Monday, November 21, 2005

What to Do about the Growth of Islam in the West

There is no doubt about it that many people are uneasy about the explosive expansion of Islam in the West. Unfortunately, however, too many people are still unaware of this expansion, and even where they are, they are so lacking in knowledge about what Islam really is about that they do not see the dangers it poses. We are sleepwalking into our own demise!

Our leaders do not help this situation since they usually prattle on about how 'true' Islam has nothing to do with the distorted and 'evil' ideology as proposed by Al Qaeda and their ilk. The fact of the matter is, though, that what Al Qaeda preaches is actually the real thing: Islam, not Islam-lite. There is only one Islam anyway; and that, if it continues to grow in the West, will be the death knell of our civilization.

Our politicians, by and large, are frightened of what they see happening, and are generally clueless as to what to do about it. Truth is, however, that we have to decide what is more important to us: Our liberty, or their feelings! If we decide that our liberty is more important to us - which I would hope - then we have to be prepared to take the necessary tough decisions to ensure our own survival, for we will not be able to ensure our own survival without taking them. As Mrs Thatcher used to say: The tough decisions are usually the best ones.

I don't see this happening in the present climate, because there are too many 'bleeding hearts' around for the politicians to have the backing of the electorate to carry out the necessary Draconian measures. But this could all change if there were another major catastrophe. People's memories of the tragedy of 9/11 are already fading, it is sad to say. If another tragedy such as this, or even worse, happened, then we need strong leadership in place to act there and then.

It's rather like punishing a child for wrong-doing: to be effective, it has to be carried out there and then. Waiting a few days and then punishing the child has little or no effect, since the child doesn't know what it is being punished for! The same goes for Muslims. Life has to be made uncomfortable for them when these tragedies occur, and they have to be placed on the defensive. They should not be let off the hook by our liberal and pathetically weak politicians.

To be more concrete in my answer to your question, I should like to say the following:

The heads of state and heads of government need to meet periodically to recognize the problem, and to devise a strategy, and work together, as one. As we all know, there is strength in unity.

Illegal immigrants should be returned to their homelands. There are hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants in the West. They have no right to be here. Getting rid of them would go a long way to shrink the Muslim population of the West, and it would help demographics. Over the years, waves of illegal immigrants have been allowed to put down roots here in Europe (in my book, I call this phenomenon 'the Crescades'). They are allowed to stay, and then, some years later, when they have found their feet, they start dictating to us what they want, and how they want it! This must stop!

We need to define, precisely, what we mean by the word religion. This may sound strange, but we so often hear that we have, and must maintain, freedom of religion in the West. But the fact of the matter is that we have yet to define what we mean by religion. Are Rastafarians and Wiccans distinct religious groups? Is Islam truly a religion as we understand a religion to be, or is it - as I would maintain - more of a political ideology?

To Westerners, religion usually means something spiritual, a belief system which encourages peace, tolerance, mutual respect, and mutual understanding. Islam scores badly on all these counts.

How much of Islam is spiritual, and how much political? If, upon investigation, it is found, as I believe, that Islam is 90% political ideology, then are we obliged to give it the freedom to grow in the West as we do to, say, Buddhism? After all, we close down many other political ideologies which we find a threat to our liberty. Why not Islam, too? Just clothing the political ideology in a deity does not make it less of a threat to our way of life. Islam gives a 'divine' imprimatur to the killing of their enemies, and killing those who do not subscribe to their viewpoint.

These are awkward, uncomfortable questions to answer, I know. But they do need to be answered if we are to save ourselves. Perhaps, when all is said and done, we shall be able to allow only the spiritual part of Islam, but make the political aspect illegal. That would make life uncomfortable for Muslims. Many, perhaps, would then move on to where they would be freer to do their thing.

Returning these people to their land of origin in a humane fashion may be an option to consider, too. So much taxpayers' money is now being spent on policing these people that maybe that money would be better spent paying them a lump sum to leave. To continue to spend all that taxpayers' money to police them is ludicrous; indeed, when the numbers of Muslims in the West swell even more, it will become impossible for us to afford to do it.

Muslims need to be told, firmly, how the land lies here in the West. They should be told that they must blend in and live according to our rules, or they must leave. They should be told that they must abandon all designs on Islamizing the system; and if they cannot, then they are not welcome here any longer. We are not obliged to allow them to talk in a subversive manner about the overthrow of the system. Why should we allow this?

All monies coming in from the Middle East to build mosques and schools and centres of Islamic propagation should cease forthwith. It is senseless to allow that money into our countries. After all, it's a one-way system. They don't allow our money into their countries to propagate Christianity, or from anywhere else to propagate other religions, either.

Our governments need to encourage families to have more babies. Tax and fiscal policy should change to encourage bigger families. No civilization can survive without an adequate supply of babies. Indeed, that is one of the main reasons why civilizations decline!

All mosques where it is found that hatred or anti-Semitism is preached should be closed down with immediate effect, and never to be allowed to re-open.

All Islamic schools should be closed. In any case, they are madrasahs in all but name. It is absurd to allow them to open in the West; it is even more absurd to encourage them, à la Blair!

All immigration from Muslim countries should cease forthwith, for to continue to allow such immigration is tantamount to shoring up even more problems for ourselves for the future.

This list is by far not exhaustive. But it's a start.

©Mark Alexander

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al fin said...

Thanks, Mark. A plan cannot be implemented until it is laid out clearly and plainly. In addition, people have to hear about the plan. I hope to hear you on radio talk shows soon, explaining your plan, and publicizing your books.

Mark said...

Al fin:

Thank you very much for your words of encouragement. They are greatly appreciated.

I hope you will help me get the word out. I happily accept any invitations to radio talk shows when they come my way.

As you so obviously appreciate, ours is an important cause, for the future of the free world is at stake.

John Sobieski said...

Mark, just approaching politicians with the suggestion that Muslim immigration must be banned is a hardsell. There is a large learning curve with out politicians and we are still at the bottom of the curve.

Mark said...

Axis of Islam:

Yes, it's hard, because they have all been infected with the disease of multiculturalism! They have to be healed of that before any significant improvement will be discernible!

Mussolini said...

The problem is so dangerously close already.

I read comments from people at other anti-Islamification blogs where the "it'll never happen here with so many rednecks" refrain is thrown around with confidence in conjunction with scorn over the numbers of muslims in the country.

Unfortunately, the electorate here in America is so politically correct that fully half the country would vote to "include" sharia for muslims out of "respect" for Islam and "tolerance."

It can not only happen here, but it is perilously close, already.

Also unfortunately, I don't believe the current crop of politicos will ever countenance a revealing exposure of Islam's evil. Too politically incorrect - and these media whores play to the super-politically correct media.

Sort of hopeless without a lot more innocent bloodshed.

Mark said...


I don't believe the current crop of politicos will ever countenance a revealing exposure of Islam's evil.

No, because they are too cowardly! That's why!

forrestshalom said...

it dawned on me a while back (to my horror of course) that the west is actually in league with the moslems.
just today for instance the american regime's 'state department' okayed the tranfer of lethal weapons to indonesia: a moslem country that is killing off its christian citizens!

so i don't expect any western state to come to my defense against the jihad. incredibly, it may be our own western governments that round us up for not submitting to the islamic juggernaut!

the western democracies may one day arrest those
who speak out against islam as a hate crime. we can
see this developing right before our eyes!

cheers mates. there is hope however: God is sovereign in His universe and will destroy the works
of the devil in his good timing and at his good pleasure. shalom

forrestshalom said...

oh mark: one more point please:
you say people are lacking in knowledge about islam:

all thats needed to know about islam is to observe their actions done in the name of their demon god allah and his shaman: mohammed: \

9/11,beslan, london,madrid, french riots, jihad against israel on daily basis, etc.

our bigger problem is the sycophantic symphony of western moslem apologists who have sold out their people for one reason or another: money, fear, stupidy: none of which are excusable!!

Mark said...


our bigger problem is the sycophantic symphony of western moslem apologists who have sold out their people for one reason or another: money, fear, stupidy: none of which are excusable!!

I agree. I totally agree.