Wednesday, May 12, 2021

No Carriages and a Solo Throne – the Covid-compliant Queen’s Speech

THE GUARDIAN: There were just 34 seated guests in the royal gallery, socially-distanced, wearing masks – and tested

There were no horses or carriages and the Queen sat alone on her throne at the state opening of parliament, with pomp and pageantry pared back because of Covid restrictions.

The Queen, on her first engagement outside Windsor Castle since the death of the Duke of Edinburgh, wore day dress instead of the usual state robes.

In the House of Lords, she sat on a solitary ornate golden throne, where, previously there have been a pair of thrones, one each for the Queen and her consort.

Because Prince Charles, who escorted her, was to be seated separately because of the restrictions, it was felt it was not necessary to transport the consort’s throne to the Palace of Westminster for the occasion. Instead, it remained as is does when not in use, stored in the care of the lord great chamberlain. If, at the next state opening, things are back to normal and Charles is seated next to the Queen, it will be back in place. » | Caroline Davies | Tuesday, May 11, 2021

The Queen opens parliament in scaled down ceremony – video »