dienstschluss zieht es den Feinschmecker in seinen Keller, wo eine Schatztruhe auf ihn wartet: ein großer Behälter aus Marmor, in der der Lardo di Colonnata 21 Monate in Salz und Kräutern reift. Alvises Spezialität sind mit Lardo-Scheiben ummantelte Riesengarnelen. In Pieve Fosciana, inmitten der grünen Garfagnana-Gebirgslandschaft, lebt Ombretta Cavani. Während sie die Wolle ihrer Schafe mit Walnussschalen färbt, ist ihre Mutter Gemma in der Küche zugange. Zum Namenstag ihres Mannes Francesco steht Zuppa di Farro auf dem Speiseplan: ein traditioneller Dinkeleintopf mit Kartoffeln, Bohnen und Schweinefleisch aus der Region.

Esskulturreihe, Regie: Lorenza Castella und André Schäfer (D 2020, 27 Min)
Video auf YouTube verfügbar bis 06/08/2022

”Elon Musk Is Just a Weirdo with a Cult Following” – Farron Cousins

May 22, 2022 • Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX and Tesla, has gained a cult following online that somehow believes this man is completely infallible and will lead us into the future. But the reality is that he's just a weirdo with some of the dumbest political takes on the internet, and all you have to do is look at the drivel he posts on any given day to prove that - like when he said this past week that the "woke mind virus" would prevent humans from going to Mars. Farron Cousins discusses this very bizarre human being.

En Italie, des laïques dénoncent l’omerta de l’Eglise catholique sur les abus sexuels

LE MONDE : Après des années de déni, les évêques italiens, réunis du 23 au 27 mai, doivent discuter de la lutte contre la pédocriminalité au sein de l’institution.

Francesco Zanardi, à Rome, en octobre 2018. Agressé dans son enfance par un prêtre, il collecte depuis douze ans les témoignages d’autres victimes. SIMONE PADOVANI / AWAKENING / GETTY IMAGES

La loi du silence qui pèse en Italie sur la pédocriminalité dans le clergé commence à être sérieusement contestée. Alors que la Conférence épiscopale italienne tiendra, du lundi 23 au vendredi 27 mai, une assemblée au cours de laquelle sera discutée sa politique sur le sujet et désigné son nouveau président, un livre accusateur, à paraître le 26 mai, tente d’expliquer pourquoi la Péninsule est l’un des derniers pays occidentaux où l’Eglise catholique s’oppose avec succès à toute tentative d’enquête approfondie sur ce phénomène. « Ce livre a pour but de les obliger à faire cette enquête », déclare au Monde l’une de ses autrices, l’historienne et journaliste Lucetta Scaraffia.

Intitulé Agnus Dei. Gli abusi sessuali del clero in Italia (« Agnus Dei. Les abus sexuels dans le clergé en Italie », Solferino, 224 pages, non traduit), rédigé par Lucetta Scaraffia, Anna Foa et Franca Giansoldati, l’ouvrage a puisé une partie de sa matière première dans les archives amassées par Francesco Zanardi. Agressé dans son enfance par un prêtre, cet homme de 51 ans collecte depuis douze ans les informations éparses trouvées dans la presse. » | Par Jérôme Gautheret (Rome, correspondant) et Cécile Chambraud (Rome, envoyée spéciale) | dimanche 22 mai 2022

Article réservé aux abonnés

Islam: Das Goldene Zeitalter

Dec 9, 2021 • Der Islam besteht seit über 1300 Jahren. Er wird im 7. Jahrhundert durch Mohammed begründet und breitet sich in der folgenden Zeit über den arabischen Raum bis in andere Teile Asiens und nach Europa aus.

Es bildet sich eine arabisch-islamische Kultur. Geprägt von Wissenschaft und Kunst, die der christlichen Kultur ihrer Zeit um einiges voraus ist.

In diesem Video schaut sich Mirko die Hochzeit der arabisch-islamischen Kultur einmal genauer an. Welche Teilreiche gibt es und wer herrscht über sie? Der Blick richtet sich auch auf große Wissenschaftler wie Ibn Sina, der ein bis in die Neuzeit gültiges Standardwerk der Medizin schreibt. Auch Feldherren wie Sultan Saladin spielen eine Rolle, der im Kreuzzug gegen Richard Löwenherz kämpft.

What Does the Extraordinary Election Result Mean for Australia's Future? | 60 Minutes Australia

Anthony Albanese is negotiating his first steps in Australia’s toughest job, but as our 31st prime minister, he and his new government face enormous challenges. Albo says he’ll make the country better for everyone, but considering two-thirds of the electorate didn’t vote for him or the ALP, it’s going to be a tough task. Federal politics never ceases to surprise, but last night’s result was extraordinary. On 60 Minutes, Sarah Abo speaks to Nine Political Editor Chris Uhlmann for his take on this historic election.

Biological Influences on Sex, Sex Differences & Preferences | Huberman Lab Podcast #14

Apr 5, 2021 • In this episode, I discuss how hormones such as testosterone and estrogen and their derivatives impact the early development of the brain and body and their maturation. I review published data on environmental factors shown to powerfully alter hormone pathways in animals and humans and the effects of cannabis, alcohol and cell phones on testes, sperm, ovaries and hormones. I describe the predictable relationship between genes, beard growth and balding patterns, and the importance of estrogen for brain development in people of all chromosomal sexes. Finally, I discuss how the hormones we are exposed to in the womb shape the relative length of our finger digits, the sounds our ears make (yes you read that correctly), and how those correlate with people's self-reports of their sexual preferences. As always, basic information and tools are discussed.

The Science of Love, Desire and Attachment | Huberman Lab Podcast #59

Feb 14, 2022 • In this episode, I discuss the psychology and biology of desire, love and attachment. I explain how childhood attachment types are thought to inform adult attachment styles to romantic partners, and I describe some of the major theories of human mate selection, relationships and infidelity. Additionally, I explore the neurobiology and proposed subconscious processing underlying desire, love and attachment, including the roles of empathy and “positive delusion.” I outline how self-awareness can shift one’s relationship attachment style towards securely bonded partnerships. Finally, I describe specific tools and supplements that have been researched to increase libido and sex drive. Throughout the episode, I explain the science and key mechanisms underlying romantic love and outline tools for those seeking to find a strong, healthy relationship, or for those wanting to strengthen an existing relationship.

Ex-Muslim, LGBTQ, Defiant

Omar (not his real name) tells his story of growing up as a gay ex-Muslim in a country where both homosexuality and apostasy can be met by death. Directed by Sarah Haider, produced and edited by Aurora Creative Media.

Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA): If you wish to help them, you can donate here ».

UK Moves to Scrap Northern Ireland Protocol Raises EU Ire

May 17, 2022 • British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is expected to present a new law to parliament that would unilaterally change the Northern Ireland protocol, a key element of the Brexit deal that saw the UK leave the European Union. Donnacha O Beachain from Dublin City University has more on the Northern Ireland protocol.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Tornado in Western Germany Injures Dozens

A storm system brought torrential rains and strong winds to Paderborn, Germany, tearing down buildings and trees. The tornado was one of three that struck western Germany on Friday, the local authorities said.

The Beautiful, Romantic Wedding Kiss

Le beau baiser de mariage romantique / Der schöne, romantische Hochzeitskuß

With many thanks to Roy van der Wens Wedding Photo & Film on Pinterest for this lovely photo.

Australia Election: Anthony Albanese Vows Unity after Labor Seizes Power

Anthony Albanese vows government of unity, not division. | Screenshot from the accompanying video.

BBC: Australia has elected its first Labor government in almost a decade and Anthony Albanese as prime minister, ousting Scott Morrison's coalition.

Mr Albanese told jubilant supporters that Australians had "voted for change". However it is still unclear whether he can secure a majority.

The centre-left leader vowed to bring people together, invest in social services and "end the climate wars".

Mr Morrison thanked the "miracle of the Australian people" after conceding.

In perhaps the election's greatest twist, support also surged for Greens and independent candidates running on climate platforms.

They could wield greater influence if Labor fails to secure 76 lower house seats to govern in its own right. Late on Saturday it had 72 seats to the Coalition's 55, the ABC projected.

Mr Albanese said it was an "extraordinary honour" to lead the country after he emerged to rapturous applause at Labor's victory party in Sydney.

"My Labor team will work every day to bring Australians together. And I will lead a government worthy of the people of Australia," he said. With video » | Jay Savage, BBC News, Sydney | Saturday, May 21, 2022

France’s outgoing foreign minister welcomes defeat of Scott Morrison: Undiplomatic remarks from Jean-Yves Le Drian follow war of words between nations over abandoned submarine deal »

En Australie, les travaillistes espèrent ravir le pouvoir aux conservateurs à l’issue des législatives : Anthony Albanese, en tête dans les sondages avant les élections prévues samedi, pourrait succéder à Scott Morrison sans que la politique étrangère du pays ne change. »

Australier wählen die Regierung ab: Nach fast zehn Jahren an der Macht muss die konservative Partei in Australien in die Opposition. Die Sozialdemokraten werden mindestens eine Minderheitsregierung bilden können. »

The Rise and Fall of Pope Benedict XVI | DW Documentary

May 21, 2022 • As Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger was head of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013. Using archival footage and conversations with contemporary witnesses, this film provides insight into the rise and fall of the German pope.

Pope Benedict XVI led the Catholic Church into the greatest crisis it has faced since the Reformation. Namely, the worldwide child sexual abuse scandal. Filmmaker Christoph Röhl tells the story of this pope’s rise and fall, both of which were symptomatic of the church's larger failures.

Bringing a combination of curiosity and scepticism to his subject, Christoph Röhl’s documentary shows us a man who dedicated his life to preserving the Church - but inadvertently led it into its greatest crisis. The interviewees, all of whom worked within the clerical system, describe how Ratzinger's policies contributed to the dramatic loss of moral authority from which the Church still suffers, today.

This is an epic story, starring a tragic hero. Ratzinger believed that truth was to be found exclusively in the teachings of the Catholic Church and that contemporary society would be lost if it did not rediscover its Catholic values in time. But he came to realize that his worst enemies were inside the Church - even within his inner circle.

The film tells the story of a lonely man who began his career as a reformer, only to leave the public eye in disgrace.

The Russian Orthodox Leader at the Core of Putin’s Ambitions

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Patriarch Kirill I has provided spiritual cover for the invasion of Ukraine, reaping vast resources for his church in return. Now, in an extraordinary step, the E.U. is threatening him with sanctions.

Alexander Zemlianichenko/Associated Press

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine unfolded, Patriarch Kirill I, the leader of the Moscow-based Russian Orthodox Church, had an awkward Zoom meeting with Pope Francis.

The two religious leaders had previously worked together to bridge a 1,000-year-old schism between the Christian churches of the East and West. But the meeting, in March, found them on opposing sides of a chasm. Kirill spent 20 minutes reading prepared remarks, echoing the arguments of President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia that the war in Ukraine was necessary to purge Nazis and oppose NATO expansion.

Francis was evidently flummoxed. “Brother, we are not clerics of the state,” the pontiff told Kirill, he later recounted to the Corriere della Sera newspaper, adding that “the patriarch cannot transform himself into Putin’s altar boy.”

Today, Kirill stands apart not merely from Francis, but from much of the world. The leader of about 100 million faithful, Kirill, 75, has staked the fortunes of his branch of Orthodox Christianity on a close and mutually beneficial alliance with Mr. Putin, offering him spiritual cover while his church — and possibly he himself — receives vast resources in return from the Kremlin, allowing him to extend his influence in the Orthodox world.

To his critics, the arrangement has made Kirill far more than another apparatchik, oligarch or enabler of Mr. Putin, but an essential part of the nationalist ideology at the heart of the Kremlin’s expansionist designs.

Kirill has called Mr. Putin’s long tenure “a miracle of God,” and has characterized the war as a just defense against liberal conspiracies to infiltrate Ukraine with “gay parades.” » | Jason Horowitz | Saturday, May 21, 2022

Legal Smoking Age in England Could Be Raised to 21 – Report

THE GUARDIAN: Independent review also expected to support new taxes on tobacco company profits

The legal smoking age in England could reportedly be raised from 18 to 21 after a “radical” review into plans to make the country smoke-free by 2030.

An independent review commissioned by the health secretary, Sajid Javid, and led by Javed Khan, the former chief executive of the children’s charity Barnardo’s, is also expected to support new taxes on tobacco company profits, according to the Telegraph.

The review is also expected to recommend the NHS increase efforts to encourage smokers, particularly among pregnant women, to switch to vaping and e-cigarettes. » | Miranda Bryant | Saturday, May 21, 2022

If they bring this idiotic policy into law, I hope and trust that they will not expect someone under twenty-one to go and fight in a war. If a person is old enough to go to war, he is old enough to smoke! Conversely, if a man is not old enough to smoke, then he is certainly not old enough to go to war!

It’s time for this war on smokers and smoking to stop. Enough already! Further, e-cigarettes are still in their infancy. I notice that the Government of Canada refuses to endorse them. Check this out here.

Discourage smoking tobacco by all means, but more will be achieved by information and gentle persuasion than will ever be achieved with such draconian measures.

Further, I should add that if a person is not old enough to smoke, then he is not old enough to marry and sire babies. A similar argument applies to women. By the way, I write this as an ex-smoker; but I defend the right of a person to smoke and enjoy cigarettes. Moreover, I am NOT in favour of the nanny state! – © Mark

In Full: Former BoE Governor Warns of a "Very Unpleasant Period" Ahead

May 20, 2022 • Former Bank of England Governor Mervyn King blames central banks for fuelling the cost of living crisis by printing too much money during the pandemic.

King headed Britain's central bank from 2003 to 2013, and oversaw the start of its QE programme in March 2009 during the global financial crisis.

But in more recent years he has criticised the scale of central bank asset purchases, which were funded by newly-created money.

Trump Shares CPAC Hungary Platform with Notorious Racist and Antisemite

THE GUARDIAN: Hungarian talkshow host who has called Jews ‘stinking excrement’ and Roma ‘animals’ addresses rightwing conference

Donald Trump is shown on screen speaking via a videolink at the CPAC conference in Budapest, Hungary, on Friday. Photograph: Szilárd Koszticsák/EPA

A notorious Hungarian racist who has called Jews “stinking excrement”, referred to Roma as “animals” and used racial epithets to describe Black people, was a featured speaker at a major gathering of US Republicans in Budapest.

Zsolt Bayer took the stage at the second day of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Hungary, a convention that also featured speeches from Donald Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, and Trump’s former White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows.

The last featured speaker of the conference was Jack Posobiec, a far-right US blogger who has used antisemitic symbols and promoted the fabricated “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory smearing prominent Democrats as pedophiles.

Bayer, a television talkshow host in Hungary, has been widely denounced for his racism. During the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, he wrote on his blog: “Is this the future? Kissing the dirty boots of fucking [racist epithet] and smiling at them? Being happy about this? Because otherwise they’ll kill you or beat you up?” » | Flora Garamvolgyi and Julian Borger in Washington | Saturday, May 21, 2022

Orbán and US right to bond at Cpac in Hungary over ‘great replacement’ ideology: American far right has long embraced Hungary’s prime minister, who speaks of Europe’s ‘suicidal’ immigration policies »

Viktor Orbán tells CPAC the path to power is to ‘have your own media’: Hungarian leader also tells Republicans at Budapest conference that shows like Tucker Carlson’s should be broadcast ‘24/7’ »

Canada Puts Sanctions on Russian Media Tycoon Alexander Lebedev

THE GUARDIAN: Oligarch with links to Boris Johnson among 14 businessmen and associates of Vladimir Putin targeted

Alexander Lebedev finances the Russian opposition newspaper Novaya Gazeta. His son Evgeny owns the UK’s Evening Standard and Independent. Photograph: Alexander Nemenov/AFP/Getty Images

Canada has put sanctions on Alexander Lebedev, the former KGB agent who little more than a decade ago bought the Evening Standard and the Independent.

The Russian billionaire was named in a fresh wave of sanctions against Vladimir Putin’s regime announced on Friday that also included a ban on the import of Russian vodka, diamonds and caviar, according to the Globe and Mail.

Lebedev, whose links to the British prime minister, Boris Johnson, are well documented, has not been subjected to sanctions by the UK.

The Canadian government said the ban on trade in luxury goods and the addition of 14 oligarchs and associates of the Russian president was aligned with similar measures imposed by allies such as the US and the EU, and would “help to mitigate the potential for Russian oligarchs to circumvent restrictions in other luxury goods markets”. » | Miranda Bryant | Saturday, May 21, 2022

Laura Ashley " Pattern of Success"

Oct 7, 2020 • This film was produced by an American Film Company and is an excellent documentary on the history of Laura Ashley over several decades. From when Laura and Bernard met right through to when they died. They are both buried at the church cemetery in Carno, Mid-Wales, just a few hundred yards from the factory where they first started their empire.

Michael Lambert: Clueless Liz Truss Threatens to Re-write the Northern Ireland Protocol if EU Do Not Back Down

May 21, 2022 • Clueless Liz Truss, the Foreign Secretary, has unilaterally threatened the EU that she will re-write the Northern Ireland Protocol if they do not back down and agree to re-negotiating the Withdrawal Agreement negotiated by Lord Frost and signed by Boris Johnson.

This would almost certainly lead to a trade war with the EU at a time of the greatest cost of living crisis in living memory. It would also be the end of any possibility of a trade deal with the US. In short it would be madness.

Liz Truss appears to have aspirations to be the next prime minister and to be a second Margaret Thatcher. Despite having been one of the staunchest advocates of 'Remain' in the EU Referendum, she has since changed to being a critic of the EU and a defender of Brexit. She also seems fixated on having her photograph taken at every opportunity and she constantly posts pictures of herself on social media.

Hitler privat: Der Soldat (2) | SPIEGEL TV

May 21, 2022 • Nach seiner Zeit als Soldat im Ersten Weltkrieg bereitet Adolf Hitler seine politische Karriere vor. 1923 kommt es zum Putschversuch der NSDAP, der aber niedergeschlagen wird. Hitler wird verletzt.

WIKIPEDIA: Winifred Wagner [D]. / Winifred Wagner [E].

BBC: Hitler's Welsh girlfriend revealed.

Teil 1.

Saudis Have Been Abandoning Their Kids Abroad, Now the Children Want Answers | Foreign Correspondent

Premiered May 19, 2022 • A troubled man. His missing father. A secretive Kingdom, faraway.

American Jared Morrison has dreamed of meeting his dad since he was a kid.

Like many young Saudi men, Jared’s father came to America to study in the 1970s. At university, he met Jared’s mum and they began a relationship. When she became pregnant, he disappeared back home.

Throughout his childhood and into adulthood, Jared was obsessed with finding his Saudi father.

“I had that overwhelming urge and find him, locate him, learn about him, learn about the culture. It was just an innate instinct.”

Jared connected once on the phone when he was in his early twenties but his father rejected him. Now that Saudi Arabia has begun to open up to the world, Jared wants to try again.

Reporter Brietta Hague and Saudi producer Essam Al-Ghalib tell the exclusive story of Jared as he travels to the Kingdom to try and track down his father. It’s a dangerous, fraught and emotionally risky mission.

Jared's family is powerful and well-connected in Saudi and Jared bumps up against the unwritten rules of a deeply conservative society, which values reputation and family honour above all.

Jared is not alone in his quest to connect with his Saudi father.

Saudi men abroad continue to father and abandon children. In Guatemala, we meet a young boy and his single mother, his Saudi father long since departed. Sami Alrajhi Chang visits the mosque every week to learn Arabic in the hope he may one day meet his Saudi family.

Sami’s father Sulaiman came to study in the USA as part of a Saudi government scholarship programme. There he met student Mandre Chang. Despite promising her marriage and a life together, he abandoned Mandre days after Sami’s birth.

Mandre and Sami are part of a global network of people searching for answers. Stone-walled by the Saudi government and embassies, Mandre sought the help of a blog called ‘Saudi Children Left Behind’, a platform encouraging the children and ex-partners of Saudi men to publish their stories of abandonment in the hope they’ll make contact.

'Saudi Children Left Behind' is an untold story about the powerful human impulse to connect with family, against all odds, and a rare insight into the rigid rules governing this hidden Kingdom – rules about kinship, obligation and family honour

Truth to Power: Boris Johnson: A Russian Asset

May 21, 2022 • While Brexit gets more and more disastrous every day, and while political commentators across the board say that the Met police appear to have completely bungled the Partygate investigation, there is another story that I believe is even more important this week, for 630,225 reasons. According to the New York Times, that’s the amount of money, in US dollars, from a Russian bank account that helped propel Boris Johnson to power in 2019. So, here’s the question. Is Boris Johnson a Russian asset?

Friday, May 20, 2022

Cosmopolitan No More: Russians Feel Sting of Cultural and Economic Rift

THE GUARDIAN: Magazines, production lines and consumer choices suffer as isolation from the west bites

A trip to the mall in Russia is a different experience today than it was just a few short months ago.

“When I had my first child, there was all this choice. Mothercare, Zara, you name it,” said Evgenia Marsheva, a 33-year-old architect. But when she went shopping in Moscow this month for her newborn, many of those large retail brands had been shuttered.

“Now, I can only find very cheap or extremely expensive Russian products. I was brought up with tales of the limited choices that my parents had during the Soviet Union. I never thought that would come back.” » | Pjotr Sauer | Friday, May 20, 2022

Elon Musk bezeichnet die US-Demokraten als Partei des Hasses

NEUE ZÜRCHER ZEITUNG: Mit konspirativen Aussagen bewegt sich der Tesla-Chef Elon Musk politisch gegen rechts. Er wettert über die Partei des Präsidenten Joe Biden und kündigt an, künftig für die Republikaner zu stimmen.

Elon Musks neueste Tweets sorgen politisch für Aufsehen. | John Raoux / AP

(dpa) Tech-Milliardär Elon Musk offenbart immer mehr Ansichten, die ihn mit dem rechten politischen Spektrum in den Vereinigten Staaten in Einklang bringen. So schrieb er am Mittwoch bei Twitter, die amerikanischen Demokraten seien zur «Partei der Spaltung und des Hasses geworden». Deshalb werde er künftig für die Republikaner stimmen.

Auch wetterte der 50-jährige Chef des Elektroauto-Herstellers Tesla gegen die Elite-Uni Yale als «Epizentrum des geistigen Woke-Virus, das versucht, die Zivilisation zu zerstören». Über die sogenannte «Woke»-Kultur zu schimpfen, bei der es im Kern um den Kampf gegen Diskriminierung und Ausgrenzung geht, gehört zum festen Repertoire der Erzkonservativen in den Vereinigten Staaten. » | dpa | Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2022

Pelosi: London riskiert möglichen Handelspakt

Nancy Pelosi am 17. Mai 2022 in Washington | Bild: DPA


FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG: Die Sprecherin des amerikanischen Repräsentantenhauses warnt Großbritannien vor einer Eskalation des Streits über Brexit-Regeln für Nordirland. Ein erklärtes Ziel der Johnson-Regierung stehe auf dem Spiel.

Die Sprecherin des US-Repräsentantenhauses, Nancy Pelosi, hat die Regierung in London gewarnt, mit einer einseitigen Eskalation des Streits über Brexit-Regeln für Nordirland einen Handelspakt mit den USA zu riskieren. Wenn London sich entscheide, dieses Abkommen zu unterlaufen, werde der US-Kongress kein bilaterales Freihandelsabkommen mit Großbritannien unterstützen, schrieb Pelosi am Donnerstag in einer Erklärung. Das sogenannte Nordirland-Protokoll schütze die wichtige Stabilität in der ehemaligen Bürgerkriegsregion, die der als Karfreitagsabkommen bekannte Friedensvertrag gebracht habe.

Ein weitreichender Handelspakt mit den USA gilt als erklärtes Ziel der Brexit-Befürworter um Premier Boris Johnson, das jedoch aktuell noch in weiter Ferne liegt. » | Quelle: dpa | Freitag, 20. Mai 2022

S&P 500 Falls into Bear Market Territory, Down 20% from January High: Live Updates

THE NEW YORK TIMES: Stocks have slipped for seven consecutive weeks, their worst stretch since 2001. The Federal Reserve’s attempts to bring inflation under control are a big reason stock prices are falling.

Stocks dropped on Friday, pushing the S&P 500 into a bear market for the first time since early in the pandemic, as investors feared the effects of higher inflation, rising interest rates and the risk of a recession.

The S&P 500 was down about 1.6 percent in intraday trading, pushing the benchmark index into bear market territory, a Wall Street term for a 20 percent decline from a recent peak — in this case, since Jan. 3. It is a symbolically important marker of investor pessimism, and the index would have to close the day at this level to officially enter a bear market.

The S&P 500 is also on track for its seventh consecutive weekly decline, an unusually long losing streak.

The pessimism in Wall Street has been prompted by fears about stubbornly high inflation and the Federal Reserve’s plans to increase interest rates in response, which could tip the economy into recession. The pandemic, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and lockdowns in China have added to these concerns. Stocks cross grim threshold after a long slide. » | Jason Karaian and Coral Murphy Marcos | Friday, May 20, 2022

Big Tech Is Getting Clobbered on Wall Street. It’s a Good Time for Them.:Flush with cash, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Google are positioned to emerge from a downturn stronger and more powerful. As usual. »

A Weak Euro Heads to an Uncomfortable Milestone: Parity With the Dollar: The euro hasn’t fallen below the one-to-one exchange rate with the U.S. dollar for two decades. But as economic risks grow, more analysts predict deeper lows for the shared currency. »

The Billionaire Class: A Threat to Democracy? | Business Beyond

May 20, 2022 • There are just a few thousand billionaires in the world. But their number is rising. And combined, they control a vast chunk of the entire wealth of the planet. They are also getting wealthier. According to Oxfam, the 10 richest in the world have doubled their collective wealth since the start of the coronavirus pandemic - helped by soaring stock markets and our increased reliance on technology.

In this edition of Business Beyond, we'll look at what it takes to become a billionaire in the countries which produce the most. We'll even speak with one. And we'll ask a key question: should billionaires be allowed to exist?

Ask Prof Wolff: Economic Implications of Abortion Access

May 20, 2022 • A Patron of Economic Update asks: "Can you talk about the economics of planned parenthood and abortion?

Democracy Now! Top US News & World Headlines – May 20, 2022

Hitler privat: Der Soldat (1) | SPIEGEL TV

May 20, 2022 • "Das war die schönste Zeit meines Lebens", sagte Adolf Hitler später über seine Jahre als Soldat im Ersten Weltkrieg. Diese Dokumentation von SPIEGEL-TV-Autor Michael Kloft unternimmt einen Versuch, dem "Monster der Geschichte" näher zu kommen - mit seltenen und bisher unveröffentlichten Dokumenten.

Stanley Johnson Becomes French to Keep Link with EU


BBC: Boris Johnson's father Stanley says he has become a French national, telling a Belgium news website he wanted to keep "a link" with the EU after Brexit.

Mr Johnson, whose mother was French, told BFMTV getting citizenship was "something precious" and allowed him to "claim part of my identity".

Unlike his son, who led the campaign to leave the EU, Mr Johnson voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum.

However, he later changed his mind saying "the time has come to bail".

Between 1979 and 1984, Mr Johnson was as a member of the European Parliament representing Wight and Hampshire East.

Downing Street said his decision to accept French citizenship was "a personal matter for the prime minister's father".

Mr Johnson announced he would be seeking French citizenship in December 2020 - a month before the UK fully left the EU.

Speaking on Friday, he said he was "very happy", adding: "I count myself once again as a European Union member, that's very good." » | BBC | Friday, May 20, 2022

PM’s father Stanley Johnson ‘secures French citizenship’: Johnson campaigned for UK to remain in EU in 2016 but has since expressed support for Brexit »

Le père de Boris Johnson, Stanley, obtient la nationalité française : Le père du premier ministre britannique Boris Johnson, Stanley, 81 ans, a obtenu mercredi la nationalité française, a-t-on appris jeudi 19 mai auprès du ministère français de la Justice. »

Such hypocrisy! These entitled dudes want all the privileges themselves, but have been absolutely determined to strip such privileges away from the ‘little people’! Fie on them; and fie on this hypocritical dude, too! This is truly sickening. He’s got a face of brass, that’s all I can say. – © Mark

Podcast: How the Clash of Sex and Religion Spawned America’s Abortion Saga

Joshua Prager, author of the 2022 Pulitzer Prize finalist for non-fiction ‘The Family Roe,’ dissects potential fallout of a leaked Supreme Court decision overturning Roe V Wade

The Russian Psyche | Konstantin Kisin

Apr 29, 2022 • John is joined by Konstantin Kisin, himself Russian by descent, for a conversation about the Russian mindset, popular support for President Putin, the Western response to and coverage of the conflict in Ukraine, Western resilience, the role of satire in public discourse, and much more.

Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British comedian, podcaster, writer and social commentator. He made international headlines in 2018 by refusing to sign a university “behavioural agreement form” which banned jokes about religion, atheism and insisted that all humour must be “respectful and kind”.

Konstantin is a regular contributor to BBC, ITV and TalkRadio. Frequently described as an "objective voice from the centre of the political spectrum", he regularly writes for a wide range of publications, including the Telegraph, Spectator and Quillette. He is also the creator and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry YouTube show where 2 comics interview economists, political experts, journalists and social commentators about interesting, controversial and challenging subjects.

Konstantin's first book, 'An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West', will be released on July 14th 2022

Spain Braces for Heatwave of ‘Extraordinary Intensity’

THE GUARDIAN: Country warned of risk of orange dust storms as forecasters predict France will see hottest May on record

Temperatures in parts of southern Spain are forecast to exceed 42C on Saturday as a heatwave of “extraordinary intensity” brings dusty skies, a heightened risk of forest fires and blistering conditions more usually seen in high summer than mid-May.

The Spanish government activated its national plan for excess temperatures on Thursday evening after the state meteorological agency, Aemet, warned that Spain was facing “one of the hottest Mays in this country in recent years”.

Aemet said a mass of hot, dry air is blowing in from Africa, carrying with it dust from the Sahara and “exceptionally high” daily temperatures that are between 10C and 15C above the seasonal average.

“The last updates to the meteorological models confirm the extraordinary intensity of this heatwave,” said Rubén del Campo, a spokesperson for Aemet. » | Sam Jones in Madrid and Jon Henley in Paris | Friday, May 20, 2022

La majorité de la France menacée de sécheresse cet été »

Tucker Carlson Tried to Use Hunter Biden to Get His Son into Georgetown

THE GUARDIAN: Emails reveal the ‘extent’ which Carlson was willing to turn on Biden’s son since the 2020 election, Washington Post says

Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, speaks to guests during the White House Easter Egg Roll on 18 April. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP

As Tucker Carlson asked Hunter Biden for help getting his son into an elite Washington university in 2014, the Fox News host’s wife, Susie, reportedly wrote in an email: “Tucker and I have the greatest respect and admiration for you. Always!”

Since the 2020 election, however, Carlson has fueled rightwing attacks on Joe Biden’s son, particularly over business affairs in which he allegedly benefited from his father’s position.

The existence of emails about getting Buckley Carlson into Georgetown has been known for some time, thanks to a laptop once owned by Hunter Biden that was obtained by Donald Trump’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, and pushed to media in 2020.

On Thursday the Washington Post revealed new emails and said analysis by security experts confirmed their authenticity.

The emails, the Post said, “reveal the extent to which Carlson was willing to turn on a former associate as he thrives in a hyper-partisan media world in which conservatives have made Biden a prime target for attack.”

“They also show how Carlson once sought to benefit from the elite political circles in Washington that he now regularly rails against as the ‘ruling class’.” » | Martin Pengelly | Friday, May 20, 2022

Elon Musk Denies He Sexually Harassed Attendant on Private Jet in 2016

THE GUARDIAN: Billionaire says report is ‘utterly untrue’ after allegation he paid $250k in 2018 to settle claim

Elon Musk arrives for the 2022 Met Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York earlier this month. Photograph: Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images

Elon Musk has denied claims in a news report that he sexually harassed a flight attendant on a private jet in 2016, calling the accusations “utterly untrue”.

Business Insider reported earlier on Thursday that the billionaire’s SpaceX paid $250,000 (£200,000) in 2018 in a severance settlement following a sexual misconduct claim to an unnamed private jet flight attendant who accused Musk of exposing himself to her.

The article quoted an anonymous person who said she was a friend of the flight attendant. The friend had provided a statement as part of the private settlement process, according to the article.

“I have a challenge to this liar who claims their friend saw me ‘exposed’ – describe just one thing, anything at all (scars, tattoos, …) that isn’t known by the public. She won’t be able to do so, because it never happened,” Musk tweeted. » | Dan Milmo and agencies | Friday, May 20, 2022

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Lord Browne : BBC World interview

Jun 23, 2014 • Lord John Browne sits down with BBC World to discuss his new book, "The Glass Closet".

EuroMillions: Lottery Winners Scooped £184m with Lucky Dip Ticket

BBC: The UK's biggest EuroMillions lottery winners have been revealed as a couple from Gloucester who scooped £184m with a lucky dip ticket.

Joe and Jess Thwaite won a record-breaking £184,262,899 - making them richer than Adele - last week.

Mrs Thwaite, 44, who has two children with her 49-year-old husband, said the win will give them "time to dream".

The previous record was held by an anonymous winner who banked £170m in October 2019.

After being introduced by TV presenter Dermot O'Leary at a glitzy ceremony on Thursday, Mr Thwaite confirmed that he had already left his job as a communications sales manager.

His wife is also "considering" what to do about her role in a hairdressing salon she runs with her sister. With video » | BBC | Thursday, May 19, 2022

Related article.

George Michael : One More Try

Views on YouTube: 146,130,161

Amazing Gay Wedding | Villa Vizcaya Museum & Garden Miami, FL | Hernan & William

May 27, 2016 • Same-sex wedding video @ Vizcaya Garden in Miami, FL Dream Light Visuals offers destination wedding photography & wedding videography, We also service all South Florida for Wedding Photography & Videography. For more information contact us at Location: Villa Vizcaya | Miami, FL Email: Tel # : 305.741.3693

Please note that this video, and others like it, are not paid ads. I am placing these videos up here on this website as a courtesy only. – Mark

We Should Say It. Russia Is Fascist.

Illustration by The New York Times; Photography by Clive Rose, Alexander Nemenov, and Kirill Kudryavtsev, via Getty Images


THE NEW YORK TIMES: Fascism was never defeated as an idea. As a cult of irrationality and violence, it could not be vanquished as an argument: So long as Nazi Germany seemed strong, Europeans and others were tempted. It was only on the battlefields of World War II that fascism was defeated. Now it’s back — and this time, the country fighting a fascist war of destruction is Russia. Should Russia win, fascists around the world will be comforted.

We err in limiting our fears of fascism to a certain image of Hitler and the Holocaust. Fascism was Italian in origin, popular in Romania — where fascists were Orthodox Christians who dreamed of cleansing violence — and had adherents throughout Europe (and America). In all its varieties, it was about the triumph of will over reason.

Because of that, it’s impossible to define satisfactorily. People disagree, often vehemently, over what constitutes fascism. But today’s Russia meets most of the criteria that scholars tend to apply. It has a cult around a single leader, Vladimir Putin. It has a cult of the dead, organized around World War II. It has a myth of a past golden age of imperial greatness, to be restored by a war of healing violence — the murderous war on Ukraine. » | Timothy Snyder * | Thursday, May 19, 2022

* Dr. Snyder is a professor of history at Yale University and the author of many books on fascism, totalitarianism and European history.

Ach, mein Schatz! Wie sehr ich Dich liebe!

Oh darling! How much I love you! / Ah mon chéri ! Combien je t'aime !

Für dieses schône Bild bedanke ich mich bei maury auf Pinterest.

Old Royal Naval College Same Sex Wedding - A Highlight Wedding Video by Confetti & Silk

Video created with love by Confetti and Silk Wedding Videographers.

Confetti & Silk Wedding Videographers can be contacted here.

Tucker Carlson Backtracks after Peddling a Conspiracy Theory Cited by NY Mass Shooting Suspect

May 19, 2022 • Fox News host Tucker Carlson has pushed the racist “great replacement theory” on television more than 400 times. But after the conspiracy theory was cited by the Buffalo shooting suspect in his online manifesto, Carlson now insists that he does not know what the conspiracy is and that “the left” is responsible for pushing it. In this special report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber calls Carlson out for his hypocrisy, pointing to footage from Carlson’s own show as evidence, and highlights the double standard in his reporting of incidents of gun violence.

„Jetzt platzt die Blase“

Ein Händler an der New Yorker Börse | Bild: AP


FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG: An der Börse fallen die Kurse rasant. Manche Investoren sehen darin aber eine Chance – sie nutzen die aktuelle Situation, um zuzukaufen. Geht ihre Wette auf?

Es ist das Jahr 1999, die Börse, und vor allem die Technologiewerte, kennen kein Halten mehr. Vom September 1998 bis zum März 2000 steigt der Index der Technologiebörse Nasdaq um 170 Prozent. Kein Unternehmen ist zu teuer, keine Idee zu pompös. Der Börsenrausch inmitten der Dotcom-Krise brachte viele Gewinner hervor – und noch mehr Verlierer. Denn was danach kam, wissen deutsche Börsianer: der dramatische Zusammenbruch des Neuen Marktes.

Der Nasdaq erreichte erst 14 Jahre später seinen damaligen Punktestand wieder. Heute steht er mehr als 200 Prozent über dem Höchststand der Dotcom-Hausse. Seit dem vorläufig schwindelerregenden Hoch am Ende des vergangenen Jahres haben der Nasdaq und die darin enthaltenen Titel schon 29 Prozent an Wert eingebüßt – bei einem Minus von 20 Prozent beginnt üblicherweise der Bärenmarkt. Allein am Mittwoch verlor der breite US-Index S&P-500 4 Prozent, der Nasdaq-100 5 Prozent. Vor 20 Jahren erreichte der technologielastige Index seinen Tiefpunkt erst nach zwei Jahren mit einem Minus von 74 Prozent. » | Von Antonia Mannweiler, Redakteurin in der Wirtschaft | Donnerstag, 19. Mai 2022

Global stocks fall, with the S&P 500 nearing bear market territory: The S&P 500 was down 0.9 percent in early trading after falling 4 percent on Wednesday. Stocks in Europe were also sharply lower. »

The Dirty War: The Horrors of the Argentine Dictatorship | Messenger on a White Horse | Timeline

May 15, 2022 • Argentina's 1976-83 dictatorship was one of Latin America's most gruesome. Under the guise of a war on communism, the ruling Armed Forces tortured and "disappeared" thousands of young left-wing students, activists and militants, leaving a trail of devastation that would haunt the country for decades. But a soft-spoken journalist named Robert Cox had the courage to speak out.

You can sign up to History Hit, the “world's best history documentary service” and get 50% off using the code 'TIMELINE' here.

Nina Khrushcheva: Talks to End War in Ukraine Are Collapsing as US Seeks Regime Change in Moscow

May 19, 2022 • As the United Nations warns about the devastating global impact of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, talks to negotiate a peace settlement appear to have collapsed. Russian President Vladimir Putin appears determined to push forward despite a more resilient Ukrainian defense than expected, as both sides seem to be fixated on gaining military and territorial victories. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues to pour millions of dollars in weapons into Ukraine. “It does seem that the United States thinks that Ukraine should be supported in its war effort, not its negotiation effort, until the very end,” says Nina Khrushcheva, professor at The New School and the great-granddaughter of former Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. She also speaks about the current climate of civil society within Russia and the faulty intelligence that led Putin to decide to invade Ukraine.

The Coup in the Kremlin: How Putin and the Security Services Captured the Russian State »

La majorité de la France menacée de sécheresse cet été

LE MONDE : Le ministère de la transition écologique publie une carte des risques de pénuries estivales en eau : 76 zones sont classées en alerte, et 26 en alerte renforcée.

Du Nord jusqu’à la Corse, aucun territoire n’est assuré d’échapper au manque d’eau cet été. C’est ce qui ressort de la carte des risques de sécheresse, publiée mercredi 18 mai par le ministère de la transition écologique. Afin de dessiner une géographie des pénuries auxquelles s’attendre dans les trois prochains mois, l’infographie agrège différentes données, par exemple sur la baisse des niveaux des rivières et des lacs observée localement par les agents de l’Office français de la biodiversité. Elle repose surtout sur l’état actuel des nappes souterraines et de l’humidité des sols. » | Par Martine Valo | mercredi 18 mai 2022

Article réservé aux abonnés

Democracy Now! US News & World Headlines – May 19, 2022

Why Did Pope Benedict XVI Really Leave The Vatican? | The Great Conclave | Parable

Apr 29, 2022 • When Pope Benedict XVI resigned in 2013, it sent shockwaves around the world. In this unflinching two-part mini-series, we find out why Benedict XVI exited the Vatican and discover the extraordinary conclave and election of Pope Francis. Including rare footage from inside Vatican City during the Conclave preparations, it features interviews with Cardinals who experienced these turbulent years first-hand.

You can sign up to History Hit, the “world's best history documentary service” and get 50% off by using the code 'PARABLE' here.

US Stock Markets Fall Sharply as Investors Worry about Recession

THE GUARDIAN: Dow Jones sinks more than 1,100 points as S&P closes down 4%, its largest fall since June 2020, and Nasdaq loses 4.7%

The wild ride on the US stock markets continued on Wednesday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average sinking more than 1,100 points as investors worried about a looming recession.

All of the major US markets fell sharply, with the S&P closing down 4%, its largest fall since June 2020, and the tech-heavy Nasdaq losing 4.7%. » | Dominic Rushe in New York | Thursday, May 19, 2022

US Stocks Worst Day since 2020 amid Recession Worries

THE GUARDIAN: Recession fears are swirling through the markets again, as rising inflation and snarled supply chains hit economies, driving up the cost of living and hitting some company profits.

Last night, US stocks posted the biggest daily drop in almost two years, on concerns that economic growth will falter as central bankers look to raise interest rates to stem the surge in inflation.

Fed chair Jerome Powell’s determination to keep lifting borrowing costs until inflation falls meaningfully has rattled Wall Street, and is likely to push European markets lower today too.

The S&P500 fell more than 4% lower yesterday, Nasdaq slumped more than 5% and the Dow slid more than 3.5%. » | Graeme Wearden | Thursday, May 19, 2022

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

You Should Care about the Crypto Meltdown. Here’s Why. | Amanpour & Company

May 18, 2022 • This week, markets were shaken by plunging prices in cryptocurrencies. If you’re not an investor in crypto, you might wonder why it should matter. Instability in cyberspace, it turns out, could potentially impact the entire economy. Hari Sreenivasan gets the details from Stacy-Marie Ishmael, managing editor of crypto for Bloomberg. Originally aired on May 18, 2022.

Türkei blockiert Verhandlungen mit Finnland und Schweden

Legt vorerst ein Veto ein: Recep Erdogan | Bild: AFP


FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG: Ankara hat seine Drohungen wahrgemacht – und damit seine Verbündeten düpiert. Der türkische Präsident Erdogan beklagt, dass Schweden dreißig „Terroristen“ nicht ausgeliefert habe.

Die Türkei hat am Mittwoch ihre Drohungen wahr gemacht und die Aufnahme von Beitrittsverhandlungen mit Finnland und Schweden im NATO-Rat blockiert. Wie Diplomaten weiter berichteten, sprachen sich die anderen 29 Mitgliedstaaten für diesen Schritt aus, der aber nur einstimmig möglich ist. Am frühen Morgen hatten die Botschafter Finnlands und Schweden NATO-Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg offiziell das Beitrittsgesuch ihrer Staaten übergeben. „Das ist ein guter Tag in einem wichtigen Moment für unsere Sicherheit“, sagte Stoltenberg und zeigte sich entschlossen, „schnell Schlussfolgerungen zu erzielen“. Zugleich wies er darauf hin, „dass die Sicherheitsinteressen aller Verbündeten berücksichtigt werden müssen.“ » | Von Thomas Gutschker und Majid Sattar | Mittwoch 18. Mai 2022

Au Sahel, Paris échoue à contrer la propagande russe

LE MONDE : Face à Moscou qui déploie ses mercenaires sur le terrain et qui mène une campagne de propagande efficace sur les réseaux sociaux, la France semble pour le moment enregistrer des revers dans la bataille de l’opinion.

Des jeunes se prennent en photo devant une affiche du président russe Vladimir Poutine, lors de la manifestation portée par le mouvement Yerewolo contre la présence militaire française au Mali, place de la Tour de l’Afrique, à Bamako, le 4 février 2022. PALOMA LAUDET /COLLECTIF HORS FORMAT POUR "LE MONDE"

Des drapeaux russes brandis pendant que ceux de la France flambent dans les manifestations de l’opposition au Tchad. Une junte au pouvoir au Mali qui, avec un certain appui populaire, rompt tous les ponts avec Paris pour se rapprocher de Moscou. Des réseaux sociaux qui ne semblent bourdonner que d’une seule musique. La France a-t-elle déjà perdu la bataille de l’opinion au Sahel face à la Russie ?

Les objectifs et la pérennité du réinvestissement de la Russie en Afrique sont encore incertains mais sa stratégie est désormais mieux connue. Si son activité économique est limitée à quelques exploitations minières, Moscou a su s’implanter grâce à une offre sécuritaire sans pareille : un combiné d’accords de défense officiels et de liens officieux avec le Groupe Wagner, nébuleuse proche du Kremlin, fournissant mercenaires comme au Mali, en République centrafricaine ou en Libye, et experts en « guerre informationnelle ». Avec un évident succès jusque-là. » | Par Christophe Châtelot et Cyril Bensimon | mercredi 18 mai 2022

Article réservé aux abonnés

E-cigarettes : Welcome Back, Big Tobacco - The Fifth Estate

Oct 22, 2016 • Big Tobacco is trying clean up its image, moving into the booming e-cigarette business which continuing to peddle the deadly tobacco products. This has left public health officials in Canada, the U.K. and the US.

Five million Canadians still smoke. Could e-cigarettes help wean them over to a safer nicotine delivery device? Many ex-smokers say 'yes.' E-cigarettes are their salvation.

Health Canada is on the cusp of deciding how e-cigarettes should be regulated. Mark Kelly heads to England -- a country that has taken bold steps in embracing the e-cigarette as a safer alternative. Will Canada? And what will this mean for our e-cigarette industry?

Until now, e-cigarettes with nicotine have not been endorsed by Health Canada. And that's kept Big Tobacco out of the Canadian market. Will new regulations open the doors for a tarred industry to join in the e-cigarette revolution?

Government of Canada: Vaping product regulations »

Pete Buttigieg Steals the Show with Viral Response to Buffalo Tragedy

May 16, 2022 • BREAKING: Pete Buttigieg just with viral with a MUST-SEE response to the Buffalo tragedy.

Cas Mudde on Political Extremism and the Origins of the Racist Great Replacement Theory | DW News

May 18, 2022 • On Saturday, a far-right terrorist attacked a Black community in Buffalo, New York, killing 10 people. The 18-year-old man accused of carrying out the mass shooting had posted statements online sharing his plans, and ahead of the attack, he published a 180-page manifesto citing the Great Replacement Theory, a racist concept that a group of elites is trying to replace White Americans with non-White people for political reasons.

We speak to Cas Mudde,a Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at the University of Georgia and the Center for Research on Extremism at the University of Oslo. He is a political scientist and expert on political extremism and populism.

Islam Is Homophobic. Stop Pretending It’s Not

Sep 14, 2020 • Homophobia, sexism and transphobia are rampant in Muslim countries--so why isn't it being called out by the LGBT and other communities?

Abortion and the Supreme Court: What’s at Stake? | The Economist

May 6, 2022 • A leaked draft opinion suggests the Supreme Court is poised to overturn the right to abortion in America. If this ruling goes ahead, women's rights are in danger.

Mitbewohner statt Pflegeheim: Agnes und Amir | ARTE Re:

May 18, 2022 • Agnes Jeschke ist 101 Jahre alt. Amir Farahani 28, geflüchtet aus dem Iran. Wäre der junge Mann nicht bei ihr eingezogen, hätte Agnes ins Pflegeheim gemusst. Stattdessen hat sie mit über 100 Jahren nicht nur einen Mitbewohner, sondern auch einen besten Freund gefunden. "Wir verstehen uns", sagt sie mit ihrem Berliner Charme "wie zwei linke Latschen".

Eigentlich suchte Amir Farahani nur eine Wohnung, als er auf eine Anzeige im Internet stieß: „Mietfrei wohnen gegen Gesellschaft für unsere Omi.“ Der junge Mann aus dem Iran macht derzeit eine Ausbildung zur Pflegefachkraft in Berlin. Er stellte sich vor, genau an Agnes Jeschkes 101. Geburtstag. Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick. Amir setzte sich gegen 22 Bewerberinnen durch und zog kurz darauf ein. Es ist eine sehr besondere Wohngemeinschaft, anders als die Alt-Jung-WG‘s, die es schon länger gibt. Der 28-jährige Azubi wohnt im Wohnzimmer und schläft dort auf dem Sofa. Er möchte nichts verändern, damit die 101-jährige Agnes sich weiter in ihrer Wohnung zurechtfindet. Amir kümmert sich um sie, wenn er zuhause ist, schmiert Brote, hilft beim Anziehen und Zähneputzen. Warum macht er das alles?

Er behandele Agnes so, wie er selbst behandelt werden möchte. Dass alte Menschen ins Pflegeheim abgeschoben werden, findet er unmöglich. Seit er eingezogen ist, sei Agnes wieder aufgeblüht, sagen auch ihre Freundinnen Und Freunde und Verwandten. Kein Wunder. Gemeinsam gehen die beiden schaukeln, schwimmen oder in den Zoo. Und haben dabei jede Menge Spaß. Denn egal, ob 101 oder 28, Teheran oder Berlin, ihr Humor ist genau derselbe. „Wir verstehen uns ohne Brille“, sagt Agnes dazu.

"Re:" begleitet diese außergewöhnliche WG und Freundschaft über Monate hinweg. Es ist ein Auf und Ab. Agnes kommt ins Krankenhaus, Amir hat Angst, sie zu verlieren. Denn noch etwas verbindet die beiden: die Einsamkeit. Ob im hohen Alter oder in einem fremden Land. An Agnes 102. Geburtstag feiern sie das erste Jubiläum ihrer außergewöhnlichen Freundschaft

Reportage (D 2021, 32 Min)
Video auf YouTube verfügbar bis zum 11/02/2023

Irlande du Nord : le gouvernement britannique menace Bruxelles

LE MONDE : Londres remet en cause une partie du traité du Brexit qui instaure une frontière douanière entre l’Irlande du Nord et le reste du Royaume-Uni.

Après des semaines de supputations et de rumeurs, le gouvernement Johnson passe aux menaces explicites. Liz Truss, la ministre britannique des affaires étrangères, a confirmé à la Chambre des communes, mardi 17 mai, qu’elle déposerait formellement « dans les prochaines semaines » un projet de loi remettant en cause unilatéralement des pans entiers du fameux « protocole ». Cette partie cruciale du traité du Brexit avec l’Union européenne (UE) instaure une frontière douanière entre l’Irlande du Nord et le reste du Royaume-Uni, afin de protéger l’intégrité du marché intérieur européen tout en évitant le retour d’une frontière physique sur l’île d’Irlande. » | Par Cécile Ducourtieux (Londres, correspondante) et Virginie Malingre (Bruxelles, bureau européen) | mercredi 18 mai 2022

Article réservé aux abonnés

Democracy Now! US News & World Headlines – May 18, 2022

Patient Hitler: Was He Really in Poor Health? | Secrets of the Reich | Timeline

May 2, 2022 • From 1936, Hitler's personal physician Dr Theodor Morell remained at his side, handing out dubious treatments, up to 8 different medications daily, including one containing strychnine. Did Morell try to poison his employer? Was Hitler well enough to lead Germany? American psychologist Nassir Ghaemi has doubts. We give an exclusive and surprising insight into a previously unknown side of Hitler.

You can sign up to History Hit, the “world's best history documentary service” and get 50% off using the code 'TIMELINE' here.

‘A Poison’: Tucker Carlson under Pressure amid Debunked Conspiracy Theory as Biden Slams ‘Lies’

May 18, 2022 • President Biden visited Buffalo, New York, after the deadliest mass shooting of the year took place at a local grocery store over the weekend. Meanwhile, Fox News ownership is under fire for amplifying a racist conspiracy theory linked to the shooting. MSNBC’s Ari Melber is joined by former RNC Chair Michael Steele to discuss the far-right’s promotion of “Replacement Theory.”

Foreign Secretary Says We Are in a 'Very Serious Situation' as Inflation Hits 40-year High

May 18, 2022 • The Foreign Secretary Liz Truss says there's no doubt the current situation is "very difficult for people across the UK" as inflation rises to highest level since 1982.

On the windfall tax she says it "makes it more difficult to secure future investment into the UK" with the cost of living continuing to rise.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

EU Raises Spectre of Trade War If UK Rewrites Northern Ireland Protocol

THE GUARDIAN: Brussels vows to respond with ‘all measures at its disposal’ as Liz Truss sets out plan to make changes

Liz Truss and the European Commission vice-president Maroš Šefčovič in February. The foreign secretary has asked to be given a rewritten negotiating mandate. Photograph: Thierry Monasse/Getty Images

The European Commission has raised the spectre of an economically damaging trade war with the UK, pledging to respond with “all measures at its disposal” if Liz Truss presses ahead with a plan to rewrite the Northern Ireland protocol.

The foreign secretary set out plans on Tuesday to table a bill that would make key changes to the protocol, including waiving all checks on goods flowing from Great Britain to Northern Ireland where they are not destined for the Republic of Ireland. » | Heather Stewart, Jennifer Rankin and Lisa O'Carroll | Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Reality check: the Northern Ireland protocol isn’t the problem, Brexit is: The Tories are addicted to conflict with the EU, for fear of taking responsibility for the consequences of liberation »

Saudi-owned Newcastle United Face Backlash for Tweet Supporting Gay Footballer Jake Daniels Because Of Appalling State of LGBT-rights in the Gulf State Where Homosexuality Is Punishable by Death

MAIL ONLINE: Newcastle United's Twitter account shared message of support for Jake Daniels / Blackpool FC player Daniels, 17, was hailed for coming out as gay yesterday / However, fans pointed out Newcastle are owned by a Saudi-led consortium

Newcastle United have been accused of hypocrisy for tweeting their support for gay footballer Jake Daniels because of the LGBT rights record of their Saudi owners.

Blackpool FC player Daniels, 17, yesterday became only the second British football player in history to come out while still playing.

He was hailed by figures across the sport, as well as others including Prince William and Boris Johnson.

Reacting, Newcastle United wrote on Twitter: ‘Football is for everyone. Newcastle United and the whole football community is with you, Jake!'

However, the club's social media accounts were quickly inundated with comments from angry fans who pointed out that its owners are a Saudi-led consortium with the Gulf state criticised for its LGBT and human rights records.

The consortium bought Newcastle in October in a move that led to accusations of 'sportwashing'. » | Danyal Hussain for MailOnline | Tuesday, May 17, 2022