Thursday, May 23, 2013

This Beheading Should Be a Seminal Moment in Our Tolerance of Islam

The gruesome beheading of one of our soldiers in a London street should be the final wake-up call for those who have been too slow to awaken from their slumbers. It should be plain for everyone to see by now that we are dealing with a force of darkness.

In my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, I warned in strong words that something would have to be done to keep Westerners safe from the danger that is Islam. Many might have thought that my words were alarmist. Today’s beheading in Woolwich, London proves them wrong. I have been vindicated.

It is difficult for Westerners who have to toil long and hard to put food on the table for their family to comprehend that there is a ‘culture’ out there which is hell bent on destroying the West, destroying all we stand for. But this happens to be the case. Alas, not all people in this world share our benign values.

I realise full well that the West has a history of its own which showed we could commit heinous crimes in the name of religion. But that was centuries ago. That was then; this is now. We have grown up; they have not. We have become enlightened; they still live in darkness. They are benighted.

Our politicians and leaders of all kinds have been unwilling, reluctant in the extreme, to come to terms with the fact that in Islam we are dealing with such a force of darkness: extreme darkness, in fact.

Islam is a religion which is aggressive and conquering. It brainwashes its adherents. It believes that all the world belongs to Allah and his final messenger; and that it is theirs for the taking. These people will never understand the concept of ‘living and letting live.’ They will never co-exist with Westerners. It is their stated aim to take over the West. It is their stated aim to make the whole world submit to Allah, who they believe to be the one true god.

Muslims divide the world into two: The ‘House of Islam’ (Dar ul Islam) and the ‘House of War’ (Dar ul Harb). We inhabit the ‘House of War.’ Therefore, we have to be conquered and brought into the ‘House of Islam.’ To them, until this happens, until we are conquered, they will be in a constant state of war with us. This tragic beheading today is but one dreadful manifestation of their way of thinking.

Our leaders, our politicians, our establishment will have you believe that there is a difference between Islam and ‘Islamism.’ They mislead you. ‘Islamism’ is a term made up by Westerners for Westerners, in order to lull them into a false sense of security, and to let our weak politicians off the hook. An ‘Islamist’ is a person who is intent on living according to the strict guidelines of Islam. He/she is a devout follower of their prophet. When Westerners refer to ‘moderate Muslims,' they refer to nominal Muslims, or people who are Muslims only in name, Muslims who do not take their religion very seriously. They are not devout. And in the eyes of devout Muslims, these 'moderate Muslims' have fallen by the wayside.

We are going to have to come to terms with this if we are ever to get a handle on the huge problem that we face with Islam. The sad fact is that because our leaders are so reluctant to come to terms with reality, innocent people are being placed in great danger in their own countries. This poor soldier today is a very sad case in point.

The MSM will not help you, because they are more concerned with being politically correct than they are with keeping you and me in safety. This is the sad reality of the Western world that we live in today.

It is high time that we had a reality check in the West. We need to stiffen our resolve to combat this threat to our safety, we need to stiffen our resolve to keep the West western. We have our values too; and barbarism is not one of them. We are better than that. We are civilised. Let us keep it that way. This is what I say: Whatever needs to be done to rid the West of this cancer, it has to be done. Time is not on our side. We have already been infiltrated. So what are we going to do about it?

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Because many of today's newspapers have disabled their comments sections, I have decided to open the comments section to this essay. I believe that there are many people out there who want to have their say on this brutal killing. Please, therefore, feel free to comment. Thank you. Mark


Mark said...

Agreed. We are being taken for fools. We are giving up our country to people who belong in a bygone age. I, for one, would like my country back. I am sick and tired of all the time, energy, and money we have to expend for this diversity. And the sad part about it is that we, the indigenous Brits, never asked for this multiculturalism, diversity, pluralism in the first place. It was thrust upon us. Before the Muslim invasion, it would have been unthinkable for a beheading to have taken place on one of the streets of our cities. Beheadings were the stuff of history. Alas, not any more.

Always On Watch said...

That newspapers have closed comments is a very bad sign -- a sign of dhimmitude, in fact. Has the fear of offending the Sons of Allah grown so great that the West is cowering. It seems to me that such is the case!

So-called political leaders and most media outlets are absolutely determined that the whitewash of Islam continue and intensify.

As an educator, I see what has happened to curricula in the West. The curricula keeps propagandizing that Islam is a religion of peace. Another generation -- if even that long -- and the West is doomed.

Frankly, I see no great awakening to the coming dark age of Islam on the horizon. Damned depressing, isn't it?

How long will it take for a civilization to emerge from a dark age? Centuries! It sickens me that the West is going down, down, down -- in spite of so many "seminal events," particularly since 9/11.

Mark said...

Always: Yes, that the newspapers have closed all comments on this heinous crime is a very bad sign indeed. As you say, it shows dhimmitude. The West, as you say, now bows down to the "Sons of Allah"; unfortunately, the rest of us have to do so too.

I had hoped that this brutal beheading might have been a seminal event; I had hoped that the West might now come to its senses. Hoped, mind you; not expected. In fact, something told me that it wouldn't. Cowardice is the order of the day now. Cowardice and commercial interests. After all, we mustn't let a minor detail like this get in the way of a good contract, must we? How disgusting our so-called Western leaders have become!

I, too, used to be an educator; so I can understand your sense of frustration with the curricula. We can see all around us how young people are unable to understand any problem with Islam. Remember how those people in Australia demonstrated when Geert Wilders turned up to warn them of the dangers that lay ahead of them. The young people had no clue about those dangers; and nor did many of them want to learn of them, either.

What appalled me most of all in the British newspapers this morning was how they all seemed to have closed ranks in order to give ordinary people no say in the previous day's tragic happenings. In fact, David Cameron came out and stated that we should all go about our business as though nothing in the world had happened. But something had happened. Something major, in fact: a man had been beheaded on the streets of London. This was a turning point for the West. Now, the barbaric ways of Islam had been brought right into the heart of the West.

It has taken the West a very long time to come to the point that we have. It will all fall like a house of cards in short order if attitudes don't change dramatically, and soon. The West is playing with fire.

Always On Watch said...

On May 29, I'll be posting a link to this essay you have written. I'm hoping to give your essay more exposure!

We must counteract the whitewash of Islam!

Mark said...

Always, Thank you. I shall be very grateful to you for that.

I'm rather surprised that so few have commented on the essay, actually, especially since the beheading was such a gruesome act. Have people become inured to the atrocities committed in the name of Islam, I wonder, or are people afraid to comment? They surely cannot be indifferent.

Anonymous said...

I saw on television news tonight (the more honest, conservative station...others have not shown it, to the best of my knowledge) that some Brits are marching against this terrorism "we've come to the end of our rope..."

Is that true? How big is the number and what took them so LONG?
How can a Western civilization see groups of people with signs saying things like "We'll take you over" "Islam will reign" "Death to the Infidels" and not arrest them? Isn't it empowering to let them go on? it's CRAZY!
Then we're surprised about the horrible death of this young innocent soldier?

Mark said...

Hi Anonymous: I saw on television news tonight (the more honest, conservative station...others have not shown it, to the best of my knowledge) that some Brits are marching against this terrorism "we've come to the end of our rope..."

I believe this is true. I think you are referring to the English Defence League leader's comment.

Why did it take them so long, you ask. I think the EDL have been saying the same thing for a long time.

Ordinary people who do not belong to such groups are also coming to the end of their tether regarding this beheading, But the problem for many has been that they have not been informing themselves about the growth of Islam in the UK, other than through the MSM (and the MSM whitewash Islam), unless it has directly impacted on their lives. I know many people who simply refuse to talk very much about it. One could say that they do not wish to be confused by the facts.

How can a Western civilization see groups of people with signs saying things like "We'll take you over" "Islam will reign" "Death to the Infidels" and not arrest them? Isn't it empowering to let them go on? it's CRAZY! Then we're surprised about the horrible death of this young innocent soldier? WOW.

WOW indeed! I think that the British are somehow too tolerant for their own good; and I think it is also true that these people who have been holding up such banners have been considered to be kooks. You see, the MSM and the political establishment have encouraged people to believe this to be the case.

The official narrative is that Islam is a 'religion of peace,' and that those that perpetrate these heinous crimes in the name of Islam are people who misunderstand their faith. They are the ones who distort the faith and give Islam a bad name.

Some of us know better.

Always On Watch said...

The MSM and the political establishment are determined to continue the narrative that Islam is a religion of peace.

I believe that censorship of certain publications and the web cannot be far off. Those particular venues are trying to counter the narrative.

Mark said...

Hi Always: Yes, that's the narrative all right. Islam is a 'religion of peace and love.' The people that are giving us trouble are the 'Islamists', not the Muslims. Ergo Islamism is the problem, not Islam.

Ask any Muslim if he recognises the term 'Islamism.' He will probably tell you that the term 'Islamism' is a term made up by the infidel for the infidel. A so-called Islamist is, after all, simply a Muslim who chooses to follow the straight and narrow path: Sirat al-Mustaqim (the straight path). This is the way of their prophet. There is only ONE Islam; and that's the Islam of the prophet.

But the Establishment don't want the word to get out; so, like you, I fear that it might well be only a matter of time before censorship becomes the order of the day. Especially with Obama in the White House. He is hell-bent on protecting the Muslim community. The people in the know are a threat to the narrative.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark.

A little late to the discussion, but here now.

Mark, I think you hit upon a little realised dynamic of this looming disaster...that of commercial interests. The powers that be, who are the real puppeteers, are the corporate officers of the mega multinational corporations, the monied interests who own the political classes,lock stock and barrel. Nothing must interfere with their bottom line. Their goals are global and the suffering of the little people are of no consequence in the boardrooms of the powerful.

Our political masters are gutless cowards, but they project that cowardice as some sort of high blown moral virtue. So far, thanks to the complicity of the media, they have managed to pull off this grand fraud.

Make no mistake, the heavy hand of our political classes, placed firmly on the lid of the pressure cooker that is our long suffering societies, is a measure of desperation, for when the real conflict erupts, as it inevitably will, those puffed up preening ponces who strut before us as some divinely gifted moral superiors, will be viewed as just what they are, frauds, opportunists and shysters and will be held to account for their perfidity.

The mistake the media are making, and yes it is a mistake, is in painting the protestors as the villains, while insinuating that it is the Muslims who are the victims in all this. Your later article about the thousand of celebrities and other important people, having signed a petition condemning these protestors, reveals a real denial of just what is actually happening, it is no more than a manifestation of the desire to preen and strut their superior virtues in the public arena, truth be told though, it actually is nothing short of mental masturbation in the public space, and it really has made them go blind.

Mark said...

Hello JA Richard! It's good to have you back with us!

The powers-that-be have been so reluctant to speak the truth about Islam. You know that as well as I do. But their reluctance is bordering on the irresponsible, actually, because people's lives are being put at risk. Lee Rigby's brutal beheading and hacking to death proves this.

Commercial interests clearly trump the safety of the "little people." And that is disgusting. As you say so well: "Our leaders are gutless cowards." How could it be said more plainly than that?

However, in today's Mail on Sunday, Tony Blair has come out with the strongest statement I have read till now from any mainstream politician. He has said that there is a problem within Islam. Read it HERE.

He has come out rather late in the day with this pronouncement, but it is welcome nevertheless. Let us hope that it will encourage other leaders to do the same.

I have never been a fan of Tony Blair's, as you probably know. I think that this is the best, most truthful thing he has ever said about anything. It must be his epiphany!

I very much agree with your whole comment. I am pleased to see that you haven't lost your gift for plain speaking. It is more plain speaking on the subject that we need right now.

It is quite incredible that so many years have past since 9/11, and so little has truly been done to combat the threat of Islam to Western civilisation. Nobody wants to bite the bullet. The truth about Islam is too uncomfortable for the cowards to contemplate. They'd rather let us go under than confront what in truth will eventually have to be confronted if we are to survive and not fall back into darkness. For darkness there truly is on the horizon.

Those people who signed that letter in the Daily Mirror said they want hope to prevail over hate. Such meaningless platitudes! All decent people want hope to prevail over hate. But I ask myself this: Who brought hate into the equation in the first place?

Unknown said...

Hi Mark

Yes, I read Tony Liar's comments, however, as we both know, "the problem within Islam", is not "a strain within Islam", as Saint Tone the Prognosticator states, but true Islam resurgent. Typical old Mr. Blair, right, after the fact, and wasn't it he and his associates who encouraged mass immigration from Muslim countries, all through his administration's trem in office...nice of him to admit a problem, but when will he admit his own culpability in this matter...Yes, the blood of that soldier is on Mr. Blair's hands, in fact, of all parties, he and his pals in NuLabour are literally swimming in it.

While it does appear that slick Tone, is somewhat more forthright than most political actors of our time, I suspect that there is a latent motive for this outpouring of semi truth. Old Tony sees the way the winds are blowing, and he most certainly knows the truth of what lies ahead of our societies just a little further ahead, for one need not be Cassandra to see the looming catastrophe. No, our former dear leader seeks to assemble a defense before the wall is breached, and he and his pals are revealed for the dangerous loons they actually are. Always remember what a slippery operator Mr. Blair was while in Parliament, he hasn't changed one bit, he's just a richer slippery operator.

Mark said...

Hi Richard: I am sorry it has taken me so long to reply to your comment, but things have been pretty hectic around here this past 24 hours.

Of course, I agree with you about "Saint Tone"'s prognostications. We both know full-well that it isn't a "strain within Islam" at all, but Islam itself. But it is good that a mainstream politician has at last dared to utter such words as he has. It's a start.

It must be remembered, however, that it was Tone himself who brought this problem on the UK by opening the floodgates for immigrants, legal and illegal. So it is a little gut-churning for him to say these things now, especially so late in the day. As the one-time prime minister, he should have thought these problems with Islam through before creating the problem others now have to solve.

But will they be solved? That is the question. It is hard to see how they can be, because in order to solve them, it would take draconian measures which no democratically-elected politician would have the gonads to implement.

Yes, as you say, "Saint Tone" has the blood of that poor soldier on his hands. Indirectly, of course. Deep down, he must be rather concerned/worried about the outcome of his insane policies, for he knows that he will be one of the main politicians who will be blamed when the dung hits the fan.

Isn't it truly astounding that no Western politician can get a handle on the problem that has been caused by allowing all these immigrants to flood into the West? The UK should have it easier to control, because of the waters that surround us. But there is simply no will to do anything about the problem here. Till Tone's little foray into the truth about Islam, however disingenuous it was, all we have had from the "dear leaders" is that Islam is a 'religion of peace and love.' And we both know what garbage that is.