Friday, September 30, 2005

Turkey in the EU

It is ludicrous even to sit down and discuss the possibility of Turkey acceding to the European Union.

If the US government has its way, Turkey will be allowed to join. If the British government has its way, it will be allowed to join. Fortunately, there are examples of countries in Europe with a tad more spunk. Austria comes to mind. That country is in the process of putting a sprag in the wheel. It is to be hoped that they hold out.

Before I go any further, I find Bush and Blair brazen in their dogged insistence on getting Turkey admitted to the 'European Club'. Brazen, because these two men are the very men who have the nerve to talk about bringing democracy to the backward Middle East, while at home, they both ignore - totally ignore - public opinion by insisting on Turkey's accession. How democratic is that? Their dedication to democracy is but skin deep!

Public opinion in Europe, especially in countries such as Austria, Germany, France, and the Netherlands is very much against Turkey coming into Europe; yet the arrogant Bush and Blair, both of whom know diddly about Islam, are adamant that Turkey should be allowed in. How can anyone have any respect for people like that, people who speak from both sides of their mouths?

We can all see the bloody mess these two men have made out of Iraq; now they want to do the same for Europe. God! These men have got to be stupid! Tony Blair is full of bullsh¡te; George Bush, full of dangerous concepts!

Even to think of allowing Turkey into Europe is ludicrous. One doesn't have to complicate the issue with the steadfast refusal by Ankara to recognise the genocide of the poor Armenians. That was certainly a tragedy, but there are far more pressing reasons why Turkey should not be allowed to join.

A more immediate one is Ankara's insistence on not recognising the legitimacy of the Cyprus government. If they are this arrogant before they're allowed in, think of how arrogant they'll become after they've been let in!

One can think of a whole host of reasons why there should be no place for Turkey in Europe. The most obvious ones are:

1. Geographically, Turkey doesn't belong in Europe. Only 5% of Turkey lies on the continent of Europe; therefore, if Turkey is allowed in, where will it all end? With Iraq? With Iran? With Morocco? With Libya? The possibilities are endless!

2. Europe can do without borders with the politically-fragile Middle East. To have borders with the Middle East is in itself fraught with danger, and will certainly be very dangerous for the future of Europe. One can imagine all kinds of cross-border disputes and conflagrations, to start with.

3. The history and culture of Turkey in no way fits in with the history and culture of other European countries. They are poles apart.

4. The religion of the West, or these days, perhaps, one should speak of the lack of it, was/is/should remain Christian, or at least be based on it. It is Judeo-Christianity which is, after all is said and done, the basis of our culture. Islam (except, perhaps, for the dangers it posed) has had nothing to do with it. The ramifications of this alone are enormous.

5. History shows that Christian/Western values and Islamic ones do not mix. These are two immiscible religions, cultures, ways of life. Why, then, should we ignore the lessons of history? Can the politicians give us one good reason why we should, other than the vague notion, now flying around, that to accept Turkey into the Club will avoid a 'Clash of Civilizations' à la Huntington? And that's nonsense! Instead of avoiding a clash, we will be precipitating one - one right here in the heart of Europe. The clash, then, will not be international; rather, it will be intranational. Bürgerkrieg, civil war to you and me, will ensue in the fullness of time. This is madness! Sheer madness! Unadulterated madness! It will bring about the slow death of Europe. No less; and maybe, just maybe, it won't be so slow, either!

6. Economically, Turkey is a poor country. It will be a huge expense and drag on the taxpayers of Europe. It is simply not worth it.

7. The population of Turkey is 95% Muslim, and it is already around the 80 million mark, and counting. It is expected to exceed 100 million in a relatively short period of time; it will then overtake Germany as the largest country in Europe. With all the political ramifications that this will have on voting rights within the European Parliament. We all know what will happen then: Islam-friendly laws will be demanded, and the Turks will ride roughshod over the rest of the declining 'Christian' population!

8. Apart from all this. We have already seen this year the European electorates in France and the Netherlands reject the constitution for Europe. This was because they don't like the pace of enlargement and change within Europe, and are certainly against Turkey's accession. After previous enlargements, there has been no period of consolidation. It is essential that there be such a period; otherwise, the European project is destined to fail.

9. Regardless of what the liberal media tell us, Turkey has so, so far to go to give women equal rights, to say nothing of writers freedom of expression, or rights to gays.

I could go on and on. I shan't. I'll stop there, for I feel that the list is long enough. You get my drift.

Just to say this, though: I don't believe in the 'secular' state of Turkey. Kemalism brought one about, yes; but it has only been held together by military and police force. What's going to happen when they will be set free because of European laws? My guess is that there is a strong fundamentalist element within that country; and this group will come to the fore after it's allowed in. At the moment, they are largely gagged. We'll see what they'll do when they are given the freedom of Europe!

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Eleanor © said...

Mark - Congratulations. Welcome to the blogsphere.

Europe has sufficient problems with the hordes of Muslims that are occupying cities and threatening the Western-European way of life. One should not expect that Turkey could ever fit in with European culture. Turkey has moved away from secularism and has chosen to revert to its Muslim past. Islam could never allow a former Muslim territory to become Westernized.

Turkey's battle-hardened army should be never be given free reign to cross into Europe nor should their military leaders be allowed to occupy positions of authority in NATO or in the E.U.'s military apparatus for they will insinuate themselves into the highest level of command to create the Eurabian arm of the Ummah's army of world conquest.

See the big picture. War is deception.