Thursday, August 03, 2017

Collapse of the Soviet Union | DW Documentary

Russia lost its empire in 1991 when the Soviet Union fell apart. For many in Russia this is still seen as a great loss. What happened to the Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union is history. In 1991 the world’s largest country collapsed without a revolution and, most importantly, without bloodshed. In today’s Russia the disappearance of the Soviet Union is still widely regarded as a humiliation. In 2005 Vladimir Putin was widely quoted as referring to the breakup of the USSR as a "geopolitical disaster".

The loss of empire is an experience shared by more than one country, but for Russia the echoes of the past seem to strike a more powerful cord. Since the era of Boris Yeltsin, public opinion has been deeply influenced by what some have called a yearning after Russia’s imperial role. But is Vladimir Putin really planning to launch a "Soviet Union Light?" And how much of the Soviet Union really survives in present day Russia and other post-Soviet States?