Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Not a Question of Left, Not a Question of Right

There is a general feeling among many people that to be for the containment of Islam and against its rapid advance is to be extreme right wing.

In my opinion, this is not a question of right-wing or left-wing; rather, it's a question of common sense and a strong desire to maintain and strengthen our own civilization.

To allow Islam to grow apace in the West is tantamount to weakening our civilization, since Islam is our civilization's main competitor. It always has been, and always will be. To weaken one is to strengthen the other. Unashamedly, I am for strengthening ours. I make no apologies for that, since our civilization is based on Judeo-Christianity, and it has served us well. It has guaranteed far more and far better human rights, it has given us freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and a plethora of other freedoms which people in many other countries can only dream of. So, I re-iterate: It is not a matter of the politics of the left or the right; but it is a question of common sense and the will to survive!

What we need is good, solid, strong leadership: leadership by men of vision. Leadership by people who can see the problems ahead of us clearly, and leadership by people who can avert the disasters which may well befall us.

Unfortunately, today, the West is bereft of good, strong leadership. At the very time we need it, we don't have it. Would that society could throw up another Churchill or Roosevelt. Where would the West be today but for their sound leadership in times of crisis?

Today, wherever we look, leadership is flawed: In the US, we have President Bush - his leadership has been greatly weakened by his misguided attempt to bring democracy to Iraq. This is one experiment which is destined to fail, ultimately, since, as I have said many times before, Islam and democracy make strange bedfellows. In the one, all power rests with Allah and filters down; in the other, all power rests with the people, and filters up. It's difficult to square that circle! It seems quite fair to say that Bush's understanding of the main threat facing us - Islam - is wanting.

In the UK, we have a Prime Minister who is looking increasingly like a lame duck. He has spent eight years tinkering with the workings of government - unsuccessfully, it would seem to me - and has busied himself banning this, and banning that, and taking away people's freedoms into the bargain. Moreover, under his watch, we have a National Health Service which is in dire need of change, for it no longer functions as it should. Waiting lists to get treatment are long, and appear to be getting even longer. Our education system, too, is fouled up: educational standards no longer match up to the claims made for them. In addition, Tony Blair has sucked up to the Muslim community, and even wishes to introduce a bill which will stifle healthy debate about religion, fearing that healthy debate will offend the Muslim community! This man does not understand Islam - the main threat facing the Western world today!

In France, we have Chirac. Chirac is trying desperately to hold on to power at a time when his country is in crisis. A crisis caused largely by the Muslim community. Chirac, too, is a leader who shows no sign of understanding either Islam or how to deal effectively with its growth in France. Jacques Chirac lacks the courage and strength to take the necessary measures to deal with the crisis.

In Germany, we have Angela Merkel. She has come to power to boost the German economy, the engine of Europe. She has started badly, however, since she has had to appease the left in the 'grand coalition' by increasing taxes significantly in Germany to satisfy their demands, in return for being allowed to be the leader of the coalition. Increases in taxes in Germany make no sense, since the economy there is sluggish enough as it is. The increases in taxes which have been proposed will make the economy even more sluggish.

One thing, however, Angela Merkel has going for her: She wishes to put a stop to the ambitions of Turkey to accede to the EU, preferring instead to offer Turkey a privileged partnership. I fear she will have to gain in strength if she is to achieve the ambition of stopping Turkey, since there are many leaders in Europe, and in the USA, who seem very determined to get Turkey admitted and in so doing destroy Europe's heritage.

It has been said that Merkel has a strong potential ally in Nicolas Sarkozy, for he, too, is determined to keep Turkey out. Further, it is doubtful that the French themselves will be enamoured of the idea of allowing seventy odd million Muslims into Europe, especially after the mayhem that has been caused in France recently by their Muslim communities!

What we really need is someone to lead us to strength and victory. For, as Churchill was given to saying: without victory there is no survival! Our politically correct leaders today are far too mealy-mouthed to state such facts. They prefer to pander; for most of them live by the popularity polls! Doing what is popular is rarely the good option. As the Iron Lady used to say: I didn't come into politics to be popular; I came into it to do the right thing! Many leaders could learn a lesson from Mrs Thatcher! She led by her convictions, not by the popularity polls!

These days, it seems that we can only turn to royalty here in Europe if we wish to have some leadership! Our wonderful and gracious Queen Elizabeth II has affirmed her belief in the "uniqueness" of the Christian faith as a point of reference in the modern world. She said:
For Christians this pace of change represents an opportunity. When so much is in flux, when limitless amounts of information, much of it ephemeral, are instantly accessible on demand, there is a renewed hunger for that which endures.
In saying this, the Times said that she defied Al Qaeda. The Queen, it appears, is prepared to show solidity and courage in the face of evil.

Further, the Queen of Denmark is on record as saying:
We are being challenged by Islam these years - globally as well as locally. It is a challenge we have to take seriously. We have let this issue float about for too long because we are tolerant and lazy.

We have to show our opposition to Islam and we have to, at times, run the risk of having unflattering labels placed on us because there are some things for which we should display no tolerance.

And when we are tolerant, we must know whether it is because of convenience or conviction.
- Queen Margrethe of Denmark, from her recent biography.

President Bush has also shown some courage today on his trip to China, but has ruffled some feathers by holding Taiwan up as a rôle model for the Chinese! He pressed the Chinese authorities to allow more political and religious freedoms to the people of China. Isn't it strange that he can find the courage to challenge the Chinese on these matters, yet finds it so difficult to challenge the Saudis, and other Middle Eastern potentates to do the same? Does he not know how constrained the ordinary people of the Middle East are? Does he not know that they have no freedom to worship in the manner they wish, or not do so, as the case may be? Does he not know that people are tortured there for daring to defy the Islamic faith? Does he not know that people are beheaded in the public square for trivial reasons? Does he not know that churches may not be built, and that Christians are not free to worship in the Christian way, and are not even allowed to wear the crucifix around their necks? Does he not know that women are not free to drive, or free to go outside the home unaccompanied by male family members? Not even free to go into a café on a hot day to buy a cool drink? What kind of freedoms does the President call these? I wonder why he isn't lecturing there in the Middle East the same way as he is lecturing the Chinese?

You see, what we need is firm, strong leadership - leadership which is not hypocritical, and leadership which cares for the future of the free world, so that all peoples can live in peace, and freedom, and harmony. Not under the suppression of the growing influence of Islam!

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Always On Watch said...

Aha! Now I understand why the Queen has been condemned by Al-Qaeda. She recognizes the enemy and is willing to stand strong in her Christian faith. Not so, Prince Charles, as far as I can tell.

In my opinion, this is not a question of right-wing or left-wing; rather, it's a question of common sense and a strong desire to maintain and strengthen our own civilization.
I agree completely. But the left is Islam's ally, and I see no change coming in that stance. Even witnessing videos of barbarians sawing off heads, seeing films of the aftermath of suicide bombings, and living through the atrocity of 9/11 here in the United States do not convince the left of the escalating danger. What will awaken the left?

Some of the right are sleeping too, but in general, the right is more awake--though not fully awake. The right tries to separate the various Islamic sects into the dangerous ones and the safe ones.

Meanwhile, immigration from Muslim countries accelerates.

Mark said...

Increasing immigration from Muslim countries is a grave error of judgment. They have yet to show us that they are willing to integrate; and they won't either. That's proscribed by their faith - the faith that President Bush refuses to analyze well. Why are our leaders so blinkered?

Can you imagine increasing immigration from Nazi Germany before and during WWII? After the war, yes; but not until the war had been won.

Eleanor © said...

What we have is a deficit of leadership. Todays, whether state, religious, or community, seem to be more in the mode of politicians than in a role of true leadership. A leader demonstrates a responsiblity toward the community rather than focusing on how to get re-elected or how to put forward a pet project.

It's unfortunate to note that our so-called leaders can not agree upon even whether or not we are in danger. Yes, they observe that which is going on right before their noses, but are able to see the whole picture and to create an appropriate strategy.

Mark said...

Yes, Eleanor, exactly! True leadership has more to do with statesmanship than with re-election. What we have today are highly-paid political representatives; and they're not doing a very good job of representing us, either!

A good leader elevates his gaze to the big picture. He anticipates the dangers which lie ahead of us, and is prepared to stick his neck out to avert those dangers.

I trust you would agree.

John Sobieski said...

Mark, I struggle to understand the ignorance of Islam by our leaders. It's not like there aren't several books which should set off the alarm. It's like they lead sheltered lives, receiving exclusive guidance from closet Muslims, muslim apologists, paid agents of Islam and corrupt 'experts' from Middle Eastern studies institutes who were bought and paid for long ago.

Bush probably has never read a book critical of Islam beyond an Esposito or Armstrong, or a 'white paper' by David Forte who I have skewered before.

And the denial and ignorance is across the Western countries' leaders, in different ways, but always the same.

I am looking for that politician with the real 'vision' of Islam and the mechanics of Islamization. It's not that hard, it just requires removing some mental blocks, like political correctness and multiculturalism. And there is the real problem.

We do not want Europe to become Eurabia. It's a terrible thing, but the demographics are marching and the indigenous Europeans are dying. Tick, tick,tick...

John Sobieski, PI
The Pedestrian Infidel Blog

Mark said...

Superb! Excellent! You have just described, in few words, the kernel of the problem we face!

I believe they are running away from the truth out of fear. For they know what it will take to roll back the frontiers!

They are selling us out, securing their own financial future. Making hay while the sun shines, so to speak! Since they know, that at this rate, it ain't gonna shine for much longer!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for starting this blog.

I was of the (mistaken) opinion that Tony Blair had a much better grasp on the problems concerning Islam than does President Bush.

Your posts have shown otherwise.

Although Mr.Blair is much more winsome (to me at least) and articulate than President Bush, he is still very much clueless about the real threats of Islam.

Mark said...


Starting this blog has been a privilege: It has given me a chance to share my experience of the dangers inherent in this religion with my friends around the world.

Tony Blair is an out-and-out politician; to me, he seems to have neither the long-term interests of our civilization nor the long-term interests of the British electorate in the forefront of his mind.

As for being "winsome", you, as a lady, are the better judge of that. All I know is this: He does nothing for me!

What concerns me more is his lack of grasp of the greatest threat the West has had before it since the rise of Nazi Germany: Islam! In this department, he is woefully ignorant!

Pierre said...

Hello Mark,i completely agree with all you say on your blog,i have exactly the same opinion about Islam than you !!!...i will try to find your book here in Montreal,Canada and i will read it and pass to my friend too !i saw on your blog many times you write in French,personally i read and understand English pretty well,but i'm not very good in writting english,not enough practise i think.Could write in french sometimes on your Blog if you understand french,it will be more easy for me sometimes to explain what i want to say.Sorry to bother you with this,i found your thinking so good,i want stay in touch with you and your work.Have a nice Day and thank you for your work Pierre

Mark said...


Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I appreciated it so much.

I am glad that you agree with what I have to say on Islam. That is so encouraging.

When you find my book, and you have read it, please be so kind as to email me with your thoughts. You can email me at:

I would also appreciate a review of my book, too, is you would like to write one for me.

Don't worry about your English; you're English is fine. In any case, if you write a review, we can always tweak it into shape.

Thank you again, and so much, for your message.

Kindest regards


Mark said...

Sorry, Pierre. I misspelled your name there. Please forgive me.