Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paris erupts again

BBC: Riots at a train station in the French capital, Paris, have become an issue in the upcoming presidential election.

The government's candidate, Nicolas Sarkozy, said police were justified in arresting an alleged fare dodger - the action that sparked the riots.

Socialist candidate Segolene Royal said the clashes resulted from Mr Sarkozy's failures as interior minister.

About 100 youths clashed with police at the Gare du Nord station after a dispute over a train fare.

Rioters smashed windows and attacked vending machines and shops, after objecting to the treatment of a man arrested for jumping a ticket barrier.

Transport officials said the man punched two ticket inspectors who asked for his ticket as part of a routine inspection. Paris riot becomes an election issue

WATCH BBC VIDEO: Dozens riot in Paris station

THE TIMES: French police are bracing themselves for fresh outbreaks of violence after hundreds of youths rioted over the arrest of an illegal immigrant at a main railway station in Paris. Paris fears more riots as rail ticket arrest sparks violence by Adam Sage

The Eurostar riots: Britons caught in in mob violence at Paris station

Mark Alexander


mirrorman said...

Once again, we see that certain sections of Society believe that they are above the rules and that they have the absolute right to flout them. Should they be challenged they react the only way they know, with brute violence.
They are painting themselves a fine picture for all to see.

Mark said...

Barbarians are as barbarians do!

Just Another Richard said...

I see that twit Royale is showing the world the true nature of the politician...woman, as ye sow, so shall ye reap. There is one woman who really deserves her fate.

Mark said...


It is to be hoped that Sarkozy thrashes Royale at the polls. The very last thing France needs at this time is a left wing president!

Bart said...

I have to say that as a French native, I believe in democracy and when a racist dictator comes in and tries to force the media-controlled population into eugenics, nano-technology and other forms of nazi control, the population naturally rebels and it's not going to get better until the French gather and chop yet another head.
I believe Mr Sarkozy should have prepared the concentration camps prior to his election and gassed all dissidents, that would have been much more clever of him. I'm sure of lot of you Zionists would agree and it would bring back memories too.. Vive la difference.. read more on

Mark said...

The French have elected the leader they wanted. There's nothing more to say on the matter. If one believes in democracy, as you say you do, then you should accept the leader that has been chosen in a free and fair democratic election. Period.