Sunday, October 24, 2021

'Global Britain' Stupidity - Brexit and Covid Have Made Us the Stupidest Nation on Earth

Oct 24, 2021 • Brexit is having such severe consequences for our economy and it looks as though things will only get worse. Shortages of staff in many sectors of the economy, rising prices and taxes only make matters worse. In addition, the government's handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has been so bad that the U.K. has seen the second or third highest number of new cases in the world over the past week with no sign of numbers coming down. In the meantime, the government insists that further measures such as wearing masks and social distancing should be a matter for individual choice which means that few are wearing masks and the virus will inevitably spread. In the meantime, the world looks on at our stupidity.

The UK is becoming an authoritarian state under Home Secretary, Pritti Patel

Boris Johnson – The buffoon who brought us Brexit