Sunday, October 02, 2005

We're in a Hole with Islam, But We Keep on Dig, Dig, Digging!

Isn't it funny how politicians, the leaders of the Western world, people who should know an awful lot about the history of Western civilization, know nothing about it, and if they do, they refuse to heed history's caveats? Isn't it funny how these same politicians find it unnecessary to learn about Islam and the history of its relentless growth since its inception 1400 years ago? And isn't it funny how these politicians, knowing we're in a God awful mess with Muslims because of our own folly and weakness, can think of no strategy except one that will get us further and deeper into the mire? The fact of the matter is that we're in a hole - a deep hole! And the hole is getting deeper by the week! Why? Because we refuse to stop digging!

In an article entitled Straw urges Turkey EU membership on the BBC website today, Jack Straw predicts that EU nations risk driving Christians and Muslims apart if Turkey is not brought into the fold. No Jack, no! This, on the face of it, seems logical enough; I believe, however, that this is a perfect example of a logical fallacy!

What we need to do for there NOT to be a clash of civilizations is this: We need to give these two worlds their space. Each 'world' has a different Weltanschauung, a different worldview. Therefore, these two civilizations should learn to respect each other more, but allow space for each to live.

The way that you, Jack, are trying to manipulate things, you risk bringing the clash of civilizations about - here in our own backyard!

The Christian world and the Islamic world have always had their great differences. What you propose to do, Jack, is bring those two sides together in order to bring about harmony. How logical is that?

Have you ever lived in a household where two people who can't get on are under the same roof? Moreover, do you know what happens when those two people live under the same roof? Answer: The sparks fly!

The sparks will start flying as soon as Turkey becomes part of Europe, too. Look forward to the rough ride, folks! And don't forget to thank Jack Straw for it!

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The Truth Teller said...

Actually, the conflict is very easy to understand: Islam is inherently militant and therefore incompatible with the ideals of Western civilization. Islam doesn't recognize the concept staying in its own space; all Muslims are called by Allah to further Islam. Some do that through violent jihad, others through propagandizing. Encroachment continues apace, with the likes of Jack Straw promoting that encroachment.

Refusing to heed history's caveats is at the core of the problem with politicians today.

Tolerance should not equate with cultural suicide.

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