Tuesday, September 28, 2021

UK Puts Military Tanker Drivers on Fuel Delivery Standby as 'Precaution' | DW News

Sep 28, 2021 • The UK government has announced further measures to ease the rising demands for fuel, including the approval to put a pool of military drivers on standby. The country is facing a post-Brexit shortage of truck drivers.

We Brits have got what we deserve for voting for Brexit. Shortages of petrol, shortages of foodstuffs, bare shelves in the supermarkets, poor quality of fruit and vegetables; and worse it will get.

BoJo, as a classicist, knows very little about economics. He is also averse to detail and is impractical. He is also out of touch with the people. When was the last time BoJo went food shopping in a supermarket? Does he know what meat, fish, eggs, butter or milk actually cost? I very much doubt it. One can only despair at his ignorance!

Margaret Thatcher, by comparison, in spite of her superior Oxbridge education, as a grocer’s daughter, was a very practical woman, too. She was on the ball. She knew how ordinary people lived. That was her strength.

Some people loved her; others loathed her. But one thing one cannot deny: she was in touch with the people. She knew what they needed. She was also a workaholic, so worked tirelessly, often late into the night, to ensure that her policies were being carried out. – © Mark