Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Republican Senators Furious That Trump Has Turned Presidency Into A “Trump” Brand Commercial

Republican Senator Joni Ernst, a hard-right member of the GOP, said that she and many of her Republican colleagues in the Senate are not happy that Donald Trump is spending so much time at Mar-A-Lago and so little time actually governing. They are beginning to see what everyone else sees: Trump has turned the Presidency into a giant commercial for the Trump brand. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

The Americans did something very stupid to elect Donald Trump into the White House. Trump is a man with no political experience; and even after this short time in office, it's plain to see. Further, he is being influenced by Ivanka, who is profiting from her position in the White House. But more importantly, can anyone explain to me what this young lady knows or understands about geopolitics? And that goes for her husband, Jared, too. How is he going to fix Middle Eastern problems? More especially, how is he going to fix the Palestinian question, particularly when so many experienced politicians before him have failed? The Trump administration is a disaster, it seems to me. God only knows what the next four years will bring. World war is, of course, not out of the question. – Mark