Monday, October 03, 2005

Bullied into Submission!

Despair was it in that dawn to be alive, and to be young was very hell!

Austria was set to be the 'Saviour of Europe'. Ursula Plassnik, the Foreign Minister, stood her ground till the last minute. But she caved in. It is said that she did so because of pressure by the US. The US government is said to have threatened Austria "with consequences" if it vetoed Turkey's accession to the EU as a full member. "Wenn Österreich die Türkei quält, wird es einen Preis dafür zahlen." (If Austria tortures Turkey, there will be a price to be paid.) Now if that's not blackmail, what is?

Shame on you, George! Shame on you for bullying Austria! Shame! Shame! Shame! You have lost many people's respect by behaving in this despicable manner.

The US had no business getting involved in the internal affairs of the EU. No more than the EU would have any right to get involved in the internal affairs of the US. How would Bush like it, for example, if the EU started insisting that the US take in Mexico as another state?

There will, indeed, be consequences for Austria now that the accession talks will commence. In fact, there will be consequences for the whole of Europe! For we can all now brace ourselves for the Islamization of Europe! We've just taken the first step towards that. One can only wonder how long the process will take. Eurabia here we come!

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Eleanor © said...

Shame on Dubya. It seems as if he, his staff, the State Department, and just about every member of Congress and the vast Washington bureaucracy are completely clueless about the tenets and intentions of Islam.

Understanding Islam is simple. Although reading the Koran, scholarly texts and the myriad of books now offered on the subject of Islam and Jihad is a worthy endeavor, one only has to refer to contemporary spokesmen to realize that the goals of Islam have never changed.

The eternal intention of Islam is to lift Muslims to the position overlords and to create an international Sharia law that would sweep away all other known laws and regulations.