Saturday, October 15, 2005

Why won't those politicians learn?

Sarkozy has been showing promise of late with his anti-Turkey-in-Europe stance. Advocating the state-funding of mosques, however, shows either that a.) he doesn't understand the true nature of Islam, or b.) he hasn't got the stomach to take it on!

The state-funding of mosques - even if every khutba, or sermon, is vetted - is tantamount to fast-tracking our own demise. Muslims will never reform regardless of how much we monitor them!

There is but one simple fact that these politicians need to learn: Muslims are on a mission to Islamize the West.

Why won't our politicians and leaders learn this, understand this, digest this? Any sensible policy rests on understanding this one simple fact!

©Mark Alexander


cybercrusader said...

Mark, I never cease to be amazed at how you consistently are "on the mark." This is just another example of your clear insight. Many thanks for sharing your perspectives on Islam. In this regard, I am curious as to why the only people who are saying that Islam is a religion of love and peace are non-muslim westerners; it would be more believable if we heard these comments coming from Muslims themselves, but alas no such joy!!!!!

Always On Watch said...

I'm still awaiting the stampede of moderates wanting to "take back their faith." Not happening, is it?