Thursday, May 13, 2021

Greensill Lobbying Leaves Your Reputation in Tatters, Cameron Told

THE GUARDIAN: MPs grill former prime minister for four hours about his text message and WhatsApp campaign

David Cameron was on Thursday told that his persistent lobbying of ministers, begging for favours on behalf of the controversial bank he worked for, had “demeaned” the position of the prime minister and left his “reputation in tatters”

. The former prime minister was forced to deny that his text message and WhatsApp lobbying campaign on behalf of Greensill Capital was driven by fears that an “opportunity to make a large amount of money was at risk”.

Cameron, who joined Greensill as an adviser and lobbyist exactly two years after he left Number 10, repeatedly refused to tell MPs how much money he stood to make from Greensill before the bank collapsed last year.

He told MPs he was paid “a generous amount, far more than I earned as prime minister” but declined to give even a ballpark figure, claiming that his pay was “a private matter”.

Cameron, 56, also refused to state how many shares he had been granted in the bank. He dismissed as “completely absurd” reports that he had boasted to friends that he stood to make £60m from a successful flotation of the supply chain financing firm. » | Rupert Neate | Thursday, May 13, 2021