Thursday, November 01, 2018

Eight Saudi Princes Want King Salman Ousted: Report

A new report reveals that eight of the 12 surviving sons of Saudi Arabia’s founding monarch are supporting a palace coup to oust King Salman. British daily, the Independent, quoted an unnamed Saudi prince as saying that there is an increasing pressure within the royal family to end the internal power struggle that has erupted since King Salman inherited the throne early this year. He said a clear majority of powerful clerics also back the move to oust the current King and install his younger brother, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, in his place. The prince also predicted that eventually either King Salman will step down or Prince Ahmed will become Crown Prince, with full control over the whole country. The prince, who was not named for quote-security reasons, is reportedly the author of two recently published letters calling for the royal family to replace the current Saudi leadership. Guest: Brian Downing Political Commentator.