Sunday, September 13, 2015

Syria Conflict Will Displace Another Million People, Says UN Official

THE GUARDIAN: Humanitarian chief in country says unless political action is taken to stop fighting, ‘human train’ will continue through winter

Another million Syrians will flee their homes before the end of the year if the war continues unabated, a senior UN official has said.

Yacoub el-Hillo, the humanitarian coordinator in Syria, said that unless urgent action was taken to resolve the escalating conflict, refugees would also continue to flow out of the region.

He said that more than a million people had already been displaced from their homes already in 2015, and called for greater international aid efforts to help Syrians survive the winter in their own country.

“Unless something big is done to resolve this conflict through political means, the human train that has started moving out of Syria and the neighbourhood will continue to be running for many months to come,” he said. » | Ruth McKee | Saturday, September 12, 2015