Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This Beheading Should Be a Seminal Moment in Our Tolerance of Islam

The gruesome beheading of one of our soldiers in a London street should be the final wake-up call for those who have been too slow to awaken from their slumbers. It should be plain for everyone to see by now that we are dealing with a force of darkness.

In my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, I warned in strong words that something would have to be done to keep Westerners safe from the danger that is Islam. Many might have thought that my words were alarmist. Today’s beheading in Woolwich, London proves them wrong. I have been vindicated.

It is difficult for Westerners who have to toil long and hard to put food on the table for their family to comprehend that there is a ‘culture’ out there which is hell bent on destroying the West, destroying all we stand for. But this happens to be the case. Alas, not all people in this world share our benign values.

I realise full well that the West has a history of its own which showed we could commit heinous crimes in the name of religion. But that was centuries ago. That was then; this is now. We have grown up; they have not. We have become enlightened; they still live in darkness. They are benighted.

Our politicians and leaders of all kinds have been unwilling, reluctant in the extreme, to come to terms with the fact that in Islam we are dealing with such a force of darkness: extreme darkness, in fact.

Islam is a religion which is aggressive and conquering. It brainwashes its adherents. It believes that all the world belongs to Allah and his final messenger; and that it is theirs for the taking. These people will never understand the concept of ‘living and letting live.’ They will never co-exist with Westerners. It is their stated aim to take over the West. It is their stated aim to make the whole world submit to Allah, who they believe to be the one true god.

Muslims divide the world into two: The ‘House of Islam’ (Dar ul Islam) and the ‘House of War’ (Dar ul Harb). We inhabit the ‘House of War.’ Therefore, we have to be conquered and brought into the ‘House of Islam.’ To them, until this happens, until we are conquered, they will be in a constant state of war with us. This tragic beheading today is but one dreadful manifestation of their way of thinking.

Our leaders, our politicians, our establishment will have you believe that there is a difference between Islam and ‘Islamism.’ They mislead you. ‘Islamism’ is a term made up by Westerners for Westerners, in order to lull them into a false sense of security, and to let our weak politicians off the hook. An ‘Islamist’ is a person who is intent on living according to the strict guidelines of Islam. He/she is a devout follower of their prophet. When Westerners refer to ‘moderate Muslims,' they refer to nominal Muslims, or people who are Muslims only in name, Muslims who do not take their religion very seriously. They are not devout. And in the eyes of devout Muslims, these 'moderate Muslims' have fallen by the wayside.

We are going to have to come to terms with this if we are ever to get a handle on the huge problem that we face with Islam. The sad fact is that because our leaders are so reluctant to come to terms with reality, innocent people are being placed in great danger in their own countries. This poor soldier today is a very sad case in point.

The MSM will not help you, because they are more concerned with being politically correct than they are with keeping you and me in safety. This is the sad reality of the Western world that we live in today.

It is high time that we had a reality check in the West. We need to stiffen our resolve to combat this threat to our safety, we need to stiffen our resolve to keep the West western. We have our values too; and barbarism is not one of them. We are better than that. We are civilised. Let us keep it that way. This is what I say: Whatever needs to be done to rid the West of this cancer, it has to be done. Time is not on our side. We have already been infiltrated. So what are we going to do about it?

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