Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Euphoria I Cannot Share

Freude über das "friedliche Zusammenleben der Kulturen" (Joy over the peaceful co-existence of the cultures), goes the subtitle. Would that this will be the final outcome of this experiment in social engineering. The greatest experiment in social engineering the world is about to witness. I wish I could share the Turks' euphoria. I'm afraid I cannot. This is one experiment too far; this is an experiment which will end in tears!

What we have here is an experiment which has been foisted upon the peoples of Europe. Overwhelmingly, public opinion in Europe is against this stupidity. People in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy, and of course, Austria are AGAINST this move. Indeed, in Austria, feelings on this subject run high, since 80% of the electorate are against!

It is said that the people of the UK are generally in favour. I doubt that. I seriously doubt that. Where's the evidence for this? We haven't been given a chance to voice our dissatisfaction! Blair and his government have refused to give people the chance to vote on it. There hasn't even been any serious public opinion poll on the matter as far as I know. I certainly haven't been asked about my opinions on this most serious of matters. And there has been NO public debate.

Al BBCeera certainly hasn't given people the chance to voice their dissatisfaction, either. They have only just opened up the argument; but now it's too late. The damage has been done. They studiously avoided informing the public on the issues. This, of course, is to their eternal discredit!

We can blame Blair and Straw for this fiasco. But not only them. We can also blame Bush, since he and his administration are the ones who have been fighting hard for this outcome, the ones who finally forced Austria's hand and made the country climb down through threats of "consequences". This, of course, will be to Bush's eternal shame!

There's no point in talking about democracy here, as Bush and his poodle, Blair, are wont to do. There's not a whiff of democracy in what has happened. The electorates of France and the Netherlands overwhelmingly rejected the referenda on the constitution some months ago; and it has been said that one of the main reasons for this rejection was their total dissatisfaction with the prospect of Turkey being brought in to the European family of nations.

As a result of this move to make Turkey a full member of the European Union, Islam will continue its relentless jihad westward. It may be a peaceful jihad; but it will be a jihad nevertheless.

At one time, I was a fan of Bush's. A big fan, in fact, since I believed he understood the threat that Islam poses the free world; but I have long since come to the conclusion that he doesn't have a clue!

He doesn't have a clue because he refuses to admit to what is staring him in the face, smacking him in the gob, grabbing him - if you will forgive me - by the short and curlies! Moreover, he refuses to learn.

He keeps on insisting that Islam is a 'religion of love and peace', when all common sense says that it isn't and cannot be, and all reading and knowledge of it proves, intellectually, that it never has been, and never can be.

In his insistence on his 'wierd and wonderful' theory, he is actually doing the free world a great disservice, since he is blurring the task ahead: To defeat Islam. He is also making the situation unintelligible to the ordinary man in the street, who has little or no understanding of Islam, and still less desire to learn.

It is not possible to be a good, strong leader in time of war if one steadfastly refuses to identify the enemy. Moreover, it is certainly not possible to defeat that enemy without first identifying it.

Bush hasn't even taken the first baby step in its identification: He cannot see that his 'war on terror' is nothing of the sort. The word terror should be replaced by the word jihad, for this is truly a war on jihad. What we are witnessing is the jihad in action! For, in truth, this is what we are actually fighting; and no Pakistani 'ally', or Saudi 'ally' can fight this force with us, because they are part of the problem, not the solution - they are on the other side.

Bush made a huge blunder in going into Iraq, since he went in there believing he could bring democracy to that country, and believing still further that this form of government would spread throughout the Middle East, as if by osmosis. The man was a fool! And an ignorant fool at that! For in trying to achieve this unachievable goal, he showed he had absolutely no understanding either of the Islamic faith or the history of its cancerous growth!

As a result, we now see that Shari'ah is being installed as the form of government of choice in Iraq. Conclusion: Islam has moved westward because of his folly. But, not satisfied with this, he is now insistent, too, that Turkey be integrated into the European family. This policy will ensure that Islam moves even further West, so far West in fact that it will envelop the whole of Europe in a short time.

I feel sorry to say it, since I do not like making disparaging remarks about a US president. I have always considered the Americans to be our greatest allies, our greatest friends, our beacon of liberty. I have always had the greatest respect for the institution of the presidency. However, I have to admit that this president, although he started out appearing to be in control, is actually nothing of the sort. He can't see the wood for the trees! The result? He is making a dog's dinner out of the war against Islam. He is clueless! Furthermore, in his cluelessness, he is making the world a very unstable place. Far more unstable than it needs to be.

But to add insult to injury, under his watch, the Islamic world is making steady advances westward. Although he is supposed to be a Christian, he doesn't understand the first thing about how his co-religionists have been persecuted over the centuries by this cancer that is metastasizing apace! Does he not know that wherever Islam has put down roots, it has eventually taken over? How ignorant can he be of world history?

This enemy is worse than communism, worse than fascism, and worse than National Socialism. People were well aware of what those were: evil political systems. Islam is every bit as evil; but it confuses people because it is clothed in a deity. This is indeed worse than anything we have faced before. Our future is certainly neither bright nor orange; the future looks bleak; the future looks black! How long will it take before Europe will be set alight by civil war? How long will it take for the glorious churches and cathedrals of Europe to be turned into grand mosques à la Haggia Sophia? How long will it take for the people of Europe to be forced to bow in total submission to Allah? How long will it take for the laws of Europe to be replaced with Islamic law, the Shari'ah? How long will it take, indeed, before Europe is transformed into Eurabia?

The crusaders knew of the dangers of Islam. Our politicians, both sides of the Atlantic, are woefully ignorant of them.

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