Sunday, June 04, 2017

No Ma’ame, It’s Not a Perversion of Islam!

Our prime minister has come out yet again with the trope that this is a “perversion of Islam.”

I am sick to death of listening to our so-called leaders’ twaddle about these terror attacks being a “perversion” of the 'peaceful faith of Islam.' How stupid do they think the electorate is? As I tweeted today: ‘Jihad is to Islam what Coke is to cola. It’s the real thing!’ Beat that, Mrs. May! That would be a good soundbite for you!

Our politicians will never get a grip on this problem, because they simply refuse to confront the truth. As I have told you before, this is not a law enforcement issue, which they insist it is; rather, it is a war – a war on the West. The Islamic State has already come out and called for ‘All Out War’ on the West during Ramadan. Islamic State is the real thing, too. Not much different from the version of Islam practised in Saudi Arabia. In fact, one could say it is identical. The only difference is that what is pracatised in Saudi Arabia is state-sanctioned rather than rogue. But the end result is the same.

How many more innocent people are going to have to be killed and maimed before our weak leaders change the narrative and accept that they have made a mistake allowing all these people into the West? When will our politicians come to their senses? They need to stop talking nonsense and start talking sense for a change.

Sad times!

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