Tuesday, August 23, 2022

What a Bloody Mess This Country Is In!

MARK ALEXANDER: I have lived a few years already and I must say that I have never lived through times like this before. Absolutely everything is going pear-shaped! Food prices are going through the roof. Prices for energy are scandalous, and for many, are becoming unpayable. People at the top are rewarding themselves with multimillion pound salaries and bonuses for doing FA. Ordinary folk are expected to suffer in order to pay for these excesses of the people at the top. Wages are stagnant. Savings, because of double-digit inflation, are being eroded very rapidly. The prime minister is largely absent. The last I heard, he was away in Greece having a ball whilst ordinary folk are having to suffer.

Brexit was always a very, very stupid idea. Now, the stupidity of the move is being shown to all, being shown to be as stupid as all sensible people knew it would be from the start. There are many things impoverishing us Brits now, but Brexit is one of the main things causing that impoverishment.

When I was growing up, we could always depend on the Conservatives to run our economy in a sensible way. We could always depend on the Conservatives to lead the nation to relative prosperity. That was once. Once upon a time. Alas, no longer. Now, the Conservatives are the architects of our demise. They are the ones enabling the rich to get even richer, and the poor to be impoverished beyond their wildest nightmares. The wages/salaries of the working classes and even of the bulk of the middle classes have been stagnant for years now. Yet the Conservatives, or Tories, have been in power for about twelve years already; therefore, it is the Tories who are the architects of this fiasco. We can blame no-one else other than the Tories.

This country’s politics was historically dominated by two parties: the Whigs and the Tories. The Whigs went the way of the dinosaur: into extinction. It is high time that the Tories did exactly the same. This country can do better than the Tories. What this country needs is a business-friendly party which is both pro-Europe/pro-EU and progressive. The Tories are neither pro-EU nor progressive. On the contrary, the party has ossified. Indeed, it is made up of fossils from a bygone age. Let the party go the way of the dodo. This party is unable to bring prosperity to this nation. Under this backward party, the country can look forward to only one thing: sliding into oblivion.

Trump is not one of my favourite politicians. But he did get one thing right: he spoke of “sh*thouse countries”. Unfortunately, he got the nomenclature right, but he forgot to include the UK in the list! This country is truly becoming one of those nations.

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