Monday, July 26, 2021

A Short Message to My Followers, Readers and Visitors

Fight hatred with kindness wherever and whenever possible: nothing is more disarming than kindness; love is more powerful still!

As a community, we need to strive for full acceptance. Tolerance is but a first step toward full acceptance. Ultimately, gays must be determined to settle for nothing less than total acceptance!

Arbitrary rules of behaviour stemming from centuries past are not an appropriate guide for life in the twenty-first century. Same-sex, same-gender attraction is not new and it is certainly not aberrant in a negative sense; it has existed since time immemorial and is commonplace even in the animal kingdom.

Although I am no longer religious, I am still spiritual; I believe in the existence of a Creator. And I am, indeed, we are, just as our Creator intended us to be. To argue otherwise is tantamount to saying that the Creator has erred.

Let no man ‘play God’ and demean your very existence. That person, too, is but one of God’s children; and God favours no-one above another, except, perhaps, based on behaviour and deeds. It is therefore the right of no man to withhold another man’s rights. We are all entitled, by birth, to a life of fulfilment, peace, and harmony. Let us go forward together on our mission. Let us break down barriers between the heterosexual and homosexual communities. We must show our very best side, attracting as little criticism as possible.

In recent years, it is noticeable that people have become far less tolerant of the lifestyles of others: many straight people are homophobic; many non-smokers are intolerant of smokers; many vegetarians and vegans are impatient of meat-eaters; many Orientals dislike the ways of the Occident, and the converse is often also true. And so it goes on! Without end!

This is no way to achieve harmony in this troubled world. So the only sensible maxim to live by is this: Live and let live. Or as is said in German: Leben und leben lassen! And in French, Vivre et laisser vivre ! It’s the only way forward for a peaceful and harmonious existence.

Look not for the differences between people; rather, look for the similarities. It will be a much better world to live in if we do, if we are guided by these principles. Long live peace! Es lebe Frieden! Vive la paix ! Remember: Love conquers all! !

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