Sunday, April 09, 2017

Syria Crisis: Russia Raises Prospect of War If It Is Given G7 Ultimatum as It Mocks Boris Johnson's No-show

THE TELEGRAPH: Russia has raised the prospect of war with the West as it mocked Boris Johnson for cancelling a trip to Moscow in the wake of the Syrian nerve gas attack.

The Russian Embassy in London posted a series of provocative tweets on its official account in which it suggested that "a conventional war" could be one outcome if the G7 group of nations presents it with an ultimatum later this week.

The Embassy also said it was "deplorable" that Mr Johnson was "unable to stand Western ground" by attending talks with his Russian counterpart.

It came as Michael Fallon, the Defence Secretary, warned Russia it is responsible for the deaths caused by the Syrian chemical weapons attack "by proxy". » | Gordon Raynor, Political Editor and Kate McCann, Senior Political Correspondent | Sunday, April 9, 2017