Sunday, September 13, 2015

Is Islam an “Abrahamic” Faith along with Judaism and Christianity?

VIRTUE ONLINE: My friend Mark Durie, an Anglican priest and theologian, has written a book refuting the thinking common today that Islam shares a theological lineage from Father Abraham with Judaism and Christianity.

"Islam has no family resemblance with Christianity and Judaism. The similarities are appropriated, not inherited," the Anglican priest and theologian Mark Durie starkly stated in his book "Which God? Jesus, Holy Spirit, God in Christianity & Islam." This volume is essential reading for Christians who wish to counter the "Abrahamic fallacy" of Islamic kinship with Judeo-Christian faith.

In his book, Durie noted the oft-touted idea of Western Abrahamic civilization in a world that once esteemed its Judeo-Christian civilization. Many assume that Islam joins Judaism and Christianity in possessing a theological lineage from the Old Testament's Father Abraham. "This is new thinking which reflects the growing influence of Islam," Durie said, adding that "one expression of the Islamicization of Christian thought serves the supersessionist program of Islam."

Durie stressed that wording in the Quran recognizes Islam not as a faith that is subservient to Judaism and Christianity, but "as the primordial religion." Those of the Islamic faith believe that other religions can be called "Abrahamic" only as concessions, because those faiths "derive their history in a confused and corrupted way from Islamic roots." As noted in Quran 3:67, Islam proclaims that Abraham and other biblical figures were actually Muslims whose revelations Jews and Christians through the ages perverted into a "debased derivative of Islam." » | Andrew Harrod | Thursday, September 10, 2015

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