Monday, June 19, 2006

Ridiculous suggestions on Britain's race laws by Trevor Phillips
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The Chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality, Trevor Phillips, has shown that he has no understanding of the nature of the Jihad, and therefore no understanding of the danger posed to the West by Islam.
Britain's race laws need updating to help in the battle against terrorism, the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) has said.

Trevor Phillips has called for a debate on positive discrimination in favour of Muslims applying to join the police.

In a speech to be delivered on Monday he will question whether the police are "fit for purpose" for anti-terror campaigns.

He will also say race relation laws are stopping diversification in the police.

Mr Phillips will emphasise that it is not just a matter of fairness and equality, but an issue of national security.

Muslim commitment

In the speech to be given at the Social Policy Forum at the Government Office for London, he will say that British Muslims are as committed to tackling "terrorism" as anyone else. Race law update needed, Phillips
Mark Alexander


cybercrusader said...

I don't know what this fellow has been smoking -- it certainly was not tobacco.

Mark said...

It would be great if the people that spouted about these matters actually knew something about them.

friendlysaviour said...

This has got to be the dumbest utterance this dip-stick has ever spoken.
"he will say that British Muslims are as committed to tackling "terrorism" as anyone else."
YEAH Right!

So can he please explain why someone entrusted with "mentoring" schoolchildren," (teaching them to be terrorists??) can go and kill 52 innocents on July 7th. last year??
That scuzz-bag was a moslim. He was named after the prophet of islam.
He did his evil scurrilous deeds in the name of Mahhamad as well.
His name was Mohammad Sidique Khan, lest we forget.
If a teacher can turn his hand to terrorism, don't you think a policeman could as well, Mr. thick-as sh*t Phillips??
Does it take a degree in Socio-bullsh*t to think that up, you dumb clown?
Don't you know that the police have access to sensitive areas like the House of Commons, and the ability to obtain sensitive information??
That makes a moslim policeman a super-high risk. There are no British, Welsh, or even Irish police likely to blow up some poor innocent, or procure information that could facilitate an outrage.

I hope any sensible good police-chiefs will kick this idea back to where it should belong. IN the trash-can, with the hare-brained ideas about "merging" the police forces of Britain.
Mohammad S. Khan was a "teacher" and a cold hearted murderer waiting his chance to destroy our lives and our Liberties.
England, has the World Cup turned your brains to lager? Or has the lager turned your brains to mashed potato?
There lurks among you those evil plotters, who will take your lives if you let them.

"Mr Phillips will emphasise that it is not just a matter of fairness and equality, but an issue of national security."

So was keeping your eyes on Mr. Mohammad S. Khan, when the CIA told us he was planning atrocities. But our powers that be didn't listen to the warnings.
The people of Britain were let down by these softly softly ideas last year when the brutal, evil-plotting,
and despicable slime Mahommad blew himself up, along with his brothers in islam, his gang of vipers, his stinking cess-pit of excressence. Thereby he did slaughter the innocents lambs of GOd, in the name of his namesake and allah.
So how in the heck will you know what the next policeman, PC Mohammad, will be up to eh?
I know this will upset our commie and moslim readers, but I am asking a question of National Security. How can you trust a moslim to police a fellow-moslim?
Do you think they fall for the old idea, "set a thief, to catch a thief".
They are brothers in blood and in religion. The religion that demands total observance of it's commands.

The Koran tells them to not take real friends of the unbelievers, kufars and infidels. (yes, thats us folks,) It puts obedience to the words of Mahammad above all else.

Will some dear friend out there please just remind us all of the commands of the koran, with respect to how the people of Dar el Harb (the West) must be treated by moslims and how it it is the eternal duty of moslims to do jihad, and what that jihad demands of them?

The wrath of GOd is on the shoulders of the despicable traitors of July last year. They bit the hand that fed them, and Trevor Phillips wants more of them in the Police???
Does a sane Nation invite the enemy into it's castle, and then give them the job of protecting it's king from themselves, or their rabid brothers in belief?
The jihadic brotherhood must be pi**ing itself laughing tonight.
Trevor Phillips, please go and join
Rowan Williams and Charles, talking to the flowers. That way we may be safer.

friendlysaviour said...

"Mr Phillips, a former head of the National Union of Students, will also warn that it cannot be taken for granted that Muslim communities will put up with anti-terror searches indefinitely."

Sorry, I'm back. I just couldn't let this quote lie there on the BBC website.

So Mr. Phillips thinks that "moslim communities" (err, I thought they all wanted to be known as British, NO? Perhaps only when it suits them)
won't tolerate "anti-terror searches indefinitely"

So, we have terrorist killers, blessed by islamic clerics, murdering and maiming innocent Brits and foreigners alike, and Mr Phillips tells us that the moslim community, in which these moslim terrorists hide and are protected, are going to stop the police from doing their duty to protect the Nation???
Mr Phillips, your words fly very close to the winds of appeasing terrorism.
Do you want to be known as a traitor that speaks for terror?
If the "moslim community" actually had any real interest in helping the police, they would not need to have their homes searched, because they would spill the beans on the lurkers at the threshold.
So where are all the helpers of the July 7th. gang? Why haven't the moslim communitie turned them over to the police?
Could it be moslim blood runs thicker than water? Could it be they are obeying the commands of their religion and helping their own kind in the jihad they are undertaking?

Neighbours of the evil bomb-makers saw people clearing bags and such like from the flat,where they stirred their deadly chemicals in the bath-tub.
A year later and no arrests, no public enquiry, no closer to knowing what went wrong with security.
And Trevor Phillips is vitually encouraging the "moslim community" to stop co-operating with the police.
So does that mean more Bradford riots, Mr. Phillips?
On you head be it.

John Sobieski said...

Insane or just stupid. A civilization fallen by denial. Who woulda thunk it?

GormlessNorman said...

One of my biggest pet peeves is how the British use the catch-all term "Asian" to denote not only Asians but all Muslims and all Hindus. Sure, Japanese, Moroccans, exactly the same thing.

After 7/7 I thought, of all the Europeans, surely the British will demonstrate some vestige of a spine. But no, instead they demonstrate that they've been resigned to dhimmitude for some time. The surprising thing is that they still supported us after 9/11. We might as well kiss that country goodbye, they're lost. At this point, I honestly have more hope for France than I do for England.

Always On Watch said...

Trevor Phillips: "If you don't have Muslim officers to put into surveillance cars, you can give up any hope of doing covert operations in some areas."

Let's bring in the wolves to mind the sheep.

He just doesn't get it, does he? What Islam is all about. This idiot is supporting infiltration of the police force.

beakerkin said...

Do you have new definitions of race across the pond? Muslims come in all racial categories except extraterestrial for now at least.

What is going on in the UK? Do we just arbitrarily create races out of thin air. Let me guess the last bunch of clown started this idiocy in Germany in 1932 and we all know how that ended.

anton said...


You express the same thoughts going through my mind so much more eloquently than me!

friendlysaviour said...

anton, if it wasnt for good stalwart folks like mark, I would have to graffiti walls instead. We can all sense what is happening, drip drip, bit by bit.
But I remain optimistic.
Beak, you have hit the nail on the head once more!
Since when was moslim a RACE?
It is politics, pure politics, and to think we have to live our lives with this corrosive solvent eating away at everything we hold dear.

Time for a song, tune of George Formby "Chinese Laundry Blues"

" Oh Mr.Mo,..where will you blow,
when you have got to pack up and go?
Oh Mr. Mo, are your walking shoes
Now get on your way, yes sir,
You give us all the islamic bullcrap blues."
John, yup, who wudda thunk it?

friendlysaviour said...

gormless norman,.. just popped round your excellent site and left my scent on some trees. Hope you don't mind.
I recommend your work to Mark and all his visitors.

cybercrusader said...

bld, you always have a way to speaking the clear, unvarnished truth with clarity and brevity. I appreciate the fact that you call this poor, pathetic, naive wretch what he is. And you have a way of using the most appropriate language to do so. BRAVO for nailing this stupid fool.

Mark said...


I see you have outdone yourself again! :-)

Mark said...

Gormless Norman:

Thank you for your comment. I have been around to your excellent website. Do drop by again soon. You are most welcome here.

Mark said...


Insane or just stupid. A civilization fallen by denial. Who woulda thunk it?

"Who woulda thunk it" indeed! The British have lost their spunk, I'm afraid!

Mark said...


Let's bring in the wolves to mind the sheep.

Yes, it's a bright suggestion, isn't it? I wonder what this guy's intelligence quotient is?

Mark said...


Our definition of race should be the same as yours. It seems that someone, somewhere, has been doing a spot of re-defining of the term.

Mark said...


Nice to see you're back with us. Welcome!

Mark said...

I agree with US Iconoclastic Patriot. Bld has such a clear way of speaking. Maybe he ought to give a few of our politicians a few lessons in this clarity!

anton said...

I'm always here Mark. But usually just lurking!

Mark said...


I'm always here Mark. But usually just lurking!

Don't forget that your contributions are always valuable to us.

jimmy jones said...

yeh, british muslims are committed to catch them as much as anymone else.

How many muslims do you know Bld?
and i, mean, know, not seen.
i know as much muslims, as i know whites, they are all against it.
what has Pakistan done? they have caught, the most amount of terrorists, than any other country.

if i saw a terrorist, belive me i would, call the feds, asap!

i would like talk to them, first, try to understand what exactly goes on in thier minds. how they think they will go to heaven, by kiling innocent people, i will never know.

they would be jihadis, if they saved a life, and got kiled in the process, not by killing themselves aswell as others.

friendlysaviour said...

jimmy jones ,.. your remarks go against the words of islamic scholars that bless the jihadis.
Are you telling us that all moslims do not agree on the meaning of the words of the koran?
Would this expalin why 50+ moslims a day are being killed by fellow moslims in iraq.
Now that they find it harder to kill Americans, and Brits.?
Don't you know that there are millions of Iraquis who want to get back to normality, but would be attacked by the radicals but for The Armies of Iraq and the allies.
And they are glad to be without Saddam.
When will islam stop telling fibs about it's real intention,.. to dominate the West.
You are living here with all the benefits of Western democracy and Society, created by Christians, Jews and atheists.
Why can't you get on with life and tell your religious leaders to lay off the anti-Western propaganda.
And give up the idea of converting ud to what YOU see as the perfect religion?
Islam could be great once more, and respected for it's tolerance. But you are leading the World down the road towards war and conflict.
And there is plenty of that already.
I do not bear a grudge to individuals, but I will fight for my Liberty, such as free speech, and free thought, (including yours) I will also speak out at the rising pressure of islam on the institutions and traditions of my culture and my Nation.
What is your nation, and how will you defend it?
Is it the islamic ummah, or America, or Britain?
Will you live in peace, or will you keep advancing the cause of islam above all else?
And at what cost?

bLd said...

j.j. said,.. "can't jews or Zionist get along with muslims?"
and vice versa.
I really hope so, for if not we will all be plunged into darkness.