Saturday, October 01, 2005

Marrying Turkey

Did anyone else read the opinion piece in The Telegraph today about Turkey acceding to the EU? It started with "Poor Turkey"! Poor Turkey, indeed! How ridiculous was the rationale used for letting Turkey in!

I don't know whether you have noticed, but the press in the UK have given very, very little coverage of the case against Turkey acceding to the EU. It has also been playing all dissent down. And this is what they call democracy!

It seems to me that these people espouse democracy, but prefer not to practise it! Were they to practise it, then they would heed the calls from the people not to allow Turkey in. The British seem to take the view that 'our betters' know better! Interestingly, feelings on this topic are running high in central Europe.

If you can read German, you might like to take a look at Die Presse

This is a good Austrian newspaper; and they have been offering its readers in-depth coverage of this controversial move for weeks and weeks now. By contrast, what do we get from the British newspapers? Sweet Fanny Adams!

The way The Telegraph views this is absurd. This is like a man marrying a woman because she's been chasing the pants off him. The fact that he doesn't wish to marry her is neither here nor there. She's chased the pants off him, and if he doesn't marry her, she's going to act the bitch.

This, as we all know, is no good reason for the man marrying the potentially nasty woman; the reason The Telegraph gives for 'marrying' the Turks is not a good one either.

Such marriages end in divorce. This 'marriage' will be no different.

Mark Alexander

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maverick said...

The analogy is perfect. Its like buying trouble from the future, for the future!!