Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Islam: The Mother of All Darkness

The mass demonstration in Jakarta on Sunday in favour of the establishment of the caliphate (khilafah) is proof, if indeed any proof were needed, that the world is in grave danger of being dragged back into a ’New Dark Age’!

People, sceptics, liberals, politicians, and leaders in our establishments can deny what is plain to see; but they would be foolish to do so. Our world is polarizing before our very eyes. To fail to observe what a blind man could see is tantamount to playing fast and loose with the future of our civilization, tantamount to playing fast and loose with liberty, equality, and democracy.

If Islam won the day and a caliphate were indeed established, the world would be become bi-polar. The West would then be faced with an enemy of great dimension. As I stated in my book, The Dawning of a New Dark Age, an iron veil would have to be dropped between our two worlds, and this would have to be so for our own survival and safety. The concept of globalization will be effete: it will be no more; the concept will become exhausted.

Make no mistake about it, a world dominated by Islam will be a world enveloped in darkness. Political thought will come to a grinding halt; so will creative thought, scientific thinking, and much else besides.

Islam is not conducive to scientific thinking because it stifles freedom and creativity in thought. Prophet Muhammad might well have stated, “Go in quest of knowledge even unto China”, but there should have been a cautionary addendum: If the knowledge you come back with contradicts Islam, you will be beheaded!

In Islam, all knowledge must back up Muhammad’s ‘divine revelation’. If it does not, then it is not permitted. It is thrown out, for it is worthless. Nothing must contradict the word of Allah, nothing must contradict the Qur’an, nothing must contradict ah-Hadîth, or the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad, and nothing must contradict as-Sunnah, or the traditions of Muhammad. Woe betide anyone who brings back anything contradictory!

Unfortunately, Islam, in recent decades, has gained in influence because of oil wealth. Oil wealth has brought the Bedouins to Rome! The world is now the Bedouin's oyster! Alas, the Bedouin's thinking hasn’t expanded with his expanding pockets! And nor will it. It cannot do so, because his thinking is stuck in the era of their prophet. And that was more than 1400 years ago.

To the Muslim mind, there is only black and white; there are no shades of grey. To the Muslim mind, there is right or wrong according to the Qur’an and the teachings of the prophet; no-one else’s opinions matter. Islam is a simple religion for the simple mind. The Muslim is not given to abstract thinking. Even the concept of the Trinity is too much for him to grasp. Metaphor is not his strong point. All is taken literally.

That the Angel Gabriel should have appeared unto Muhammad in a cave defies comprehension; but to the Muslim it matters not. Rationality and logic are of no consequence in the Islamic world. And so it will be if Islam wins the day!

We shall be drawn back to a bygone age: An age in which prayer will matter more than progress, and age in which belief will matter more than science, and age in which meting out Allah’s punishments will matter more than human dignity. It will be an age in which the criminal will be beheaded in the public square, the thief's hand will be amputated, the adulteress will be stoned to death, the drinker of alcohol will be whipped, and the homosexual will be thrown from atop the local minaret. They will be dark days indeed!

The fact of the matter is that Islam is gaining in strength. It is like a locomotive steaming ahead at full throttle, without breaks, taking the world back centuries, back to a way of life we all thought the world had long left behind.

Many a Westerner might conclude that secularism is the mother of all enlightenment. If this is so, then by contrast he should conclude that Islam is the mother of all darkness; for indeed it truly is.

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