Saturday, August 13, 2022

Michael Lambert: 7 Things We Must Do to Save the UK

Aug 13, 2022 The UK is in a very serious position. The economy is facing one of the biggest crises ever: exports are collapsing; firms are closing; and individuals are being constantly pressured by the cost of living crisis.

The government meanwhile continues to move to the right, with the two candidates vying to take over from Boris Johnson offering ever more right-wing and extremist policies to their tiny electorate of Conservative Party members. The situation is made worse by having chosen to pursue an extremely hard-right Brexit.

The parliamentary voting system of First Past The Post is archaic and unfair, favouring larger parties whilst excluding smaller parties and making it extremely difficult for them to be heard.

The House of Lords is absurd and should be completely abolished. As it is, it is a facility mostly for the Prime Minister of the day to reward those who he or she favours and in order to gain party advantage.

Party funding is obscene whereby rich and powerful men and women are effectively able to buy influence and advantage. Similarly the Labour Party is unduly influenced by trade unions who support them.

London is awash with money from all over the world, much of which is the proceeds of crime. This has resulted in thousands of very expensive properties in central London being left empty, being used as a depository for ill-gotten gains. London, with Turkey and Dubai is known the world over as the easiest place to launder money without and risk of being investigated or otherwise bothered by the authorities. Indeed, governments over the past ten years or so have appeared to encourage such activity by effectively asking not to told about it and turning a blind eye.

Climate change is not being treated as the massive crisis that it is, dwarfing all other considerations. The government should treat this as the biggest threat facing us all.