Thursday, May 03, 2007

What a Wonderless World It Will Be

In the past years, especially in the last ten years, Islam has been furiously putting down roots here in the West. Unfortunately, our leaders and politicians have been too ignorant and craven to stem the tide. As a result, we now learn that Islam has grown so strong here in the United Kingdom so that Shari’ah law is being established in the country in centres of dense Muslim population.

Our leaders’ ignorance of Islam, their greed to attract petrodollars, and the prevailing Zeitgeist, caused namely by the indoctrination of the population at large by the politically-correct and multicultural fanatics, have all made for an inured and rudderless electorate. The people are powerless to do anything about the trend, and the powerful lack the will and determination to do anything about it anyway.

For many, in an increasingly globalized world, the ‘mighty buck’ trumps all principles. In an increasingly secular, Western world, it is greed that trumps all. It’s a case of live for today, become as rich as possible, and damn the consequences.

If this trend continues, and as things stand it is difficult to see any reason why it won’t, then we have a lot of changes to look forward to, and our children and grandchildren are not going to thank us for not reclaiming our own heritage: Our Judeo-Christian heritage.

In view of all this, it is worthwhile taking a peek into the future, in order to see what kind of world we are going to inhabit if Islam really is going to supplant Judeo-Christianity in the West.

One thing is certain: It’s going to be a joyless world. It’s also going to be a benighted world, too. It is for this main reason that I entitled my first book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age.

Most of us are, by now, familiar with many features of Islamic societies. We are all familiar with the barbarous beheadings that take place, officially, in such countries as Saudi Arabia. We are all familiar with the cutting off of limbs for theft, and the stoning of women to death for adultery (though interestingly, rarely, if ever, men).

But there is far more to a life under Islamic, or Shari’ah law, much more to life under Islam. There is no doubt at all that the growth of Islam here in the West will impact on us all, and in many unsuspecting ways.

For a start, Islam breeds benighted thinking; Muslims, in general, are a pretty unenlightened lot: superstitious, and believing of all manner of conspiracies and rumour, and very accepting of the unscientific and unproven.

It is not without reason that Muslims today are in a state of backwardness. They have embraced technology, it’s true; but what contributions have Muslims made to the advancement of the modern world? Where Muslims have indeed made significant contributions, then they have generally made those contributions in a Western environment, having enjoyed a Western education. Many of those that have contributed have left Islam anyway.

It is no co-incidence, either, that few contributions have been made. Scientific advancement requires an open, enquiring mind, not a mind flooded with superstition and flooded in beliefs that are outdated and downright wrong.

So what kind of life will it be? Many things will change. Women will become the objects of men. They will probably be driven back into the home, too. Society will become patriarchal. It will be very much a man’s world.

Women, of course, will be forced to cover up their “charms”. The hijab will be de rigueur for all women after the age of puberty since it will be mandatory. This will lead to prurience in society. Moreover, it will be frowned upon for men to wear bright colours, or solid gold rings and jewellery, or pure silk. There will be pressure on men to keep their hair short, and the wearing of the Islamic beard in the style of the Prophet Muhammad will be encouraged, if not forced upon men. In any case, because the thinking of the day will change significantly, facial hair will become almost a must for men. (Remember: In the Muslim world, a clean-shaven man is considered to be effeminate.)

The drinking of alcoholic beverages will, of course, be outlawed. By drinking it, one will incur the wrath of the morality police or, as they are called in Saudi Arabia, The Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice. You will almost certainly be subjected to a good lashing for partaking of the Devil's brew. And if you think that such things will never come to pass in a Western country such as the UK or Germany, then think again. How many Christians in pre-Islamic Egypt thought that Islam would oust the then prevailing Christian culture in that country, I wonder? It is worth remembering that each and every country in which Islam has been allowed to gain a foothold, it has eventually supplanted that country’s culture with Islamic culture! There is only one exception to this rule and that was in Moorish Spain. But for the Spaniards to reclaim their country, it took centuries of hostility.

Criminals will suffer the fate of a beheading in the public square. Muslims always like to show the man being decapitated for they feel that this in itself will act as a deterrent for other would be criminals.

Churches in this new world order will be either destroyed or left to go to wrack and ruin. Even to this day in Turkey, the small, minority Christian population there are not allowed to renew and refurbish their churches and nor are they allowed to offer seminary education for their priests. All men wishing to go into the priesthood must be educated abroad. In any case, a Christian in an Islamic country is very much a second-class citizen, and if Islam should ever take over the West, the Christian will be forced to live in dhimmitude.

The eating of pork, of course will be a thing of the past, as will cooking with wines or spirits. So many of our favourite gourmet recipes will simply disappear.

Architecture will change too. The influence of Islam will certainly make its influence felt in this area. But there is something else: The styles of our houses will change greatly. Open plan buildings and houses without high garden walls will not be desired. High walls allow Muslim men to hide their women from public view. They also allow Muslims to do all the things they are disallowed from doing in public, things such as drinking alcohol.

Homophobia will be the order of the day. All Muslims have to be homophobic, because Islam frowns upon homosexuality, and as Islam is so pervasive, it is difficult, if not well-nigh impossible, to express one’s opinions in favour of equality for homosexuals openly. But in reality, there is much homosexual activity in the Islamic world. Certainly no less than there is in the Western world. This double standard is brought about because Islam fosters such a closed, closetted society. Furthermore, it should be noted that because of the strict separation of the sexes, people living in such a world tend become very prurient. Only today in the Saudi Gazette, it has been reported that Saudi men are addicted to pornography on the Web. This is hardly surprising when co-mingling with members of the opposite sex is so difficult in the real world. Western society will also become so inclined when Islam grows ever stronger here.

As I have stated so many times before, Islam and the West are diametrically-opposed to each other in all kinds of ways; indeed, they are two distinct, immiscible, cultures. There is no half way house to be: either Islam wins through, or the free West does. Like any lover of freedom and democracy, I’m hoping for the victory of the latter, but I’m not holding my breath. Given current demographic trends, and given the lack of will and determination to preserve the way of life of the free, anything can happen. We haven’t seen the worst yet. One thing is certain: There will be little joy for the ordinary citizen living under Islam and Shari’ah law; indeed, it will be a ‘wonderless’ world for us all.

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