Thursday, June 11, 2009

Race Shame Outrage as Oxford Student Tories Clap and Cheer at N-word Jokes During Meeting

Nick Gallagher: Made a racist joke at election hustings for the student body. Photo courtesy of MailOnline

MAIL Online: Two Tories have been suspended from the party over racist jokes made at Oxford University's Conservative Association.

During a drunken hustings for the next president for the association - supposed to be a breeding ground for future Tory high-fliers - student candidates made a string of racist remarks.

They were asked to repeat ‘the most inappropriate joke you have ever told’.

Nick Gallagher, the publications officer, said: ‘What do you say if you see a TV moving across your living room? “Drop it, n*****.” ’

At the meeting, another student reportedly made a gag about a family of three black people being lynched.

Both candidates have now been suspended from the national party, according to Oxford's student newspaper Cherwell.

A high-level Tory source said: ‘People who behave in this disgusting and reprehensible way have no place in the Conservative Party.’

Both jokes were clapped and cheered on by members of the association, which counts Margaret Thatcher as its patron and Shadow Foreign Secretary William Hague as its honorary president.

Carol Thatcher, who was forced to apologise after likening a black tennis player to a golliwog, was also mocked.
A member of the association's committee has resigned over the row.

The timing of the comments will be acutely embarrassing to David Cameron in the wake of the local and European elections, which left many ashamed at the gains made by the racist BNP.

The Tory leader has consistently tried to shed his party’s ‘nasty’ image by focusing on issues of social justice and equality, instead of tough talk on immigration which repeatedly led his party to electoral disaster. >>> By Daniel Bates | Thursday, June 11, 2009