Sunday, February 05, 2006

Letter to America

The US is faced with two main problems: The problem with Islam and the problem with the southern border. The first problem has been brought to the forefront by the tragedy of 9/11, but has in no way been adequately dealt with if America has any desire to retain its liberty and safeguard its way of life; the second problem, the problem of the unrelenting inflow of illegal immigrants, is a problem that has grown in magnitude simply because of the government's refusal to deal effectively with the problem.

These problems, on the surface, appear to be intractable ones; but they are not. Both could be solved at a stroke. But they are not being solved because of one thing: The power of big business and commercial interests. Vested interests.

The inflow of illegal immigrants could be solved tomorrow! But the President's hands are tied because American commerce has an insatiable demand for cheap labour. Mexican immigrants satisfy that demand. The big business lobby is a powerful one. That power blocks a satisfactory solution.

Interestingly, it is the power of big business which stops the American government from finding a solution to the growth of Islam in America, too. So many companies have vast commercial interests with the Islamic world, so many contracts have been signed, so many deals have been made, with the potentates of the Gulf that the government finds itself emasculated. One could even say castrated!

How can they take the necessary decisions to safeguard the future of Western civilization when they stand to lose gazillions in deals? How can they stop the building of mosques and Islamic schools and Islamic propagation centres when they cannot countenance losing all those profitable contracts with the Arabs of the Gulf? How can they stop rich Arabs coming to the US to buy up all that prime land and all those viable economic enterprises when they stand to incur the wrath of the oil-rich sheikhs?

It appears that unless the status quo is changed, there will be no future for the free world. Should America ever fall into the hands of Muslims, should Islam ever become the dominant religion in that beautiful country, then there will be no hope for America, and no hope for the free world, either. Without a free America - the beacon of the free world - there will be no free West! Its light will have gone out! Liberty will be no more!

©Mark Alexander

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Always On Watch said...

What do you make of this? A commenter left it at my site and seemed to think this article presented a positive development.