Sunday, February 12, 2006

US to bomb Iran?

According to The Daily Telegraph, the US prepares military blitz against Iran’s nuclear sites.



Anonymous said...

This is SOP for the US military--thank God, I hope to shout someone is prepared!

Heaven help us all if our only choice is to listen to leadership exemplified by Kofi Annan.

Seriously, this man doesn't have a clue does he?

cybercrusader said...

Mussolini and Heather, The only thing I can add to your comments is a loud and resounding AMEN! AMEN! and again I say, AMEN! As you say Mussolini, "PC garbage is a disease" and my sense is similar to yours Heather, Kofi Annan "doesn't have a clue..." Thank you both for such insightful comments!

Mark said...


Yes, it's a disease alright! America and Israel always have to do the dirty work. Britain gets its fair share, too. The Europeans always seem to worm out of it.

This is something they should not be allowed to worm out of. They should play their full part in solving the problem.

Unfortunately, our European leaders always look for the soft, tender option. But I'm afraid that no such option will bring results with the problem we are facing, Ahmadinejad needs to be 'dealt with'!

Mark said...


Kofi Annan is a weak man. As you say: He is clueless!

Mark said...


Please see my comments to Heather and Mussolini.

cybercrusader said...

In all of this, I find it terribly interesting that the only ones I hear talking about "moderate Muslims" are non-Muslim westerners. I have not heard such talk from ANY Muslim. This leads me to believe that the concept has been constructed by western politicians who are trying to keep the lid on this problem and they have absolutely NO IDEA of how to deal with it. If anyone out there has heard a Muslim[s] talking about so called moderate Muslims, I would like to hear from them. All of this notwithstanding, should there be such moderates, why are they not rising up in righteous indignation to stop the radicals from their "warring madness?"

Mark said...


To talk of 'moderate Muslims' is oxymoronic!

Papa Ray said...

"Moderate", "Liberal" when applied to Muslims is only a western term used by those who are ignorant of the Cult of Islam.

Muslims know only two kinds of Muslims. Those who are "true believers" and those who have fallen from Islam in some way and either have to repent or be killed.

Fear rules within Islam, Islam is a Cult that once you join, you can not leave,

except in death.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Always On Watch said...

US Iconoclastic Patriot,
In all of this, I find it terribly interesting that the only ones I hear talking about "moderate Muslims" are non-Muslim westerners. I have not heard such talk from ANY Muslim. This leads me to believe that the concept has been constructed by western politicians who are trying to keep the lid on this problem and they have absolutely NO IDEA of how to deal with it.

Well, some Muslim civil-rights groups (among them, CAIR and MAS, both of which have clear ties to funding terrorism) have made some statements, but I have a problem with those statements because I see them as "damage control," a pr move. Above all, Muslims don't want the West to wake up to the reality of how dangerous Islam itself is.

I agree with Papa Ray: "Moderate", "Liberal" when applied to Muslims is only a western term used by those who are ignorant of the Cult of Islam....

And I agree with Mussolini: Whenever the hell will we give up this western fantasy of believing in "moderate" Islam?

And that's why we see no hordes of "moderate Muslims" taking on the "radicals" in the streets.

Anyone out there, please notify me asap if those hordes start appearing. My email is I'll be waiting.

PS: I found this over the weekend.

Mark said...


So well stated! The Bible warned us; but we haven't been paying attention!

Mark said...



Is it, perhaps, going to be a question of the US bombing Iran before Iran bombs the US?

The current president of Iran - Ahmadinejad - is a madman! The West simply cannot allow this crazy man to get his hands on nuclear weapons.

If the Muslims of the world were to look at this objectively, then they wouldn't want him to have his hands on the trigger, either. It's not in their long-term interests.

Nuclear weapons, if they must exist at all, have to kept firmly in the hands of very, very responsible people. It can hardly be said that the Iranians are being led by responsible people right now, can it?

Yes, the oil belongs to the Muslims of this world, at least in large part. This is unfortunate for the peace and security of the world. Why? Because the funds obtained from the sale of oil - the so-called petrodollars - are being used to fund the jihad and spread Islam to places where it is not wanted.

If Islam were not such an aggressive religion, then the two worlds might be able to live side-by-side, to co-exist. Alas, this is not the case. Muslims will not give up their absurd notion of Islamizing the world!

Mark said...

Yes, Manuel,

I have often likened it to a cancer in a state of metastasis. Like cancer in the body, the primary growth has to be targeted to effect a cure. The metastasized growths and tumours are virtually impossible to treat. The oncologist knows this better than anyone.

As a result of our unwillingness to deal effectively with this disease, our unwillingness to treat it, the West is beginning to look decidedly cachectic!

As you and I know: Radiation is a good therapy for cancer! This may yet be our only hope. The problem is this: The politicians are too jelly-bellied to take the option of 'radiotherapy'!

In my opinion, as in yours, it seems, we have to do what it takes for the survival of the civilized world!

Mark said...


If the people have anything to do with it, Turkey will be kept OUT of the European Union, for there is no place in Europe for Turkey.

The vast majority of the people of Europe do not want Turkey in the Union. This has nothing to do with racism; it has all to do with common sense. Turkey is NOT part of Europe geographically (except a very small part of it); and it is certainly not part of Europe culturally.

European civilization, though many silly Europeans wish to deny it today, is founded on Judeo-Christian values. It is not based on Islamic values.

If we allow Islamic values to come and influence Europe, Europe will be destroyed. Islam has destroyed every culture it has come into contact with.

It is to be hoped that the powers that be in Europe will not be so stupid as to allow your country into the Union. To do so will be tantamount to suicide, Selbstmord. It will be a death wish. It will be the ultimate folly.

We, the Europeans, wish Turkey no harm. But your destiny lies elsewhere. It does not lie in Europe.

Islam has a nasty habit of pooping the party. We don't want you to come and poop ours!

Further, it will not be good for you Muslims to have us Europeans diluting your Koranic message, for dilute it we most surely will. We will probably end up Westernizing your beloved country. You will have to allow homosexual marriage, you will have to allow pork to be sold everywhere, and alcohol, and you'll have to allow whore-houses, and all the rest of the stuff that you Muslims despise so much (but love in secret).

Stay out, my friend! It will be better for you and better for your culture.

Mark said...


Firstly I'am not an hard defender of Islam because I also hate the lifestyles of generally all islamic countries except my country Turkey..

I'm glad to hear that. But there are plenty of hardliners in your country.

At the same time I can uderstand your worries, fears about Turkey.

I'm so glad to learn that.

But don't confuse it please! Turkey is not an Islamic country!

Of course it is! To say that Turkey is not an Islamic country is like saying that the United Kingdom is not a Christian one. That's absurd!

It is an laic, secular, civil country,...

Get real! Look at the way that the Christians and Kurds have been treated in Turkey over the years! Christians haven't been allowed to train their priests - they had to be sent abroad for training - and the churches, when they fell into a state of disrepair, could not be rebuilt or refurbished.

...whose people are free to believe everything.

You know as well I as I do that this is NOT true! Just who are you trying to kid?

You think that Turkey is just like any other islamic countries, like as, Iran, Syria, Arabia, etc...
No! There are huge differences between us,...

I am well aware of Turkey's character. I don't confuse the people of Turkey with Arabs at all. But you do share their Arabo-centric religion, don't you? So that in itself means that you have much in common with them.

...first of them is Race..

All them are generally arabics and nearly same... language, skin color, cultures...

But Turks are not Arabic and came from North, Sibiria and had divided with Russians, for example today Hungarian people are also Turk.Our language structure and skin colors are also difference with all other islamic countries..

I'm not worried about issues of race. I am worried about what goes on in the people's heads! Their outward appearance is of little or no consequence.

Turks are the people who meet the Islam latest. So our culture is very very difference with Islamic culture. In Turkey the majority part of people does not know anything about Islam and Kouran and never go to mosque.

They are Islamic enough to want to wear the veil, and Islamic enough to want Islam to triumph. You can't fool me, Turkishero. Not one little bit!

We have been living democracy what is better than most of european countries for a hundred year.

Don't kid yourself! Better than European democracies, indeed! Go tell that to the marines!

Any democracy you have experienced has been held together by the heavy hand of the military, which really isn't democracy at all.

As I see, You don't know Turkey, Turks and Turkish lifestyles, so you afraid of us but believe me the we allowed all the things what you said. Were you know that Turkey was in high range on exhausting Alcohol between Europea countries. And the homosexual relations are routine views in all streets of Turkey what you can see.
And were you know that it was bound to build a whore house in all cities of Turkey by goverment??
As you see you don't know anything about Turkey but you are trying to judge...

I know Turkey far better than you think. Don't you worry about that!

Please read and know more..

I've read enough already. Perhaps far more than you.


My judgements are not 'pre-judgements'; rather they are sound judgements based on years of study and much real life experience.

And my friend;

"Turkey is NOT part of Europe geographically (except a very small part of it); and it is certainly not part of Europe culturally." You said it..

I'm sorry but it is very comic because that small part is larger than many European countries for example Netherlands...:)))

What you say here is totally irrelevant. If you feel so strongly about that part of Turkey that is geographically part of Europe, then perhaps you would like to see Turkey broken up. Then, perhaps - but only perhaps - the EU could consider that part - Anatolia - for inclusion in the EU. My guess is, though, that this would not satisfy you.

Whatever my friend, from behind door or front door, we will enter to the Union because we are belong to it..

You DON'T belong to it at all. You belong in a union with the Muslims of the world.

But don't scare because the Union will be much powerfull with us.

If the Europeans are foolish enough to let Turkey in, then it will ruin Europe. It will be the DEATH of Christian Europe! Europe will be Islamized in a short time. That would be a disaster. Ultimately, I hope that the Europeans are not going to be that stupid!

Mark said...


Stop to lie my friend..
Stop this whispering campaign! I'am a Turkish, and I'am not an hard believer to islam but I love Turkey and I'am so happy to be in Turkey.Because this is a real denocratic country.

If what I am saying is a lie, then why are you so bothered? Lies don't have long lives. They wither in time.

"Whispering campaign"? What whispering campaign? If you are referring to what I say about Turkey in Europe, then you don't know what a "whispering campaign" is! What I state, I state LOUD and CLEAR. THERE SHOULD BE NO PLACE FOR TURKEY IN EUROPE!

Do I say this because I hate the Turks? NO, OF COURSE NOT! I say this because it doesn't make any sense to let Turkey in. Not for the sake of Europeans; and not for the sake of the Turks, either. IT WILL DO NEITHER PARTY ANY GOOD.

These are two separate and distinct cultures. They will not mix. The outcome will be one of two scenarios: Either the Europeans will end up making Turkey lose its identity; or Turkey will completely change the identity of Europe. I believe the latter is the most likely outcome, given the fanatical nature of Islam. And I do not want Europe to suffer from increasing Islamization.

I am no hater of Islam. No! But I do respect my own Judeo-Christian heritage, just as you respect your Islamic heritage. I am entitled to speak up for my own culture and civilization, just as you are entitled to speak up for yours.

You can hate Islam, you can be a religion fascist but it doesn't necessary to blacken Turkey with unreals, lies!

Give me one example of a lie that I have stated about Islam, or Turkey!

I know that you cannot, because I only state the truth.

I'm sorry to say that you were not persuasive with your words.. At least for us who are the realists..

My words must have been persuasive; otherwise, you wouldn't keep coming back for more.

Also your words shows that you are defending an inadmissible opinnion, voice for our world and for all humanity history..

All opinions are valid and admissible, as long as they are based on fact and not hatred.

So that you are a bit of stargazer..
This can be a day dreamer's dream:)) huh..

The EU is essentially a Christian Club, whether you like it or not. There are many in the Union who are not Christians, but essentially it is a Christian Club, because the value system of Europe is based on Judeo-Christian values, and should always remain so.

So, If you are a religion enemy, at this point, I never defend you Turkey how much it is democratic , modern,etc.. because at this point you have no difference with ADOLF HITLER for me and I'am sorry but what can you talk with a maniac???
Any time as the history and the logic shows that ADOLF HITLER and you who the HITLER HEADS never win.

Hitler was a racist. Get your facts straight! Hitler tried to make his own country great by annihilating other cultures, especially Jewish culture.

What I say - namely that Turkey should not be allowed in to the EU - has nothing whatsoever to do with annihilating other cultures. On the contrary, it has to do with preserving our own. We shall not be able to preserve it if Turkey is allowed in to the Union.

If you Turks wish to enter the Union so badly, then why don't you leave Islam behind, and become Christians. Then you would be most welcome to join the club, because then your value system would be the same as ours. You would have the same objectives as we have. It's like a successful marriage. For a marriage to be successful, the two parties have to have similar goals and similar values. Otherwise, the marriage will end up on the rocks.

So for you, the main question is not if Turkey is enough good for the Union, the main question is Should A mouslim country enter the Union even it is good enough...

Thats the first bit of sense you have spoken!

I know you say NO! huh..:)))

Now you've got two right. Bravo!

Turkey is powerfull and will be more..

Well, then, my friends: Go forward together in your united strength! (Churchillian words there!) Don't worry about belonging to a Christian Club. Many of your hardliners there in Turkey wouldn't like it even if you were to join. It wouldn't be the Turks' cup of tea at all. It's far too liberal for them.

The Union and all the societies of Europe will love us believe me. Keep it in your mind friend..

Don't kid yourself! They won't take kindly to being taken back in time!