Saturday, August 08, 2015

White House Warns Chuck Schumer: Disapprove of Iran Deal at Your Own Peril

Senator Schumer had previously defied the Obama administration,
questioning the merit of forcing through the Affordable Care Act.
THE GUARDIAN: Spokesman Josh Earnest calls Democrat’s defiance on nuclear deal ‘not particularly surprising’ and says it may cost him party leadership in Senate

The White House fired a shot across the bows of New York senator Chuck Schumer on Friday for defying its position on Iran, warning that fellow Democrats on Capitol Hill may remember his voting record when deciding who to elect as their next leader.

Though Schumer’s announcement that he would vote in disapproval of the nuclear deal – which leaked mysteriously during the middle of the Republican debate on Thursday – is unlikely to derail the process, it represents an embarrassing rift with a senior Democrat who had once been one of Barack Obama’s staunchest allies.

Schumer is expected to take over as leader of the party’s caucus in the Senate when Harry Reid, currently the minority leader, steps down after the next presidential election. » | Dan Roberts in Washington | Friday, August 7, 2015

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