Friday, March 28, 2014

Ukraine Crisis: Russian President Vladimir Putin Phones US President Barack Obama to Discuss 'a Diplomatic Path'

THE INDEPENDENT: Obama urges Putin to 'de-escalate the situation'

The United States is expressing fresh alarm about a build-up of Russian troops along the border with eastern Ukraine amid uncertainty as to the actual numbers involved and their purpose.

While Moscow has said the soldiers are merely involved in military manoeuvres, fears are growing in Washington that preparations may be under way for fresh incursions into parts of eastern Ukraine in the wake of the annexation earlier this month of Crimea. US officials believe that the positions of the troops are being deliberately concealed and that supply lines for a possible invasion have already been established.

The concern comes as Russian President Vladimir Putin called US President Barack Obama on Friday to discuss a US diplomatic proposal for Ukraine, to which Mr OBama [sic] suggested that Russia put a "concrete response in writing," a White House spokesperson said in a statement. » | David Usborne | US Editor | Friday, March 28, 2014