Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Western music banned on TV in Iran

Ahmadinejad is going for what he must consider to be the root of all evil there in Iran: Western music. So he is banning Western music on state-run TV!

What does this man think he is going to achieve with such ridiculous legislation? Does he really think that one can make people become more moral? Is it really immoral anyway to enjoy music? Doesn't Ahmedinnejad realize that there is no virtue in enforced virtue?

Some weeks ago he denied the Holocaust! Then he called for Israel to be wiped off the map! After that, he called for Israel to be moved to somewhere else, to Europe for example.

Is this Iranian President of the opinion that he is practising the art of statecraft? If he is, then he is delusional in the extreme!

This man is a menace to Iran, and a menace to the rest of the world.

©Mark Alexander


heather said...

In his myopic, insular and totally delusional world, would Muslim groups such as the Iraqi Street boys be banned too?

Always On Watch said...

The music he is banning is "non-Islamic." So are we infidels, for that matter.

heather said...

I just found out the answer to my question--absolutely not. The Iraqi Street Boys are childhood friends comprised of two Sunni Muslims, two Shite Muslims, and two Christians.

I find that very inspiring--if the new government in Iraq would only operate as smoothly as these guys do.

Always On Watch said...

Didn't Hitler, too, try to control the music?