Saturday, November 19, 2005

It's the Sqeaking Gate that Gets the Oil!

Or, put another way, those that make the most noise get the attention. This is precisely what is happening with Muslims here in the West. They moan and gripe about how hard put upon they are, and badger the political élite to pass laws to protect them. The funny thing is: They usually get their way!

All prominent politicians these days seem to lack the resolve to tell them where to get off. Blair is particularly adroit at pandering and appeasing them. He really should have more spunk as the prime minister of this country; but he doesn't.

A few days ago, he compared, ridiculously in my opinion, Muslims with Protestants. "You get people in Northern Ireland who are Protestants who will go to kill a Catholic because they are Catholic but no one says 'that's Protestants for you'," he said.

Saying this shows us that Blair hasn't the foggiest idea of what he is talking about when it comes to Islam. He's clueless!

Muslims are playing the 'woe-is-me-game'. Oh, aren't we hard put upon? Oh, why does everyone misunderstand us? Oh, why don't people like us? Oh, why do people give us dirty looks? Why don't people trust us? Why do people fear us? You get the picture. They're playing this game as a strategy: a strategy of pushing for further Islam-friendly legislation. The sad thing is that with weaklings like Tony Blair leading us, they're getting what they want!

The BBC are just as bad. On their website this week, in the section Talking Point, entitled Are you young and Muslim in the UK?, they are inviting young Muslims to share their experiences of how downtrodden they are. This is the guff that the BBC wastes our ever increasing licence fee on! They should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves! They would do a far better job if they tried to integrate these people, not set them apart as they are doing.

Muslims, wherever they are to be found, are all out to beat the Islamic drum, all out to further the Islamic cause. They should be thwarted in their attempts, and at every stage. This is still a Christian country, with a Christian Head of State, our gracious Queen Elizabeth II. Long may she reign over us! And long may she keep this country Christian! The way Blair is going about things, he'll give it all away, and scrap all our traditions. The Queen is said to find Tony Blair's attitude to some of the traditions and values that she holds dear rather vexatious. So says Simon Heffer in his excellent opinions in today's Daily Telegraph.

The sooner people come to realize that Muslims, by and large, have designs on the West, the better! For then we shall be able to stop playing this silly little game we are playing with them. They are playing around with us, and exploiting our sense of fair play.

They should be told where to get off! They should be told that if they don't like the nest, then flee it for pastures greener! They should be told that they have a fat chance of Islamizing Britain, for the British people will not tolerate being dragged back to mediævalism, to a by-gone, dark age! They should be told that they are welcome here if they play by OUR rules. We shall never play by theirs! For to do so would be the death of our civilization, the death of the West, the death of our liberty, the death of all that we hold dear!

They are all sqeaking gates, and, for now, they are getting the oil. This will have to stop. I can think of no other ethnic or religious group in this country in my lifetime that have been treated with kid gloves as they have been, and continue to be. Hopefully, one day a real leader will emerge, a leader with courage to give this country the leadership and direction it so badly needs. Roll on that day!

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Eleanor © said...

You tell them, Mark! Muslims have been slashing and burning, and conniving since that brigand Mohammed decided to subdue his neighbors because the "disrespected" him. They didn't want him around and they weren't interested in his ideology. His response was to slaughter many and subdue others, and the rest is history.

Today's Muslims follow suit where they can. Technology allows for more lethal weapons, but the motivation remains the same. But the most lethal weapon is not bombs, tanks, or bullets, the most leathal weapons is the "word."

Wheedling and whining their way into the Western psyche, Muslims have been able to get economic support and other concessions while stab us in the back, in the front, and every which way. Sometimes the "blade" is so sharp we don't even notice. The most lethal wounds are caused by the sly insinuation of Islam into Western culture which eventually will no room for us to be ourselves, for they insist upon making us over as Muslims, or if we are lucky, dhimmis, so that we can continue maintaining their upkeep as we fork over taxes and other fees to support Muslims, mosques, and International Islam.

Mark said...

It's true, Eleanor. Muslims are slick operators. These are tactics which our unsuspecting politicians almost always give in to. And in so doing, they are selling us down the river. If we don't take more care of our liberties, we'll be up a creek without a paddle!

Why do all these people find it necessary to pander to these people? Isn't it out of fear and ignorance? It seems that the more heinous their deeds are, the more they are pandered to!

I can think of many groups in the UK that could have bitched and moaned and whined over the years; but they haven't: they have just taken it all on the chin. Like men should!

These people come here, and are hear for 'five minutes', and they want to change everything to suit themselves.

I say: No! No! No! As Princess Anne says: Naff off!

Mark said...

By the way, Eleanor: When I say "as Princess Anne says", I refer to her expression "Naff off". I am not inferring in any way that has ever said it to any Muslims. She has been given to saying it to people - any people - that bother her and who are a source of annoyance to her! Muslims are bothering us; so that's why I use the expression.

Eleanor © said...

Mark - Thanks for translation of the phrase "Naff off." However, Princess Anne does seem to be easily annoyed; however, she could forgiven for using that term as you said, "Muslims are bothering us all."

Eleanor © said...

This should be helpful: "The American's Guide to Speaking British.

Mark said...

Eleanor: Exceedingly funny! But totally irrelevant! :-)

Mark said...

What is there to fil the vacuum, ForrestShalom? I don't really know. Heaven forbid that it should be Muhammad!

Mark said...

Eleanor: Aren't they, though? She would be forgiven for using the phrase; but I doubt that she should would ever use it in such a context!

cybercrusader said...

I read in my local newspaper this morning that "Al-Zarqawi calls for Abdullah's head" Yesterday I read that a Saudi court sentenced a teacher to 750 lashess and 40 months in prison for discussing religion (presumably in an unflattering way towards Islam)and had the timerity to say something positive about Jews. I continue to wait for the adherents of "true Islam" to express their righteous indignation over the fact that those responsible for such acts make Islam look altogether brutal and barbaric. After all, who would think that such uncivilized behavior could be associated with a real religion???? I am beginning to think that this stuff about "real Islam" over and against "hijacked Islam" is simply a pack of lies put forward by stupid, incompetent and cowardly western politicians who don't know how to stop these savages from their blatant violation of human rights!!!! These barbarians are obviously living in the middle ages, in their heads, at least --- I don't want to, thank you, and neither do the free women and men I know.

Mark said...

Welcome back, Bill! You've been missed!

I agree with you wholeheartedly: funding Islamic schools is certainly NOT the answer. Indeed, this, in the long-run, will add to our problems, not take away from them.

Tony Blair has been a big advocate of funding Islamic schools!

In my opinion, the minds of our young should not be polluted with the intolerance that is Islam! Children should be protected from it; Islam should certainly not be foisted upon them!

Islam should come with a written 'health warning', rather like a packet of cigarettes. It should read something like this: 'This religion can seriously damage your mental health! After learning its message, and taking its message to heart, you may well become a serious health risk to those around you!

al fin said...

Yes, but what are you going to do about it?

"But they, but they ...!!"

Yes, but what are you going to do about it?

If people continue reading your work, it is probably because they agree with you already. A lot of people in the western world are uneasy about the violent expansion of muslim intolerance.

Many of them are looking for someone with a plan.

Mark said...

Al fin:

In answer to your question, please see my latest blog.