Monday, November 30, 2015

Almost Half of Germans 'Don't Want Angela Merkel to Serve Another Term'

Only 44% of voters surveyed were in favour of Mrs Merkel
remaining in power
THE TELEGRAPH: Some 48 per cent of those questioned in a survey for Bild newspaper say they do not want Mrs Merkel to continue in office after the next German election in 2017

Almost half of German voters do not want Angela Merkel to serve another term as chancellor, according to a new poll.

Some 48 per cent of those questioned in the survey for Bild newspaper said they did not want Mrs Merkel to continue in office after the next German election, which is due to be held in 2017.

Forty-four per cent were in favour of Mrs Merkel remaining in power.

The findings are an indication of how dramatically Mrs Merkel’s public support has fallen in recent weeks following opposition to her “open-door” refugee policy.

Just a few months ago she seemed unassailable as Germany’s leader, and her Christian Democrat party was even daring to contemplate the possibility of an overall majority in the 2017 election. » | Justin Huggler in Berlin | Monday, November 30, 2015

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PEGIDA Dresden: Live vom Theaterplatz (30.11.2015)

PEGIDA Abendspaziergang

Inside The Heart Of The IS Caliphate

The Head of the Snake: A look at the secretive leader of the Islamic State

Belgium: No Turkish PM or President Will Apologise for Doing Duty - Davutoglu

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that protection of Turkish borders and airspace is "not only a right, but a duty for my government," and therefore "no Turkish Prime Minister, or President or authority will apologise because of doing our duty," following the downing of a Russian military jet by the Turkish airforce, ahead of a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, in Brussels, Monday.

Obama: Paris Talks a Turning Point for Climate Threat

Barack Obama says on Monday in Paris that the growing threat of climate change could define this century. The US president says the world should be optimistic, as the Paris climate conference was a turning point as nations share a sense of urgency about the challenge and understand it is within their power to take action

Read and comment on the Guardian article here

My comment:

Surreal! Can anyone imagine Churchill hosting a climate change conference as an act of defiance in the face of a Nazi invasion during the Forties, in the face of the Blitz?

What planet are these guys living on? François Hollande stated today that the war on global warming is every bit as important as the war of terror. Can this ‘marshmallow’ be serious?

I can just hear it now:
We shall fight with eco light bulbs, we shall fight with eco taxes, we shall fight with green energy, we shall fight with solar panels, we shall fight with low energy appliances, we shall fight with all that is at our disposal, in the fields, in the streets, in the hills; we shall never surrender.

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London-Based Egyptian Preacher Hani Al-Sibai: I Foresee the Europeans Banishing the Muslims; We Deserve Compensation Like the Jews

'Iran and Russia Have Replaced America's Hegemony'

ARUTZ SHEVA: Ex-Lebanese general tells Iranian media that greater cooperation between Moscow and Tehran has eclipsed US worldwide.

Retired Lebanese General Walid al-Zaitouni told the semi-official Iranian Fars News Agency on Saturday that the growing Iranian and Russian alliance is creating a new "hegemony" in the Middle East, and has effectively ended American influence in the region.

The Lebanese military analyst opined to the Iranian paper that the growing military involvement of Moscow and Tehran in the internecine civil war in Syria, where the two are propping up the autocratic leader Bashar al-Assad, is challenging "US hegemony in the world." » | Arutz Sheva Staff | Saturday, November 28, 2015

Justin Trudeau on Syria, Republicanism, and Being a Sex Symbol - Newsnight

Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, gives an exclusive interview to Newsnight's Evan Davis, covering republicanism, Syria, handsomeness in politics, and his family name.

‘Bonkers Bureaucracy’: EU New Law on How to Use Candles

Modern times and the massive issues facing Europe demand careful and insightful decision-making from the continent's leaders. But as RT's Peter Oliver now reports their focus sometimes leaves people bewildered.

France: Climate Change as Much a Priority as the War on Terror - Hollande at COP21

Tackling climate change alongside terrorism is among the major global challenges that must be overcome, said French President Hollande in Paris, Monday, adding "we must leave our children more than a planet free of terror."

France: Fabius and Prince Charles Plead for World Leaders to Tackle Climate Change

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius and Prince Charles of Wales gave emotive opening speeches to the 2015 UN COP21 Climate Change Conference in Paris on Monday.

‘Christian State’ Threatens to Kill Muslims in Belgium

THE JEWISH PRESS: An anonymous group has sent threatening letters to Belgian mosques, warning Muslims "will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.”

The Islamic State now has competition, called the “Christian State.”

The anonymous “Christian State” group has sent a threatening letter to Belgium’s major mosque and two other mosques, warning that it will murder Muslims.

The precise language of the letter is:
No mosque and none of your businesses will be safe. Brothers [Muslims] will be slaughtered like pigs and crucified as our Lord converts their souls.
Belgian Muslim leader Jamal Habbachich said he will file a complaint with the police over the threatening letters,, which he called “very serious.” » | Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu | Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Turkey and Its 75m People on the Brink of Being Allowed into EU

EXPRESS: TURKEY appeared to be on the brink of joining the EU last night, giving its 75 million citizens free access to Europe.

The daunting prospect of millions of Turks moving to Britain arose after EU leaders tabled a deal in exchange for help stemming the flood of migrants into Europe.

They are offering the huge country £2billion in cash, visa-free travel for its citizens and speeded up membership talks if it clamps down on people trafficking and migration across its borders.

The deal was expected to be signed off by political leaders at a summit in Brussels last night, European Council president Donald Tusk said.

The plan, spearheaded by German chancellor Angela Merkel, will make Muslim-dominated Turkey the EU’s 29th member state.

The deal has provoked anger and prompted fears that Europe’s doors will be left wide open to Islamic extremists. » | Anil Dawar | Sunday, November 29, 2015

Viktor Orbán - The Rôle of Traditional Values in Europe's Future

Viktor Orbán, Prime Minister of Hungary, discussed the approach his government is taking to the economic situation in Europe and how he believes the solution to many of the continent's problems lies in embracing traditional values and recognizing the importance of the nation-state.

Hungary's PM Orbán Calls the European Élite Traitors

‘ISIS Managed to Sell Oil to Turkey on Black Market At Less Than 50% of Global Prices’ – Iraqi MP

A member of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr Mowaffak al Rubaie, tells RT how ISIS manages to earn millions of dollars selling oil on the black market in Turkey and reveals that wounded terrorists are being treated in Turkish hospitals.

Belgium: EU and Turkey Agree €3bn Package for Syrian Refugees, Confirms Tusk

President of the European Council Donald Tusk confirmed on Sunday that a “major step towards changing the rules of the game when it comes to stemming the migration flow that is coming to the EU via Turkey” is coming from a joint press conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker following the Heads of States of the European Union with Turkey meeting.

War with Isis: President Obama Demands That Turkey Close Stretch of Frontier with Syria

THE INDEPENDENT: Ankara is accused of tolerance of – if not complicity with – the terrorists, who use border as a crossing point for Isis recruits and oil sales

The US is demanding that Turkey close a 60-mile stretch of its border with Syria which is the sole remaining crossing point for Isis militants, including some of those involved in the massacre in Paris and other terrorist plots.

The complete closure of the 550-mile-long border would be a serious blow to Isis, which has brought tens of thousands of Islamist volunteers across the frontier over the past three years.

In the wake of the Isis attacks in Paris, Washington is making clear to Ankara that it will no longer accept Turkish claims that it is unable to cordon off the remaining short section of the border still used by Isis. “The game has changed. Enough is enough. The border needs to be sealed,” a senior official in President Barack Obama’s administration told The Wall Street Journal, describing the tough message that Washington has sent to the Turkish government. “This is an international threat, and it’s coming out of Syria and it’s coming through Turkish territory.” » | Patrick Cocknurn | Sunday, November 29, 2015

Israel Freezes the EU Out of Peace Talks with the Palestinians

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks during
the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem
THE SUNDAT TELEGRAPH: Benjamin Netanyahu announces move in retaliation for EU decision to label products made in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank

Israel has frozen the EU out of the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in retaliation for Europe's decision to label products made in West Bank settlements.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, reacted furiously when the labelling decision was announced two weeks ago and on Sunday said he was suspending diplomatic contact with the EU on peace issues.

There has been no real movement on the peace process since US-brokered talks collapsed last year so the move is essentially symbolic.

But it allows Mr Netanyahu to say he is taking action against a European decision that was widely seen in Israel as unfair and discriminatory and it highlights the sour state of relations between the EU and Israel. » | Raf Sanchez, Tel Aviv | Sunday, November 29, 2015

BBC Two: The Life of Muhammad

The Life of Muhammad is a 2011 British three-part documentary miniseries examining the life of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad and the origins of Islam. The documentary was directed by Faris Kermani, written by Ziauddin Sardar, and presented by Rageh Omaar.

Worlds Apart: Antony Loewenstien, Author of 'Disaster Capitalism'

When disaster strikes, people set aside their differences and band together, in order to overcome adversity. But for others, catastrophes mean big business and even bigger profits. Has capitalizing on misery become an industry model? Oksana is joined by journalist Antony Loewenstein, author of Disaster Capitalism, to discuss these issues.

Belgium: EU to 'Re-energise Relations with Turkey' at Brussels Talks - Tusk

European Union leaders met in Brussels, Sunday, to coordinate plans with Turkey on stemming the flow of migrants and refugees to Europe. President of the European Council Donald Tusk announced that "after many weeks of hard work and tough talks, we have reached an agreement which I hope will be accepted today by all parties concerned."

Asylkrise: Große Hoffnungen vor EU- Türkei- Gipfel

KRONEN ZEITUNG: Während Russland nach dem Abschuss einer seiner Kampfbomber über dem syrisch-türkischen Grenzgebiet wirtschaftliche Vergeltung gegen die Türkei übt und die Beziehungen im Argen liegen, verstärkt die EU die Zusammenarbeit mit Ankara. Bei einem Gipfel am heutigen Sonntag in Brüssel wollen die EU-Staats- und Regierungschefs mit dem türkischen Ministerpräsidenten Ahmet Davutoglu einen Aktionsplan vereinbaren, um den Flüchtlingszustrom nach Europa einzudämmen. Ankara stellt jedoch hohe Forderungen für eine bessere Kooperation.

Neben finanzieller Hilfe wollen die Türken eine Lockerung der Visumspflicht in der EU. Auch die festgefahrenen Beitrittsverhandlungen sollen wieder an Schwung gewinnen. Tatsächlich kommt die EU, die angesichts der Flüchtlingskrise enorm unter Zugzwang ist, der Türkei in allen Punkten entgegen. Wie aus dem Entwurf der Schlusserklärung des Gipfels, die der Nachrichtenagentur Reuters vorliegt, zu entnehmen ist, stellt Brüssel den Türken eine Visafreiheit in Aussicht. Demnach dürfte es im Oktober 2016 soweit sein, falls Ankara bis dahin alle Anforderungen erfüllt. » | red/AG | Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Fabius envisage pour la première fois une coopération avec le régime d'Assad contre Daech Le ministre des Affaires étrangères, Laurent Fabius, a exclu, sur RTL, l'envoie de troupes au sol française, mais estime que "l'Armée syrienne libre (opposition), des forces arabes sunnites, et pourquoi pas des forces du régime" peuvent le faire.

Le chef de la diplomatie française, Laurent Fabius, a pour la première fois envisagé vendredi que des forces du régime syrien puissent être associées à la lutte contre le groupe jihadiste Etat islamique (EI). » | Patxi Berhouet - | vendredi 27 novembre 2015

"Bild am Sonntag"-Umfrage: 48 Prozent gegen weitere Amtszeit Merkels

Kanzlerin Merkel im Bundestag: Spätestens 2017 wird wieder gewählt
SPIEGEL ONLINE: Der Rückhalt für Angela Merkel sinkt. Fast die Hälfte der Deutschen sind laut einer Emnid-Umfrage der "Bild am Sonntag" gegen eine weitere Amtszeit der Kanzlerin. Ihren Umgang mit der Flüchtlingskrise halten demnach 47 Prozent für falsch.

Fast die Hälfte der Deutschen sind laut einer Emnid-Umfrage gegen eine vierte Amtszeit von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU). 48 Prozent wollen Merkel nicht noch einmal als Kanzlerin sehen. Bei der von der "Bild am Sonntag" in Auftrag gegebenen Befragung sprachen sich nur 44 Prozent dafür aus, dass Merkel 2017 noch einmal antritt. » | apr | Sonntag, 29. November 2015

Young Australians Now Converting to Islam

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Did Turkey Just Say SORRY to Russia? President Grovels as Putin Retaliates for Downing Jet

EXPRESS: RUSSIAN president Vladimir Putin has ordered SANCTIONS against Turkey as tensions between the two nations reach boiling point.

President Putin today called for a ban on Turkish goods, and demanded extensions of labour contracts for Turks working in Russia be forbidden - just days after Turkey downed a Russian warplane.

The decree, published on the Kremlin website, also called for ending chartered flights from Russia to Turkey and for Russian tourism companies to stop selling vacation packages that would include a stay in Turkey.

A final blow will see an end to visa-free travel between Russia and Turkey, as well as the tightening of control over Turkish air carriers in Russia "for security reasons". » | Levi Winchester | Saturday, November 28, 2015

Media Crackdown: Turkish Journos Jailed for 'Treason' over Gun, Oil Smuggling Claims

A Turkish prosecutor asked a court to imprison the editor-in-chief of Cumhuriyet newspaper pending trial for espionage and treason. In May, the outlet published photos of weapons it said were then transferred to Syria by Turkey’s intelligence agency.

Thousands Attend Protests against UK Airstrikes on Syria

THE GUARDIAN: Stretch of Whitehall blocked by 4,000-strong protest outside Downing Street, and smaller rallies held in other cities

Thousands of people gathered outside Downing Street and in cities around the UK on Saturday to protest against the government’s plans to bomb Islamic State targets in Syria.

The protests, organised at short notice by the Stop the War Coalition, followed renewed calls for military action against the terror group in the wake of the attacks in Paris two weeks ago.

Parliament is expected to vote on the issue as early as next week after David Cameron urged MPs to back military action. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader, has said the government has failed to make a convincing case for airstrikes.

A stretch of Whitehall was brought to a near standstill by the protest outside Downing Street, which passed off peacefully. The actor Mark Rylance, musician Brian Eno and the shadow international development minister, Diane Abbott, were among the speakers at the event. (+ video) » | Joel Gunter | Saturday, November 28, 2015

‪‘Erdogan Backs Extremist Fundamentalists’ – Former Lebanon President‬

Moscow has accused Turkey of helping Islamic State in the illegal oil trade which helps finance the terrorist group. According to analysts, Russian airstrikes in Syria are disrupting the profitable deals for Turkish middlemen, including Ankara officials.

Saudi Arabia 151 Executions Number Hits 20-year Record, 50 More Planned

Saudi Arabia is planning to execute more than 50 people, found guilty of terrorism, in a single day. The move was immediately slammed by Amnesty International, which said the Saudis are “using the guise of counter-terrorism to settle political scores.”

‪Austria: Hundreds of Anti-refugee Protesters March through Spielfeld‬

Hundreds of people marched in the village of Spielfeld at the Austro-Slovenian border in protest against the EU migration policy and mass flow of refugees into country, Saturday.

Kritik in Türkei vor EU-Flüchtlingsgipfel

Geld und Visaaerleichterungen gegen Flüchtlinge - so will die EU den Flüchtlingsstrom mit türkischer Hilfe eindämmen. Die EU will am Sonntag an ihrem Gipfel mit der Türkei darüber verhandeln. Doch am Bosporus ist man wenig begeistert von den Vorschlägen aus Brüssel.

SRF: Kritik an der Annäherung zwischen Brüssel und Ankara: In der Flüchtlingskrise sieht es so aus, als brauche die EU die Türkei und nicht umgekehrt. Beim Gipfeltreffen vom Sonntag in Brüssel soll darüber verhandelt werden, ob der Flüchtlingsstrom nach Europa mit türkischer Hilfe eingedämmt werden kann. Ein Plan, der in der Türkei schlecht ankommt. » | srf/herm; stric | Samstag, 28. November 2015

‘Everything the West Has Done Was to Create ISIS’ – John Pilger

Afshin Rattansi goes underground with John Pilger. Award winning journalist and author, John Pilger talks to us about how Washington, London and Paris gave birth to ISIS-Daesh. Plus we examine the media's role in spreading disinformation ahead of a vote in Parliament for UK bombing of Syria. Afshin looks at the Autumn Statement and why in a time of high alert we are cutting the police force and buying drones. Also we look at which companies are benefitting from the budget. Plus Afshin is joined once again by former MP and broadcaster, Lembit Opik, to look at the weeks news from a cyber sinking feeling over Trident to budget boosts for the BBC.

Saudi-Arabien: Der Nährboden des Terrors

Großzügiger Spender für zweifelhafte Zwecke: König Salman
Bin Abd al Aziz Al Saud empfängt Würdenträger nach seiner
Inthronisation im Januar 2015.
FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE: Seit einem halben Jahrhundert exportiert Saudi-Arabien mit Milliarden Petrodollars seinen intoleranten Islam in alle Welt – und fördert damit gezielt den Extremismus.

Saudi-Arabien exportiert vor allem zwei Produkte: Erdöl und Islam. Das saudische Erdöl ist das Schmiermittel für die Weltwirtschaft, der saudische Islam aber ist eine Gefahr für den Weltfrieden. Vor mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert hatte das Königreich begonnen, seinen rückwärtsgewandten und intoleranten Islam zu exportieren. Rückwärtsgewandt ist er, weil er sich am Vorbild der ersten Muslime orientiert und dazu den Koran buchstabengetreu auslegt. Und intolerant ist dieser Islam, weil er alle Anhänger anderer Auslegungen zu „Ungläubigen“ erklärt, die bekämpft werden müssen. Die Vertreter dieses wahhabitischen Islams sehen ihn seit seiner Entstehung im 18. Jahrhundert als die einzige wahre Form des Islams an – und als die einzig wahre Religion überhaupt. » | Rainer Hermann | Samstag, 28. November 2015

Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS

Here's something you probably never saw or heard about in the west. This is Putin answering questions regarding ISIS from a US journalist at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014.

Russia: Erdogan Effigy Burns at Protest against Su-24 Downing

A group of activists gathered in Simferopol's Lenin Square, Crimea, on Friday, where they burned a straw figure with a picture of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan after a Russian Su-24 fighter jet was shot down by NATO member Turkey.

Turkey: Erdogan Warns Russia 'Not to Play with Fire'

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to "play with fire," while addressing to the citizens of Bayburt in northeast Turkey, Friday. "We strongly recommend Russia not to play with fire. We expect Russia to behave in this situation in all seriousness," he stated.

'To Hell with Their Culture' - Richard Dawkins in Extraordinary Blast at Muslims

EXPRESS: TOP academic and atheist Richard Dawkins has attacked western society's relaxed attitude to radical Islam in an extraordinary outburst.

The British scientist was appearing on a live TV chat show in the United States when he blasted "to hell with their culture" when referring to some practices in Islam, such as women being made to wear burkhas.

Dawkins was appearing on the Bill Maher's HBO show and the pair were debating regressive liberals and, in particular, universities banning those with extreme views from giving lectures.

The conversation turned to Islam when Dawkins criticised those afraid to confront the religion on some of its extreme practices, saying the religion was being given a "free pass".

The 74-year-old said: "There's this notion Islam and Muslims are this protected species.

"That if we talk about them at all or criticise at all, it's somehow hurting or humiliating Muslims. It's a ridiculous idea."

Host Maher then added liberals should protect those who are being repressed regardless of who it offends.

He went on to say this includes women forced to wear religious clothing, which led to Dawkins extraordinary comment.

Maher said: "We're on the side of the women's movement and poor and minorities and whatever. Gay people, the disabled, the abused, whatever Caitlyn (Jenner) is up to. We're all for it.

"And they (liberals) applaud that but if you say something about a woman being forced to wear a beekeeper suit in the hot sun all day…"

Dawkins then took over saying: "But that's 'their culture' and you have to accept it. It's the one exception. Liberal about everything but this one exception, 'it's their culture'.

"Well, to hell with their culture." Read on and comment » | John Worthing | Friday, November 27, 2015

Switzerland Overwhelmingly Votes for Burqa Ban with £6,500 Fine for Muslim Women Who Rebel

EXPRESS: WOMEN wearing a burqa in Switzerland will now be fined a whopping £6,500 after an overwhelming number voted to bring in ban.

Muslim women can no longer wear the full-body garment in shops, restaurants or public buildings and anyone caught flouting the ban could be struck with a £6,500 fine.

The local government of Ticino approved the referendum after the Swiss Parliament ruled that the ban did not violate the country's federal law.

Two in three voters in the canton backed the move in an overwhelming result for a referendum, in the wake of heightened terrorist alerts across Europe.

The law which MPs voted for only applies to veils which covers the body from head to foot worn by the 40,000 Muslim women in Switzerland and also applies to all tourists visiting the area.

Other face coverings such as masks, balaclavas or crash helmets are still permitted. » | Oli Smith | Friday, November 27, 2015

Friday, November 27, 2015

Germany: 'Turkey Must Pay' for Death of Su-24 Pilot, Say Protesters in Berlin

Protesters rallied in front of the Turkish embassy in Berlin, Friday, over the downing of Russian Su-24 warplane by NATO member Turkey, claiming that the country should be responsible for the death of the Russian pilot.

‪Turkish Police Use Pepper Spray to Disperse Protesters in Ankara‬

Minor clashes broke out with police using pepper spray to push back protesters that gathered outside the Cumhuriyet newspaper offices in Ankara, to show solidarity with two of the daily's journalists who have been jailed on terror and espionage charges for publishing reports that accuse the government of arms smuggling into Syria.

Russia Imposes Sanctions on Turkey over Downed Plane

A protester at a rally in Moscow on Wednesday holds a placard
reading 'Don't go to Turkey'.
THE GUARDIAN: Russian prime minister says punitive steps could include halting joint economic projects, restricting financial transactions and changing customs duties

Russia has announced that it will impose import sanctions on Turkey and cancel major investment projects as the spat between the two countries over the downed Su-24 fighter jet continues.

The Russian prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev, said broad punitive steps could include halting joint economic projects, restricting financial and trade transactions and changing customs duties. There were calls to ban imports of all Turkish produce, while in the city of Krasnodar, dozens of Turkish workers were rounded up and arrested for visa violations.

Already, the country’s tourist board has suspended all tours to Turkey, a move that it estimated would cost the Turkish economy $10bn (£6.6bn). Russia also said it was suspending all military cooperation with Turkey, including closing down an emergency hotline to share information on Russian airstrikes in Syria. » | Shaun Walker in Moscow | Thursday, November 26, 2015

Saudi Arabia Executions: Kingdom to Behead 50 Men Convicted of Terrorism Offences despite Threat of Shia Revolt

THE INDEPENDENT: Impervious to international opinion, the desert kingdom is poised to execute more than 50 people, three of whom were under 18 when their alleged crime took place. All because of a power struggle within the ruling family

Saudi authorities appear set in the next few days to carry out a series of beheadings across the country of more than 50 men convicted of terrorism offences. Among those facing execution are three young men who were juveniles when they were arrested.

The publication earlier this week of an article in the newspaper Okaz, which has close links to the Saudi Ministry of the Interior, has convinced families of the accused and concerned human-rights organisations that the executions are imminent.

Sources have said that the plan is to behead the men in several cities across the kingdom, most likely after Friday prayers. » | Bill Law | Thursday, November 26, 2015

LIVE: Putin and Hollande Give a Joint Press Conference Following Their Meeting - English Audio

Russian president Vladimir Putin and French President Francois Hollande will hold a joint press conference following their meeting in Moscow on Thursday, November 26.

French President Francois Hollande is scheduled to travel to Moscow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss French and Russian actions in combating terrorism as well as the Syrian Crisis on Thursday, November 26.

Russia, which already launched its bombing campaign against militants in Syria on September 30, will negotiate with France for an international anti-terrorism operation in Syria. Hollande called for a broad coalition including the USA after the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militant group claimed responsibility for the attacks in Paris last week, that killed 130 people and left hundreds injured.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

David Cameron Accused of Failing to Pressure Gulf States over Isis Funding due to Tory Links to Wealthy Saudis

David Cameron was also accused of shelving a report into
the Muslim Brotherhood because it would be 'unhelpful'
to the Saudis
THE INDEPENDENT: Former Lib Dem leader Paddy Ashdown suggests Cameron had failed to exert pressure on Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop its 'rich businessmen' from funding jihadists because of the 'closeness' between the Tories and wealthy Arab individuals

David Cameron has been accused of failing to tell Gulf states to crack down on the flow of funds to Isis because of the Conservative party’s links to rich Arab individuals.

Former Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown suggested that the Prime Minister had not put enough pressure on countries such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar to stop its “rich businessmen” funding the Salafists and the Wahhabists and had also failed to do enough to persuade them from joining the bombing of Isis in Syria.

This could be explained by the “closeness” between Gulf donors and the Tory party in the UK, Lord Ashdown alleged.

He also accused the Prime Minister of shelving a report on the funding of the Muslim Brotherhood in Britain because it came up with findings that were “unhelpful” to the Saudis. » | Matt Dathan, Adam Withnall Online political reporter | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Islamisierung in Deutschland - Buschkowsky - 9.11.2015

Heinz Buschkowsky spricht über die bereits vorhanden Probleme mit islamischen Parallelgesellschaften und mögliche Auswirkungen von den weiteren Millionen "Flüchtlingen" auf Gesellschaft und Politik.

Das Ende Europas - Flüchtlingswelle bedroht Abendland

Diese Einwanderunsgwelle wird Europa "erschlagen". Nicht nur, dass Hunderttausende von nicht registrierten Einwanderern aus Syrien und Irak (dem Wirkungskreis des Islamischen Staates) hier sind, also es hier Tausende von IS-Schläfern gibt. Die Millionen von "Flüchtlingen" wollen auch ihre Familien nachholen und haben hohe Ansprüche (Auto, Haus, Frau, usw.).

Wird das System aufgrund des nicht endenwollenden Menschen-Stroms kollabieren, werden die "Flüchtlinge", die überall im Land gut verteilt sind, hungern und frieren. Dann bricht hier die Hölle los.

‘Cameron’s Claims on Anti-ISIS Airstrikes Are Deceit’: Former Ambassador to Syria

Prime Minister David Cameron has made his case for extending UK airstrikes against Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) from Iraq into Syria. He has ruled out using British ground troops and claims disagreements with Russia are 'narrowing.'

Happy Thanksgiving!

I should like to take this opportunity to wish our American visitors, followers, and Twitter followers VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

EU Politicians Blast Turkey’s Links to ISIS, Call Erdogan’s Policies Dangerous

Turkey's attack on the Russian bomber is the first such incident between a NATO country and Moscow in half a century. Across the media, there are concerns that relations between the Alliance and Russia could worsen and see a return to Cold War times.

David Cameron: Syrian Bombing Must Not Wait - But Involvement Could Last 'Many Years' - Live

Prime Minister hints at prolonged Syria bombing campaign in 36-page plan as he seeks to win over Tory rebels and Labour MPs ahead of Commons vote

Collapse of 'Comatose' Schengen Will Wreck Euro, Admits Jean-Claude Juncker

Jean-Claude Juncker
THE TELEGRAPH: Jean-Claude Juncker issues bleakest assessment yet of state of Schengen free-travel zone

The Schengen zone is “partially comatose”, Jean-Claude Juncker conceded on Wednesday, as he warned that its collapse would take down the eurozone.

The single currency cannot survive if the free movement of people granted by the passport-free travel zone ends, the president of the European Commission said, in the starkest warning yet.

Mr Juncker could only watch this summer after state after state reintroduced border controls in a desperate attempt to halt the influx of hundreds of thousands of migrants. The Paris terrorist attacks led France to announce indefinite border checks.

"We have to safeguard the spirit behind Schengen,” Mr Juncker told the European Parliament. “Yes, the Schengen system is partially comatose.” » | Matthew Holehouse, Brussels | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Downing of Russian Jet by Turkey Could Push Us Back to 'Darkest Hour' of Cold War: Expert

THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD: London: The shooting down of a Russian fighter jet on the Turkey-Syria border is a grave development that could push the world back towards the darkest hour of the Cold War, a foreign policy expert has warned.

There are early signs that Russia will respond to the incident aggressively, rather than diplomatically, warned analyst Lukasz Kulesa. (+ video) » | Nick Miller | Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Germany: Salafists on the Rapid Increase

ARUTZ SHEVA: Salafist fundamentalist Islam is rising strongly in Germany, according to German security services.

Salafism – a form of fundamentalist Islam – is on the rise in Germany, according to a survey commissioned by German security services.

Clarion Project - which is committed to "challenging extremism [and] promoting dialogue," according to its website - says the reports shows that over the first half of 2015, the number of German Muslims identifying themselves as Salafists has risen 25%. In the past, this number has risen approximately 3% over six-month periods.

Though the numbers are still small, the rapid growth is attracting interest. In June of this year, 7,900 people are estimated to be Salafists, as opposed to 6,300 in January.

Salafism is a form of Islam that itself is roughly divided into three groups: Those who don't get involved in politics, those who do, and Jihadist Salafists. All three seek to return the practice of Islam to its original form as delineated by Muhammed 14 centuries ago. They are also all in favor of a global caliphate and sharia (Islamic) law.

Clarion notes that Salafists believe that democracy must be eradicated. ISIS (the Islamic State), al-Qaeda and most of the world’s Islamist terror organizations practice Salafist Islam. » | Hillel Fendel | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Tunisia: At least 12 Dead as Blast Targets Bus Carrying Presidential Guards

A bus carrying the Tunisian presidential guards was hit by an explosion leaving at least 12 dead and around 16 injured in central Tunis, Tuesday.

According to security sources, the guards were boarding the bus at Mohamed V Avenue near the Interior Ministry to be taken to the presidential place in the suburbs of Tunisia's capital when the explosion occurred. It is not clear at the moment whether the explosion was caused by bomb or an explosive fired at the bus.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Teenage Austrian 'Poster Girl for the Islamic State' Killed by Group for Trying to Escape

Austrian teenager Sabra Kesinovic
THE TELEGRAPH: Sabra Kesinovic, 17, was reportedly murdered after she was caught attempting to escape from Raqqa, Syria

An Austrian teenager who became a poster girl for the Islamic State has reportedly been beaten to death by the group after she was caught trying to leave Syria.

Sabra Kesinovic, 17, was murdered after she was caught attempting to escape from Raqqa, Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant's (Isil) de facto capital in Syria, according to reports in two Austrian newspapers.

She appeared extensively in Isil propaganda material after leaving her native Vienna to join the group together with Sabina Selimovic, a 16-year-old friend.

The two teenagers were shown wearing Islamic headbands and brandishing Kalashnikov rifles, surrounded by masked male jihadists.

They were also shown wearing full Islamic veils and pointing towards heaven.

The Austrian government refused to comment on reports in Österreich and Kronen Zeitung newspapers that Kesinovic had been beaten to death. » | Justin Huggler in Berlin | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Obama & Hollande Speeches, Press Conference after ISIL Talks

U.S. president, Barack Obama, speaks after talks with Francois Hollande, the President of France, to discuss strategy against ISIL in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. The talks took place at the White House in Washington, D.C.

Hollande-Obama : les principales déclarations

LE POINT: Après Mohammed VI et David Cameron, le président français a rencontré son homologue américain pour obtenir un renforcement de la lutte contre Daech.

Voici les principales déclarations faites par François Hollande et Barack Obama au terme de la rencontre qui a eu lieu ce mardi entre les deux chefs d'État.

« Nous sommes tous français »

« Nous sommes tous français », a lancé, en français, le président américain Barack Obama aux côtés de son homologue français François Hollande, lors d'une conférence de presse conjointe mardi à la Maison-Blanche. Onze jours après les pires attentats jamais perpétrés en France, le président Obama a affirmé que les États-Unis et la France étaient « unis » et « totalement solidaires » dans la lutte contre le terrorisme. « Nous aimons les Français », a encore lancé Barack Obama, rappelant que Paris était traditionnellement le « plus ancien allié de l'Amérique », en allusion à la Révolution américaine de la fin du XVIIIe siècle appuyée par des Français et que la France s'était tenue aux côtés des États-Unis lors des attentats du 11 Septembre 2001 avec le fameux « Nous sommes tous américains ». Le président des États-Unis a également assuré que les Américains ne se laisseront « pas terroriser » par les menaces terroristes, au lendemain d'une alerte mondiale lancée par le département d'État sur les risques de voyager à l'étranger pour ses ressortissants. À cet égard, le président Obama a exhorté l'Union européenne à partager avec les États-Unis les informations relatives aux passagers du transport aérien. » | Le (avec AFP) | mardi 24 novembre 2015

Les visites compliquées de François Hollande à Washington et Moscou

LE MONDE: François Hollande est arrivé aux Etats-Unis, mardi 24 novembre dans l’après-midi, pour une rencontre avec le président Barack Obama, destinée à accentuer la mobilisation contre l’Etat islamique (EI). La veille, M. Hollande a reçu le soutien du premier ministre britannique, David Cameron, accueilli à l’Elysée.

La partie s’annonce plus compliquée pour le président français à Washington puis, ensuite, à Moscou, jeudi. Avec Barack Obama, les relations ont toujours été tendues sur la Syrie, depuis le revirement d’août 2013, lorsque la Maison Blanche a renoncé à frapper le régime de Bachar Al-Assad qui venait pourtant de franchir une « ligne rouge » édictée par M. Obama en utilisant des armes chimiques contre sa population. » | Par Yves-Michel Riols | mardi 24 novembre 2015

Rolle der Frau: Wirbel um Aussagen eines Islam-Vertreters

DIE PRESSE: Der Vorsitzende der islamischen Religionsgemeinde Oberösterreichs sprach in einem Interview über die Rolle der Frau - und verärgert ÖVP und Grüne.

Aussagen des Vorsitzenden der islamischen Religionsgemeinde in Oberösterreich und islamischen Religionslehrers Murat Baser im "Neuen Volksblatt" zur Rolle der Frauen haben am Dienstag für Wirbel gesorgt. Weibliche ÖVP-Abgeordnete sind "entsetzt", wie sie in einer Presseaussendung feststellten. Für die Grünen sind die Aussagen "inakzeptabel".

Baser hatte im Interview auf die Frage nach der Bedeutung einzelner Suren im Koran unter anderem erklärt, Gott habe Verantwortung an die Männer gegeben. Im Islam sei der Mann verantwortlich für die Unterkunft, er müsse arbeiten für seine Frau und seine Kinder, also Geld herholen, Arbeit finden und versorgen. Gleichberechtigung gebe es sowieso, keine Frage - aber jemand müsse dann letztendlich entscheiden. Wenn eine Firma gegründet wird, dann habe irgendwer 51 Prozent, also niemals 50:50. Und in der Familie sei es genau dasselbe. » | APA | Dienstag, 24. November 2015

NACHRICHTEN.AT: Frauen sind schwach: Empörung über Murat Baser » | | Dienstag, 24. November 2015

NEUES VOLKSBLATT: Ein Muslim zwischen den Glaubensfronten: Oberösterreichs Muslime-Vorsitzender Murat Baser über Islamisten-Terror, die Rolle der Frau und seine Angst vor Kritik an Saudi-Arabien » | Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Swedish Asylum Policy Fuels Support for Far-right Nationalist Party

THE GUARDIAN: The Sweden Democrats’ anti-migrant stance is proving popular among those who oppose the entry of 190,000 refugees into the country this year

Growing frustration in Sweden with an asylum policy that will allow up to 190,000 refugees into the country this year is driving Europe’s self-declared “humanitarian superpower” into the arms of radical nationalism.

The Sweden Democrats (SD), a nationalist party that emerged from the neo-Nazi movement and has been shunned by Sweden’s mainstream parties because of its far-right immigration policies, is now the country’s third-largest party with 49 representatives in parliament.

An opinion poll conducted after the Paris attacks by polling firm Sifo found the SD would receive 17.6% of the public vote, marking a 4.6 point rise in support since the 2014 elections. This is one of the more conservative estimates of SD popularity, with several pollsters putting it as the largest single party in Sweden.

Anti-fascist groups have warned that, against a backdrop of Islamic State terror attacks and a refugee crisis, the far-right is rapidly gaining political legitimacy across Europe through the success of parties including the SD, Austria’s Freedom party , the Finns party in Finland, France’s Front National and the UK Independence party.

“They are a force to be reckoned with. As far as I see it, radical nationalism is not just one of the strongest growing political forces but ideologies in Europe,” Daniel Poohl, editor-in-chief of Expo, a pressure group that charts fascist activity in Sweden, told the Guardian.

“I think we have to be aware that the far-right didn’t disappear from Europe, it just had an enormous backlash after 1945. At that time democracy was the ID that destroyed society; today it’s multiculturalism that destroys the nation.” (+ video) » | Phoebe Greenwood in Trollhättan | Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Früherer Bundeskanzler: Helmut Schmidt in Hamburg beigesetzt

Das Grab von Loki und Helmut Schmidt
FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE: Einen Tag nach dem Staatsakt ist Helmut Schmidt neben seiner Frau Loki in Hamburg bestattet worden. Die Urne wurde im Familiengrab auf dem Ohlsdorfer Friedhof beigesetzt.

Zwei Wochen nach seinem Tod ist der frühere Bundeskanzler Helmut Schmidt am Dienstag in Hamburg in aller Stille bestattet worden. Seine Urne wurde am Vormittag im Familiengrab auf dem Hamburger Friedhof Ohlsdorf beigesetzt, wo auch seine Frau Loki und seine Eltern begraben sind. Auf dem Grab lag ein Kranz aus Sonnenblumen mit dem letzten Gruß von Schmidts Tochter Susanne und deren Ehemann. Der Kranz hatte am Vortag beim Staatsakt im Michel vor dem Sarg gelegen.

Bei dem Staatsakt im Hamburger Michel hatten Trauergäste aus dem In- und Ausland Abschied von dem Staatsmann, SPD-Politiker und Publizisten genommen, der am 10. November im Alter von 96 Jahren gestorben war. Auf der Fahrt zum Friedhof hatten Tausende Menschen die Straßen gesäumt, Blumen gestreut und geklatscht, als der Konvoi vorbeikam. » | Quelle: jutr./dpa | Dienstag, 24. November 2015

How the US Fights ISIS: What Does the Real Picture Look Like?

US President Barack Obama has ordered an inquiry into whether US intelligence draws a brighter picture of the US battle against ISIS than perhaps reflects the true story. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan went to the State Dept. briefing to get more information.

Ankara Backs Not Only Daesh But Offers Also Logistical Support - Pepe Escobar

A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey.

‪Putin: Downing of Russian Jet over Syria Stab in the Back by Terrorist Accomplices‬

The Russian President is making a statement on the Russian Su-24 warplane recently downed over Syria after meeting with Jordan's King Abdullah in Moscow.

‘Turkey Wants to Drag NATO in a Kind of Collision Course with Russia’ – Ali Rizk

A Russian warplane has gone down near the Turkish-Syrian border after an apparent attack. Turkish and Russian sources have given conflicting reports about the incident, which has the potential to escalate the tension between Russia and NATO member Turkey. Ali Rizk, expert on Middle East affairs, talks to RT

German Council of Jews Calls for Limit on Migrant Influx Because They Come from ‘Islamic Cultures Where Hatred of Jews and Intolerance Are an Integral Part’

MAIL ONLINE: Central Council of Jews says Germany should limit number of migrants / Add many come from cultures where Jewish religion is not tolerated / They fear a growing risk of anti-Semitism from Middle Eastern migrants / But human rights activists have criticised their comments on migration

A Jewish organisation in Germany has called for a limit to be placed on migrants saying they often come from cultures where there is a hatred of Jews.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany warned of growing anti-Semitism explaining many migrants come from Islamic countries where there is an intolerance to the Jewish religion.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's government has opened the doors to asylum seekers fleeing conflict in Syria, and arrivals from the war-torn country and other trouble spots are expected to reach one million this year.

And the council's president Josef Schuster told Die Welt daily: 'Sooner or later we won't have a choice but to set an upper limit. » | Jennifer Newton for Mail Online | Monday, November 23, 2015

Geert Wilders: “We Should Not Have to Pay for the Stupidity of Angela Merkel"

Monday, November 23, 2015

Some Liberals Are Really So Stupid! Maher Has Got It Right! Maher Criticizes Liberal Support of Islam: Muslims Sharing All Your Values Is ‘Bullshit’

During his panel discussion on tonight’s Real Time, Bill Maher addressed how liberals rush to defend Syrian refugees and Muslims without acknowledging that many embrace a value set that is not shared with most Americans.

Deep Anxiety Pervades Brussels as Lockdown Continues

THE GUARDIAN: With no end in sight to the unprecedented crackdown in the Belgian capital, its economic, social and political costs are rising

Dusk is gathering but the pale wintry sunshine keeps temperatures above zero for a final hour. Annelise Augustyns is on her way to a playground near the Gare du Midi with her two children, aged three and five. All three are wrapped against the wind scything across the bleak concrete plaza outside the station.

It is the third day of lockdown in the Belgian capital and the Augustyns have spent three days confined to their small apartment. The 35-year-old government worker’s office in the centre of the city has been shut. So too, on Monday, were the children’s schools.

“You have to live after all, despite all this tension. The kids are going crazy and no one knows how long this is going to last,” Augustyns said.

On Monday night the Belgian government promised to ease the unprecedented crackdown put in place by the Belgian government as security services hunt a network of local Islamic militants linked to the Paris attacks and suspected of planning a similar operation in Brussels. However the threat, prime minister Charles Michel stressed remained “serious and imminent”. » | Jason Burke in Brussels | Monday, November 23, 2015

Gingrich: Obama May Be 'Most Dangerous' President in History

Nov. 16, 2015 - 11:29 - Former House speaker reacts to the terror attacks in Paris on 'Hannity'

Exclusive: Rush Limbaugh Talks Terror Attack, Refugee Crisis

Nov. 22, 2015 - 10:53 - King of conservative talk radio on 'Fox News Sunday'

Media Coverage Empowering ISIS?

Nov. 23, 2015 - 6:47 - President Obama says the press 'needs to help' by keeping coverage in perspective

Spiegel TV Magazin: Das Asyl-Chaos in Deutschland (20.10.2015)

Selbst das Flaggschiff des verordneten Mainstreams, der Spiegel, berichtet in seinem TV Magazin vom heillosen Chaos in der Flüchtlingskrise.

PEGIDA Dresden – Abendspaziergang (23.11.2015)

Abendspaziergang PEGIDA Dresden live vom Theaterplatz Dresden

Anti-Muslim Sentiment Spreading across US, EU after Paris Attacks

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks which killed 130 people, anti-Islamic sentiment has increased all over the world, especially in Germany where far-right protestors demanded the closure of all mosques.

‘Mini Schengen’? 5 European Countries Seek Stricter Border Control

European leaders are now in Brussels to discuss tighter border controls....It's likely they'll be eager to introduce more radical security measures in light of recent terror attacks. In the context of the severe terrorist crisis, we want provisions made to strengthen border controls. This should include the considerable reinforcement of the EU's external borders.

Interview: ‘All the Terrorists Are Migrants’

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on the balcony of his office
at the Hungarian Parliament, November 19.
POLITICO: Viktor Orbán on how to protect Europe from terror, save Schengen, and get along with Putin’s Russia.

BUDAPEST — “Of course it’s not accepted, but the factual point is that all the terrorists are basically migrants,” says Viktor Orbán. “The question is when they migrated to the European Union.”

In his office at the Hungarian parliament, the prime minister points toward the flowing Danube. In another era, an aide notes, the Turks followed this river into the heart of Europe. Behind Orbán hang two maps: One shows a short stretch of Hungary’s border with Croatia and another gives a panoramic view of the Balkans toward Turkey, from where hundreds of thousands of migrants have made their way north this year.

In a wide-ranging 90-minute interview a week after the Paris terrorist attacks, Orbán lays out his prescriptions for Europe’s ailments: An impenetrable external border to boost security and save the Schengen treaty on passport-less travel within the EU; a new EU constitutional convention that strengthens the power of nation states and weakens Brussels; and normalized relations with Russia.

Thinking of Paris and its aftermath, the Hungarian leader posits an “overwhelming logical” connection between terrorism and the movement of Muslims into Europe — in the last few months as well as over recent decades — that to him and many Europeans is “an obvious fact,” whether “you like it or not.”

“The majority of our leaders in the West deny the fact,” he adds. That denial of the “obvious” — which the Hungarian leader blames on political correctness run amok — destabilizes European politics by increasing “the gap between the leaders and the people.” Read on and comment » | Matthew Kaminski | Monday, November 23, 2015

France: Cameron Offers France RAF's Akrotiri Base in Fight against IS

French President Francois Hollande welcomed British Prime Minister David Cameron to the Elysee Palace in Paris, Monday, as part of a series of diplomatic meetings in an attempt by Hollande to forge a broad coalition against the so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) militant group.

Brussels Lockdown: Belgian Capital on Top Alert, Key Suspect Slips Past Police Raids

Belgian police are still searching for Salah Abdeslam, one of the participants in the Paris terror attacks on November 13. He was not among 16 people arrested during raids on Sunday and the authorities fear he could be planning another attack.

Germany: Merkel and Kissinger Bid Farewell to Former-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

The state funeral for the former chancellor, Helmut Schmidt, took place at the Saint Michael's church in his hometown Hamburg, Monday. Schmidt died on November 10 at the age of 96-years-old.

Hamburg: "Helmut Schmidt wird uns allen fehlen"

Angela Merkel im Hamburger Michel beim Staatsakt für
Helmut Schmidt
ZEIT ONLINE: Im Hamburger Michel haben Freunde und Weggefährten Abschied von Helmut Schmidt genommen. Hamburgs Bürgermeister Olaf Scholz sagte: "Wir haben einen Giganten verloren".

Bewegender Abschied von Helmut Schmidt: Im Hamburger Michel haben Freunde und politische Weggefährten dem ehemaligen Bundeskanzler und ZEIT-Herausgeber die letzte Ehre erwiesen. Der SPD-Politiker und Publizist war am 10. November im Alter von 96 Jahren gestorben. Etwa 1.800 Trauergäste verfolgten den Staatsakt, darunter Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck, Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel (CDU), Frankreichs Ex-Präsident Valérie Giscard d'Estaing und der ehemalige US-Außenminister Henry Kissinger. » | Quelle: ZEIT ONLINE, dpa, sk | Montag, 23. November 2015

Raymond Ibrahim: Obama’s Love for Jihadis and Hate for Christians

JIHAD WATCH: Obama recently lashed out against the idea of giving preference to Christian refugees, describing it as “shameful”: “That’s not American. That’s not who we are. We don’t have religious tests to our compassion,” loftily added the American president.

Accordingly, the administration is still determined to accept 10,000 more Syrian refugees, almost all of whom will be Muslim, despite the fact that some are ISIS operatives, while many share the ISIS worldview (as explained below).

Yet right as Obama was grandstanding about “who we are,” statistics were released indicating that “the current [refugee] system overwhelmingly favors Muslim refugees. Of the 2,184 Syrian refugees admitted to the United States so far, only 53 are Christians while 2,098 are Muslim.”

Aside from the obvious—or to use Obama’s own word, “shameful”—pro-Muslim, anti-Christian bias evident in these statistics, there are a number of other troubling factors as well. » | Raymond Ibrahim | Monday, November 23, 2015

Archbishop of Canterbury: The Way Islamic State Distorts Islam “One of the Most Desperate Aspects of Our World Today”

JIHAD WATCH: The possibility that they’re not distorting it at all, but carrying out Qur’anic commands to “kill the idolaters wherever you find them” (9:5) and the like, doesn’t enter his mind. Indeed, in an increasing number of Christian churches, anyone who raises such a possibility is silenced and ostracized: the idea that Islam is a Religion of Peace is the dogma that much of Christianity is most determined to inculcate in its people. Read on and comment » | Robert Spencer | Sunday, November 22, 2015

Drought Led to Rise in Terror: Prince Charles Blames Climate Change for War in Syria

EXPRESS: PRINCE Charles has blamed climate change as being one of the root causes for war in Syria.

The drought that ravaged the country for more than five years has led to conflict and terrorism, he said.

The Prince claimed that unless urgent action was taken over environmental issues, the world faced catastrophe. In an interview with Sky News, recorded before the Paris atrocities, he said: “We’re seeing a classic case of not dealing with the problem.

“It sounds awful to say, but some of us were saying 20 something years ago that if we didn’t tackle these issues you would see ever greater conflict over scarce resources and ever greater difficulties over drought.

“There’s very good evidence indeed that one of the major reasons for this horror in Syria was a drought that lasted for about five or six years, which meant that huge numbers of people in the end had to leave the land.” » | Helene Perkins | Monday, November 23, 2015

Decade in Power: Angela Merkel Marks 10 Years as Chancellor of Germany

RT looks at Angela Merkel’s legacy as the third longest serving German chancellor since World War II, as she marks 10 years at the helm.

Terrorangst in Brüssel: Eine gelähmte Stadt

FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE: In Belgiens Hauptstadt Brüssel gilt weiterhin die höchste Terrorwarnstufe. Schulen und Universitäten bleiben geschlossen, die U-Bahn fährt nicht. Fieberhaft sucht die Polizei nach möglichen Attentätern. Gefahndet wird nicht nur nach Salah Abdeslam.

Sonntag ist in Brüssel Markttag - normalerweise. Doch an diesem kühlen Novembertag ist in der belgischen Hauptstadt nichts normal. Am Südbahnhof, wo sich Sonntag für Sonntag Hunderte Händler und Zehntausende von Kunden aus aller Herren Länder tummeln, herrscht gespenstische Ruhe. Gepanzerte Armeefahrzeuge, bis auf die Zähne bewaffnete Polizisten und Fallschirmjäger bestimmen nicht nur dort das Straßenbild. Auch der Markt auf dem 15 Gehminuten vom Südbahnhof entfernten Hauptplatz des Stadtteils Molenbeek-Saint-Jean fällt aus. » | Michael Stabenow, Brüssel | Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Marine Le Pen Speaks with CNN's Hala Gorani about Europe's Immigration Challenges after the Paris Attacks

Spain: Far-right Activists Mark 40th Anniversary of General Franco's Death

Around 300 far-right supporters gathered on Orient Square in Madrid, Sunday, to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the death of dictator General Francisco Franco. The former Spanish leader died on November 20, 1975, in hospital after suffering from a prolonged illness.

Tollwütige Hunde und Klapperschlangen

TAGES ANZEIGER: Nach dem Massenmord von Paris werden die USA von einer Welle der Islamfeindlichkeit überrollt. Syrische Flüchtlinge werden mit «tollwütigen Hunden» verglichen.

Nach den Terroranschlägen in Paris wird die Kontroverse über die Aufnahme syrischer Flüchtlinge in den USA von einer zusehends radikaleren Sprache sowie Forderungen nach einer amerikanischen Abschottung gegenüber Muslimen geprägt. In der vergangenen Woche wurden syrische Flüchtlinge von amerikanischen Politikern unter anderem mit «Klapperschlangen» und «tollwütigen Hunden» verglichen. Derzeit halten sich rund 2000 Flüchtlinge aus Syrien im Land auf, doch plant Präsident Obama 2016 die Einreise von weiteren 10'000 Flüchtlingen. » | Martin Kilian, Korrespondent | Sonntag, 22. November 2015

France: Police Clash with Protesters at Banned Pro-refugee Rally in Paris

Minor clashes broke out in Paris, Sunday, after pro-refugee protesters defied a ban on demonstrations in the French capital, marching from the Bastille to the Place de la Republique. Riot police used their batons and pepper spray to push the protesters back.

Brussels 'Very Dangerous' as Several Terror Suspects Remain At Large

THE GUARDIAN: Soldiers and armoured vehicles could stay on Belgian capital’s streets into next week amid fears of imminent Paris-style attack in the heart of the EU

Several terrorists remain at large in Brussels and threaten to commit a “very dangerous act”, a senior official has said, as the Belgian capital enters its second day with soldiers and armoured vehicles continuing to keep the city in lockdown.

The mayor of one of Brussels’ municipalities said the area was still facing a grave threat, adding that suspects linked to the Paris terror attack that killed more than 130 last week remain on the run.

Schaerbeek’s mayor, Bernard Clerfayt, said on Sunday: “There are two terrorists in the Brussels region that could commit very dangerous acts.” The Belgian interior minister, Jan Jambon, added “several suspects” tied to the Paris attacks could be at large in the country.

Belgium’s national crisis centre on Saturday raised the threat alert in the Brussels region to level four, which indicates a “serious and immediate threat”. Clerfayt said it was necessary to try to anticipate and prevent any such acts and their consequences. He said: “As long as this threat is present, we must be very attentive.” » | Jason Burke and Ian Traynor in Brussels | Sunday, November 22, 2015

Brussels Faces Week On Lockdown as Hunt for Terror Cell Intensifies

A police officer and soldiers on security duty inside the
Galerie de la Reine in Brussels on Sunday.
THE GUARDIAN: Belgian officials say they are looking for at least two individuals, including one man suspected of playing role in Paris attacks last week

Europe’s unofficial capital faces an unprecedented security lockdown this week after Belgian authorities imposed a slew of safety-first measures to prevent a “serious and imminent” terrorist attack.

Charles Michel, the Belgian prime minister, said schools and universities would be shut on Monday while the Metro in the city, which had been expected to partially open after being suspended over the weekend, will not run.

Belgian counter-terrorist agencies are continuing their search for a network of Islamic militants as soldiers patrol the streets with armoured vehicles outside main stations and in public spaces.

“We still fear attacks here like those that occurred in Paris, involving several individuals striking simultaneously in several places,” Michel told a tense press conference, adding that there were “indications” that transport systems, commercial centres, shopping streets and busy places were targets.

Local media described the measures, particularly the closure of schools, as unprecedented and historic, and predicted mass disruption. It remained unclear how the lockdown would affect Europe’s political executive, the European commission. » | Jason Burke in Brussels | Sunday, November 22, 2015

On the Murder March with ISIS: Terror Expert Tells of the Slave Markets, Summary Executions and 'Morality' Police of the Jihadi Group - Who Have $2trillion in the Bank

MAIL ON SUNDAY: The terror group started off as a version of Al Qaeda but split off by 2011 / Only came to forefront in 2014 when they took control of three Iraqi cities / Now boast about 33,000 fighters, many having joined from overseas / Here, Michael Burleigh takes a closer look at this medieval death cult

It is a force the like of which the world has never seen before: a medieval death cult with a territory roughly the size of England.

Its tentacles of power stretch out across Iraq and Syria, whose border it has erased. Syrian Raqqa is the de facto capital, Iraqi Mosul its most populous centre. Within its brutal control lies a huge population of eight million – and it has assets estimated at $2 trillion.

This is the Islamic State, sometimes called ISIS, a terrorist movement with the destructive power of an army possessed by a terrifying vision of the world to come. Read on and comment » | Michael Burleigh for the Mail On Sunday | Sunday, November 21, 2015

Sweden Is On Fire & Europe Will Follow If Our Politicians Don’t Stop This Madness

Austria: Anti-refugee Protesters Rally against Government in Vienna

Anti-refugee protesters staged a rally in Vienna, Saturday, to decry the Austrian government's policy on refugees and migrants and to demand tougher border controls.

Germany: 'Merkel Must Go' - Anti-refugee AfD Rally Hits Mainz

Around 400 supporters of the far-right Alternative for Germany party (AfD) marched through Mainz to demonstrate against the asylum policy of the Germany, Saturday.

Germany: More Than 100 Arrested as Clashes Erupt over NPD Conference in Weinheim

More than 100 people were arrested after left-wing protesters clashed with police in Weinheim, Saturday, during a demonstration against the party conference of the far-right National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) being held in the German town.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Germany: Far-right Activists Commemorate Nazi Soldiers Killed in WWII

Around 100 far-right activists gathered in the German town of Remagen, Saturday, to commemorate the Nazi soldiers who died in Allied prisoner of war camps at the end of WWII.

Ban Bathtubs, Says Sweden's 'Green King'

King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden
THE TELEGRAPH: King Carl XVI Gustaf, once better known as a lothario, describes how he was shocked recently to find himself having to bathe, not shower

The king of Sweden wants to ban all bath-tubs in an effort to save water.

King Carl XVI Gustaf, who in recent years has put past scandals relating to his reputation as a lothario behind him to become better known as a dedicated environmentalist, has given a frank interview to describe his determination to turn the royal palace in Stockholm green.

He also suggested that having given up taking baths himself his people should follow where he has led.

“We should ban all baths, imagine that,” he said when asked about his suggestions for everyday energy saving.

The question arose when he confessed he had recently been forced to run himself a bath when staying somewhere that lacked showers. “That’s when it hit me how much water and energy it used," he said. "I thought ‘I can’t believe I’m having to do this’. I felt quite ashamed.”

The comment about a bath ban appeared to be in jest, but he added: “There’s truth in it though. It’s the small details that have an enormous effect.” » | Lisa Kjellsson | Saturday, November 21, 2015

My comment:

Doesn't this king have more important things to worry about? I would have thought that the Islamisation of his country would be uppermost in his mind. – © Mark