Monday, November 14, 2005

Dissembling Elevated to an Art Form!

Watching a BBC online video on Talking Point last night entitled What outcome will the French riots have?, one could be forgiven for thinking that Islam had nothing to do with the riots in France during these past weeks. The whole programme gave no time for the discussion of the rôle of Islam in the disorder in France. Indeed, had it not been for one caller, an Italian, the "I" word wouldn't have been mentioned at all! Further, the guest French MP, Jacques Myard, went so far as to say that religion played no part in the violence. He could only bring himself to mention people of Arab descent! I would go so far as to say that no meaningful discussion can be conducted about the riots without mentioning the rôle Islam played in them!

We are stumbling from crisis to crisis because of the growing influence of Islam in the world, yet everyone seems to be quite unwilling to factor in this religion. It's simply amazing! Just how the BBC - often known as Al BBCeera to many these days, and for obvious reasons - can make a seemingly serious discussion programme about the French riots without even as much as mentioning the growing influence of Islam in France beats me!

The only one to mention Islam, as I have already mentioned, was a well-inflormed Italian. But Brigitte Kendall's discomfort when he spoke was palpable; so, of course, she gave him little air time.

If you have some spare time, it would be well worth spending a little of it to watch this video, since it encapsulates one of our greatest problems in today's Western world: The problem of speaking the truth!

Not speaking the truth, or not being allowed to do so, is the enemy of freedom and democracy. No democracy, however strong, can survive for long without being truthful. This stands to reason, for, in a case such as this, we are only empowering our attackers by failing to discuss the problem as it really is. How damaging political correctness has become to the furtherance of true democracy! Not only this, but we are damaging our own democracy at home. It seems that the goal of not offending others has become more important than our own survival as a civilization!

At one point in the programme, Jacques Myard mentioned the deleterious effect of polygamous marriages in French society, what a problem for the French government they had become, and the indirect rôle they played in the violence in recent weeks. At which point, Brigitte Kendall, the presenter, interjected and told the French MP that such comments could be considered by some to be "offensive"! 'Offensive', Ms Kendall? I don't think so! Are you not aware that it is quite illegal for anyone to marry more than one wife at the same time in our Western societies? These people are breaking the law. Were you or I to have more than one wife, I dare say that we would end up in prison for breaking the law. How come these people can get away with it? Is this another manifestation of over-tolerance of ethnic minorities, perhaps?

We have laws here in the West, and they should be obeyed. People who immigrate to the West know what the score is before they come here. I would suggest that if these people wish to marry more than one wife at the same time, then they should leave the West for different shores, for countries which tolerate such practises.

We are under no obligation to accept polygamous marriages. These people are living with us. We have offered them a good home, and they should not be disrespectful of the hospitality extended to them. I know what I do with disrespectful guests in my home: I kindly ask them to leave!

Polygamous marriages and honour killings are totally unacceptable in our society. This needs to be pointed out to these immigrants. Moreover, they should be told that they must obey the laws of the land. Just as everybody else has to do.

It seems to me that we have little chance of survival if we are paralyzed by pc attitudes and practises. Insisting on our own standards, however uncomfortable doing so might be, is of paramount importance for the survival of the West. Barbaric practises such as honour killing, should, under no circumstances, be tolerated. Nor should polygamous marriages, since this gives the growth of Islam in the West a shot in the arm which we can ill afford to give it. The number of babies being born to Western families is disproportionately low as it is; we need not exacerbate the demographic problem by allowing polygamous marriages here, too!

The West is in crisis! This crisis is brought about in no small part because of liberal-thinking and liberal solutions to very intractable and difficult problems. The liberal media are playing no small part in this crisis, since they are refusing to inform the people of what is actually going on. To try and conduct a serious programme on the causes and solutions for our neighbour, France, at this most difficult time for the French Republic, is as absurd as it is dangerous. Without speaking the truth, we will come to no good solution! How can good, real and long-term solutions be found when the real problem is swept under the carpet?

This is no time to dissemble. France has a real problem on its hands; we could have the same problem next. The quicker this problem is solved, the quicker French society will be able to return to order and normality.

Ever since 9/11, our leaders, our media, our pundits have all been busy, busy, busy trying to make excuses for Islam. Indeed, even to mention the "I" word has become fowned upon. Such is the Zeitgeist!

If they won't tell you, I will: The riots we have been witnessing in France in recent weeks have been caused not so much because of failed French policies - how could they have succeeded, since Muslims won't integrate! (they keep themselves separate by dint of their religion) - but by the growth of Islam there. Indeed, many of the rioters were heard shouting Allahu akbar, God is Great(er)!, and such things as this land belongs to us [Muslims]! Unless we come to realize, and pretty soon, that we have this problem of the growth of Islam in our midst, then we shan't be able to deal with such crises effectively. Throwing more money at the problem may help in the short-term, but in the long-term a far better solution will have to be found.

I feel sure that upon further investigation, and in the fullness of time, we will see the hand of Al-Qaeda is this very violent unrest in France.

The future for France looks bleak indeed. In fact, it doesn't look much brighter for any of us. We have brought upon ourselves a colossal problem. It will take all the courage and determination we can muster to solve it. Dissembling, especially to the degree to which the BBC has elevated it to (i.e. an art form), when discussing Islam, can only weaken us still further.

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Always On Watch said...

Today I read in the comments section


that the French government is requesting that the press not report further incidents in France. You might check this link to see if "Elmer's Brother" has a link to such a story.

Denying the cause of the riots is France is deadly foolishness. And if "Elmer's Brother" is correct, the curbed reporting of the incidents themselves will lead to further denial. The cycle is self-perpetuating.

We are indeed stumbling from crisis to crisis because of the growing influence of Islam in the world. The crisis-management mode, which doesn't address the real cause of the crisis, leads to decisions which employ ineffective remedies. I've seen that happen in corporate management, and I'm seeing it happen now with regard to riots and violence perpetrated by those driven by a hate-filled ideology. And that ideology is what causes Muslims to isolate themselves in communties which erupt because of the lack of integration into Western society. Islam itself forbids that integration and further demands that Muslims work to dominate the world.

John Sobieski said...

If we don't talk about 'it', 'it' won't be a problem. The MSM is completely muffled. Obviously the executives who lead the MSM are PC obsessed and only hire those who have the same affliction.

Mark said...

Axis of Islam:

Exactly! But how long can this be sustained? The day of reckoning is fast approaching!

John Sobieski said...

I never thought it would go on as long as it has. I think a WMD act will shatter this PC and MC illusion. Who knows, it may get worse after an WMD attack. Their PCness become more intense, and more protective of Muslims.

al fin said...

I am seeing a lot more discussion of SDB's strategic overview essay regarding the war against islamic terrorism, and the need to overhaul the mideast.

Tigerhawk expands the discussion and Dave at Glittering Eye describes how his outlook was changed by den Beste's essay.

I remember reading USS Clueless from early 2002 on, and having my own attitude distinctly modified by SDB's reasoning.

You are making some excellent point here. Please keep up the good work.

Mark said...

Thanks, al fin. Your assessment is much appreciated!

cybercrusader said...

Mark, I never cease to be amazed at the depth and clarity of your insights and the extraordinarily articulate way you communicate them. Why do you suppose the BBC steadfastly refuses to "tell it like it is" with reference to the "I" word, choosing rather to make people feel good? We have come to a sorry state in the free world when "not offending" trumps the truth. Who and what is pressuring the BBC into the ludicrous posture of denial of what every informed and thoughtful person knows to be true of Islam? Why do you suppose the BBC is doing its best to undermine the liberties of the people of the UK??? In fact, why is the BBC not standing up for the reign of truth and freedom everywhere on the planet????

Mark said...


Thanks for this! In answer to your question, I really don't know the answer. I have my own private thoughts on this matter; but who knows? What we do know is this: The BBC has become a very PC outfit! They are not looking out for the interests of the indigenous population, that's for sure!