Wednesday, April 13, 2011

About Me, About My Blog

First of all, I should like to welcome all my guests. Of course, there is an especially warm welcome for my regular guests and followers.

I am a graduate of economics and political science. My honours degree was obtained from the University of London.

I have worked in the Middle East – I worked there over the course of many years. It was whilst working there that I became both fascinated by Islam, and fearful of it. When I say fearful, I mean fearful of its potency, fearful of its all-enveloping nature, fearful of its ability to get a hold on its adherents, and yes, fearful of the fervour of Muslims. I have met few others in life that feel so passionately about their religion, I have met few others in life that feel so much love for their prophet. We have all experienced by now the propensity of Muslims to become intoxicated by their religion; we have all seen the willingness with which the fanatics of the faith are ready to give up their earthly lives in Allah's cause. But I am also fearful of the West's seeming inability to deal with this rapidly-growing faith in our midst.

However, if you have come to this weblog in order to find ranting and raving, if you have come to this weblog to read hateful things about Muslims and Islam, you have come to the wrong weblog! This blog is not about those despicable things; rather, this blog is about education, knowledge, information, interest, news, views, and sometimes even entertainment. Largely, I let the guest make up his/her own mind about the content. If I have a particularly strong viewpoint on something, I will usually place a comment underneath the article, or write an essay. Though the absence of a comment or essay does not mean that I do not have an opinion. It is far more likely to mean that I do not have the time to write anything.

If any of you are interested in what I think about a topic or subject, you cannot conclude anything simply from the postings. I often post things because they are topical, or interesting, or indeed, controversial. A little controversy can give food for thought. Life without a little controversy now and then would be awfully bland!

If political correctness is what you are looking for, you have come to the wrong weblog. Click over! This website is not for you! Ditto, Christian religious fundamentalism. That's not my thing. Am I a Christian? Yes. I was raised in the Christian tradition, and I believe that the Christian way of life is a good life, perhaps the best one. But like all forms of extremism, Christian extremism is not for me.

I should add that this website is not about pushing anything. I do have views, often quite strong views – you can read them in my essays or any books I write. You cannot conclude what my viewpoint is on a subject from the posts I put up.

As I have already said, you can make up your own mind. On this website, you will find all sorts of interesting subjects. The thrust of the website is Islam and the threat of Islam to Western civilization; but sometimes, events take over, such as the tragic earthquake(s) and tsunami in Japan of late. These stories simply cannot be ignored, because they impact so greatly on the world in which we live.

In addition, you should not conclude that I hate Islam or Muslims simply because I find it a threat to our free way of life. It is my opinion that Islam and democracy are immiscible. But that doesn’t mean that I hate Islam or Muslims! It does, however, mean that I understand the nature of that faith.

Sometimes, you will find posts about gays and homosexuality. Sometimes you might wonder about them. Why are they here, you might well ask yourselves. Well this site is gay-friendly. This is not a site that tolerates hatred of anyone, including gays. But if you see a post on the homosexual lifestyle, you should not conclude that I am pushing an agenda. I am not! But by nature, I am an open person. I am also extremely tolerant. I veer to the right on most political issues; but not on all. But having said that, when I speak to some Americans, my 'right' seems 'left' to them!

I try to make this website as varied and interesting as possible. I also try hard to make it inclusive. That goes for Muslims as well. They, too, are most welcome here.

Lastly, I should comment on the foreign language posts. They are here because I have a love of languages. In this regard, I am not typically British. Most Brits like to speak only English. Speaking only English is not for me. But the fact that I speak German, for example, in no way makes me less patriotic. Far from it!

In the UK, ability in foreign languages has hitherto been sidelined, much to my dismay. In my opinion, however, ability in foreign languages should be fostered. Any abilities that I have—and I am sure they are wanting—have enriched my life beyond measure. I hope I can infect you all with my love of language. Foreign languages are one of life's great pleasures.

Best wishes to you all; and again, a warm, warm welcome!