Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Inside Story - Can UK Tackle Growing Wage Gap among Ethnic Groups?

A new report by the think tank Resolution Foundation has detailed a growing wage gap among ethnic groups in the UK.

It has found that Pakistani and Bangladeshi households are at the bottom of the list, earning a third less than that of a white British household. The report says that while incomes for these minority groups have been growing, there is still a large gap between white households and ethnic groups. So, what does it mean to be in the lowest income group? And how does the UK compare with other rich countries? | Presenter: Martine Dennis | Guests: Farah Elahi - Researcher and Policy Analyst at Runnymede Trust; Matthew Goodwin - Senior Fellow with the think tank, A Changing Europe; François Gemenne - Research Fellow in Political Science at the University of Versailles