Sunday, June 10, 2018

Is the Drive to Modernise Saudi Arabia Taking a Wrong Turn? | Inside Story

Female activists continue to be arrested in Saudi Arabia - two in the last three days. Rights groups say Mayaa al-Zahrani was detained for her posts on social media - expressing support for Nouf Abdul-Aziz al-Jerawi, who is also locked up.

Saudi security forces have arrested 17 activists in the past months - most of them women who have long campaigned for the right to drive. That is about to happen in two weeks time.

The first driving licences have been issued before the Kingdom lifts its controversial "men-only" ban. State media has accused the arrested activists of being foreign agents. As economic, political and cultural reforms are implemented, are Saudi leaders sending mixed messages?

Presenter: Peter Dobbie | Guests: Sami Hamdi - Editor-in-Chief, International Interest; Suad Abu-Dayyeh - Equality Now; Mamdouh Salameh - Oil economist